Qué es machine learning y su historia


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Timeline of Machine Learning

I strongly recommend to the people who is interest on the advance of Machine Learning/Deep Learning/ IA to read the book titulated “Alquimia: Cómo los datos se están transformando en oro” By: Juan Manuel López Zafra. In that book, they look to many cases of use of that type of technology, in my opinion, is a really good book to introduce yourself in the daily use of the data and how important it’s nowadays, y lo importante que seran en un futuro, no tan lejano.

por qué el curso está inglés ?

The English course is challenging, but the presentation help me a lot with the technical vocabulary

It´s amazing!!! I didn´t know that Platzi has a Machine learning course in english, thanks a lot. I would have prefer the text would have written in english also.

I’m ready for take this course. 😄 i need practice my listening and of step, learn more about ML