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English is needed if you are a Developer


Bienvenido o bienvenida al Curso de Ingl茅s para Developers. Si est谩s aqu铆, es probable que te dediques al desarrollo profesional de software y quieres mejorar tu ingl茅s para comunicarte con tus compa帽eros o compa帽eras de trabajo. Est谩s en el lugar correcto.

驴Qu茅 aprender谩s?

Por suerte, en esta ruta de aprendizaje podr谩s aprender todo lo que necesitas para ser un referente en tu campo.

  • C贸mo desarrollar software en ingl茅s.
  • C贸mo comunicarse con otras personas acerca de desarrollo de software.
  • Vocabulario relacionado con el desarrollador de software.
  • Palabras t茅cnicas y siglas para mejorar tu pronunciaci贸n.
  • Aspectos del idioma ingl茅s en torno a la lectura, escritura y comunicaci贸n sobre c贸digo.
  • Vocabulario sobre diferentes partes de la experiencia del desarrollador de software.

驴C贸mo pronuncias las siguientes palabras?

Una de las dificultades m谩s importantes que tienen las personas que no dominan un nivel de ingl茅s nativo es la pronunciaci贸n. El desarrollo de software no es la excepci贸n. Existen m煤ltiples palabras t茅cnicas que tienes que practicar, ya que son frecuentes su mala pronunciaci贸n y tienes que practicar para evitar malentendidos.

  • Cache /k忙蕛/

  • Queue /kju藧/

  • Segue /藞se伞we瑟/

  • Genre聽/藞蕭蓱藧nr蓹/

  • Focus聽/藞f蓹蕣k蓹s/

  • Debugger聽/藢di藧藞b蕦伞蓹r/

  • Array聽/蓹藞re瑟/

  • Java聽/藞d蕭蓱藧v蓹/

  • Deployed聽/d瑟藞pl蓴瑟d/

  • Gigabyte聽/伞瑟伞蓹/

  • Data聽/藞d忙t蓹/

  • API聽/e瑟/ /pi藧/ /a瑟/

  • NOTA: Si no est谩s familiarizado con esos s铆mbolos raros para escribir la pronunciaci贸n de las palabras, se trata del Alfabeto Internacional de Pronunciaci贸n o IPA en el cual puedes apoyarte para mejorar tu pronunciaci贸n.

Por supuesto que Platzi tiene una variedad de cursos para que mejores tu pronunciaci贸n:

Si quieres continuar practicando tu ingl茅s en esta 谩rea en espec铆fico, te invitados a ver Curso para Developers en Ingl茅s 馃殌

Contribuci贸n creada por Kevin Fiorentino, con aportes de Lina L贸pez.

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o inicia sesi贸n.

I鈥檓 very happy to start this course 鉂わ笍

You need! 馃槈

Una pronunciaci贸n acercada al espa帽ol de algunas palabras:
Cache (kaSH)
Queu (kyu)
Segue (Seg眉i)
Genre (Yanra)
Focus (Foukes)
Debugger (Dibaguer)
Hardcoded (Jarcouded)
Gigabyte (Guigabait)

Que buena pronunciaci贸n tiene este bro.

Developing in English

This course is about:
飪 How to do software development in English
飪 How to communicate with other people about software development
飪 How to understand what they mean when you鈥檙e working with them

Your experience:
Probably, most of your software development knowledge comes from reading and you have very little experience talking about software development or listening to other people talking about software development.

You麓re likely to have learned most of terms from a page, so you鈥檙e not sure how to pronounce them. For example, how do you pronounce the following words?
Cache /k忙蕛/: a part of a computer鈥檚 memory that stores copies of data that is often needed while a program is running. This data can be accessed very quickly.
o Yep! The same way you pronounce cash /k忙蕛/
o Words that sound the same are called homophones.

Queue /kju藧/: a list of items of data stored in a particular order.
o Yep! Cue /kju藧/ is pronounced the same.

Segue /藞se伞we瑟/: to move smoothly from one song, subject, place, etc. to another.
o According to Oxford Learners Dictionary it comes from Italian, literally 鈥榝ollows鈥.

Genre /藞蕭蓱藧nr蓹/: a particular type or style of literature, art, film or music that you can recognize because of its special features.

o Protip: (Internet slang, often sarcastic) A tip given by a professional.
Native English speakers also make a lot of mistakes in the opposite direction. They have problems with homophones. So, they miswrite homophones like its/it鈥檚, capital/capitol, principle/principle, meet/meat.
So, no worries, we all make mistakes 馃槈 just learn from them.

Focus /藞f蓹蕣k蓹s/
Debugger /藢di藧藞b蕦伞蓹r/ a computer program that helps to find and correct mistakes in other programs.
Array /蓹藞re瑟/ a way of organizing and storing related data in a computer memory.
Java /藞d蕭蓱藧v蓹/ coffee.
Hardcoded /藢h蓱藧rd 藞k蓹蕣d瑟d/ to write data so that it cannot easily be changed.
Deployed /d瑟藞pl蓴瑟d/ to install, test and implement a computer system or application.
Gigabyte /伞瑟伞蓹/ 109, or 1鈥000鈥000鈥000
Data /藞d忙t蓹/ it麓s also pronounce /藞de瑟t蓹/ both in American and British English. [uncountable, plural]. The singular form is datum.
You may say 鈥pieces of data鈥 or 鈥piece of data" to avoid confusion.

API /e瑟/ /pi藧/ /a瑟/ a set of programming tools that enables a program to communicate with another program or an operating system, and that helps software developers create their own applications (= pieces of software) (the abbreviation for 鈥application programming interface鈥).


Cache /k忙蕛/

an area or type of computer memory in which information that is often in use can be stored temporarily and gotten to especially quickly

Cue /kju藧/

a signal for someone to do something

Queue /kju藧/

a list of jobs that a computer has to do

鉁 Segue /藞se伞.we瑟/

to move easily and without interruption from one piece of music, part of a story, subject, or situation to another

鉁 Genre /藞蕭蓱藧n.r蓹/

a style, especially in the arts, that involves a particular set of characteristics

鉁 Focus /藞fo蕣.k蓹s/

the main or central point of something, especially of attention or interest

鉁 Debugger /di藧藞b蕦伞蓹(晒)/ /d膿藞b蓹伞蓹r/ /dee 路 buh 路 gr/

a computer program that assists in the detection and correction of errors in other computer programs.

鉁 Hard-code /h盲rd k艒d/

verb; past tense:聽hardcoded;聽past participle:聽hardcoded

fix (data or parameters) in a program in such a way that they cannot be altered without modifying the program.

鉁 Gigabyte /藞伞瑟伞.蓹.ba瑟t/

a unit of computer information consisting of 1,024 megabytes

鉁 Giga - /伞瑟伞.蓹-/


1,000,000,000 times the stated unit

鉁 Data /藞de瑟.t态蓹, d忙t态.蓹/ /藞dad蓹,藞d膩d蓹/

information in an electronic form that can be stored and processed by a computer

鉁 API /藢e瑟.pi藞a瑟/

abbreviation for application programming interface: a way of communicating with a particular computer program or internet service

Please, I know that course is intermediate level but I think the subtitles would help a lot.

Awesome!!! this course is so valuable to our profesional growth.
thanks Platzi to give us this important asset!!!

Hasta ahora agarro lo del focus JAJAJAJAJJA

I鈥檓 just preparing myself for interviews with US companies, this course is exactly what I needed 鉂わ笍

Quizlet: Ingl茅s para Developers [2022 - Platzi]

馃憢Hey Devs! I just created some units in Quizlet with the vocabulary and phrases in this course.
馃摎Quizlet is a very famous app to study and create Learning Cards.
I suggest that you study on the 鈥楩ichas鈥 mode and set Quizlet to show you the definitions first (I put the clues on 鈥楧efinition鈥) and try to remember the term on the other side of the card (I put the term to remember on 鈥楾erms鈥).
馃帀Hope this is useful for you!
Quizlet: Ingl茅s para Developers [2022 - Platzi]

Focus can be mispronounced as fuck us, learned by experience in my day to day living in Ireland

I didn't realize how much I need this course until I got to the 'focus' and the 'giga' parts 馃槀 (I don't know If I said it well)

Les comparto una p谩gina donde pueden verificar la transcripcion fonetica de algunas palabras, que puede servir a la hora de pronunciar.

Legu茅 ac谩 por Freddy

I麓m Seba too!
Hugs from Chile

wow鈥 pense que era el profe Alberto Alcocer, se parecen un buen y hasta hablan similar

Very nice tshirt iron-git

I鈥檓 loving this course Just what I needed for my pronounce at my career. Thanks Platzi and Sebasti谩n for bring us this opportunity.

I love this man, xd

Focus 馃樄馃樄馃樄

Ok, if you need to learn how to pronounce something, you can search on Google how to pronounce (鈥測our word鈥)

If you do this, Google will teach you how to pronounce it, and obviously, you can practice simultaneously.

The course that I needed, very excited to get started. 馃榿

i would like to thank you for this introduction, i have the same as you for some words, nice course

focus = fow kuhs

Great beginning the course, I like it


i麓m goint to have my first Technical interview and i expect that麓s doing well

i think that ThisVariable is PascalCase, should be in the options, i had to choose camelCase, but i think thats wrong. Thanks Sebastian, great course!

like if you are #tecnologosglobales

Recomiendo esta web para ver como se pronuncia en cada pa铆s鈥

Jajaja, ya entendi
"Focus" esta ahora en mi lista de palabras peligrosas justo al lado de 鈥渃oke鈥

I'm very excited about this course!

Man I鈥檓 so glad I can take this course! 馃槃
I hope to learn a lot, now that I have the opportunity working in a development company

WoW! I鈥檝e always mispronounced 鈥楪iga鈥 as 鈥榊iga鈥 even if I was talking in spanish. Something new I learned today : )

I鈥檓 so excited about this new learning path for improving my English skills.

That鈥檚 de kind of curse I was looking for!!

I hope to improve my english skills

I came across this course through a tweet today, I think it's great, just what I needed to advance a little more in the mastery of the language in my work environment.

ok lets do it !!!

Cache /k忙蕛/, that blows my mind xD

some people pronounce " deita " referring to Data.

Thanks for the subtitles

I鈥檓 happy for take the course!


The quote by anonymous 鈥t is said by Ted Mosby on How I met your mother

Time to learn something new 馃槂

Segue = segway /藞se伞we瑟/

Cache = Cach /k忙蕛/

I use to miss Cache (Cach) and Queue (Quiu) from now I going to rewire my brain 馃ぉ

This course is just I need to get a new english job and remote.

La pronunciaci贸n del maestro es mortal

I have spoken English for over 10 years now. However, this video taught me many things about technical voc. Thank you!

Excellent course!!

I鈥檝e been saying DATA as deira

Emocionado por este curso!!!1

Debugger pronunciation

Focus pronunciation

Genre pronunciation

Thanks so much for this course, I watched the first video and i feel that is a little advanced, however I will continue because it look really interesting.

Thank you fo this!!!

I鈥檝e been learning English by reading documentation of some technologies, and I鈥檝e learned how to use some tools in my browser that help me to figure it out how to pronounce some strange words when reading. I use: 鈥淨uick Translation鈥 and 鈥淩eadme - Text to Speech TTS鈥: the first one is for to know the meaning of some words in my native language (Spanish in this case), and the second one is for hearing the pronunciation of a selected word or paragraph. They鈥檙e awesome and very useful!

  • Queue = A list of things in order to arrange.
  • Don鈥檛 pretend to be perfect.
  • Even the native speakers make mistakes.
  • Even if you think you are pronouncing well, you could be making mistakes.



Thank you very much

I was surprised by the course. very true I didnt even know I was not pronouncing those words correctly

Ufff, no hab铆a visto este curso, creo que puede ayudarnos a muchos.

Excited about its coming!

I didn鈥檛 know there was a phonetic alphabet!!

How to pronounce FOCUS correctly and don鈥檛 be embarrasing for a pronunciation mistake.

American English Pronunciation Lesson

Esta primera lecci贸n es s煤per acertada, la mayor铆a creo aprendemos ingl茅s con la lectura y por eso nuestra pronunciaci贸n a veces falla.
Pero que genial contar con este curso como herramienta para aprender a defendernos en el mundo de la tecnolog铆a.
Desde que el profe pronunci贸 correctamente Queue, mi mente explot贸 馃く y entend铆 que este era un curso para m铆.
脡xito a todos los que se sumen 馃挭馃徎.

I know what you mean by mispronounce FOCUS. It happened to me as well. It was funny, but not funny haha, funny weird.

Que buen curso! A aprovecharlo!

Be careful with the way you mention SAP technology. In Spanish we say 鈥淪AP鈥 but in English you should say each letter like 鈥淓S-EI-PI鈥

Wow, al principio me asust茅 porque todo era en ingl茅s pero soy capaz de entender casi todo

The classes are good, I have learned a lot about the pronunciation of many words that I used to pronounce wrong

Algo de lo que me he dado cuenta luego de estudiar una carrera en ciencias exactas y ahora estudiar programaci贸n, es que en 谩reas t茅cnicas y de ciencias se tiende a 鈥渆spa帽olizar鈥 palabras del ingl茅s porque en espa帽ol no existe una traducci贸n directa de dichas palabras y, si existieran, casi nadie las usa. De ah铆 es donde radica la importancia de utilizar cada palabra correctamente porque nos acostumbramos a 鈥渆spa帽olizar鈥 las palabras y luego cuando llega la hora de utilizarlas con personas de habla inglesa no nos comprenden.

La palabra que m谩s utilizo es 鈥済iga鈥 y estaba pronunciando mal

I鈥檓 so proud to start this course

Entrando al curso y ya me salta el detalle de por que en los subtitulos dice curso y en el dialogo no lo menciona el instructor XD. Ah铆 vamos todos dudosos si acabaremos el curso en esta semana.

You really surprised me with the pronunciation of 鈥淕iga鈥. I expected any word less that one.

It鈥檚 interesting, I hope to learn new things important like being a software developer.

Thank you Platzi and Terminal for this opportunity. #tecnologosglobales

This course generates many expectations, I am very happy to start it!

Here we go!!! again



La tecnolog铆a y el ingl茅s est谩n tan extendidos en nuestro mundo, que este curso deber铆a ser obligatorio.
Casi es cultura general.

Sebastian Delmont has a short moment in the course 鈥淢arca Personal鈥 by Freddy Vega. The moment is when he is talking about Github as portfolio.


Very interesting course.

First video and I鈥檝e found 2 words that I was pronouncing wrong in the morning meetings.

I麓m so glad for this opportunity by Platzi and Terminal, I often find ways of learning English, so this course it麓ll help to improve my English skills.

omg so surprised about the pronunciation of 鈥榞igabyte鈥 馃槺

In software engineering is necessary to know the correct pronunciation of tech words, in my experience with devs from different countries, it is essential to communicate the proper form but not have errors in your projects.

It is very important for us as developers to know how to express our ideas in English that麓s why I麓m sure this awesome course is so helpfull.

Ready鈥 Go, to start this course, i鈥檓 excited !!!

la verdad, siempre he dicho cacheeeeeee ajajjajaja, jamas me imagine que se pronunciara diferente, queda anotado 馃槂, no escribo en ingles por que relativamente no se casi nada y apenas estoy empezando, pero si me intereso ver como se pronuncian las cosas en la programacion.

Hahaha it was funny the Focus one, Thanks you saved my life

WOOOOW de eso estaba hablando yo!!! zNk y鈥檜! for oL De pblissing y鈥檜 qif mi!

I had to repeat some moments from the video to understand much better the pronunciation for some words and it鈥檚 incredible to find some are homophone!