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Review and writing a complete text


To write a review is to give your opinion about something. It can be about a book, a movie, a TV show, a restaurant, any place that provided you a service鈥

It is necessary to present arguments to support your opinion. In this way, the reader can better understand your point of view. You also should offer some information about what you are reviewing to give context to the reader.

The activity for this class is to write a review about a movie or a TV series.

In the resources section, there is a worksheet to help you. Use the information you find online about the movie or TV show to complete it. That will help you to have a clear idea of what to talk about in each paragraph. There is also an example of how to complete the worksheet.

Also, here is the structure your review should have:

  • Paragraph 1: Include the name of the movie/series, stars, director, basic setting (time and place), and genre (comedy, adventure, drama, thriller, etc.).

  • Paragraph 2: Write a plot summary of the movie/series. Discuss the movie/series events, but be careful, do not give spoilers!

  • Paragraph 3: Discuss some aspects of the movies/series justifying why you like or dislike it. Be sure you are specific, and you can cite examples of the movie/series.

  • Paragraph 4: Give your overall opinion and reaction to the movie/series. Also, include your recommendations for potential viewers.

Example of a series review:

鈥淟aw and Order SVU (Special Victims Unit)鈥 is one of my favorite TV shows. It is a drama mixed with mystery and crime. It stars Mariska Hargitay, Ice-T, Christopher Meloni, Kelli Giddish Different, and has different directors.
The series is about the routine of lieutenant Olivia Benson and her squad at the Special Victims Unit police station in New York City. Also, it shows the stories behind the crimes. Law and Order SVU is the TV鈥檚 longest-running primetime drama (22 seasons), and it is part of a successful media franchise called Law and Order. There are eight different shows.
There are two things I like about this series. The first one is the character Olivia Benson because she is a fierce and very brave woman. The second is all the stories behind the cases, especially when there is a lot of drama. On the other hand, I do not like when there are similar stories, but I understand. It is difficult to be always original after many seasons.
Overall, it is a fantastic series, and you have to watch it if you like a good drama and police series.

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Banana fish is based on an action shoujo manga by Yoshida Akimi. 1973, Vietnam - an American soldier goes mad and guns down his buddies. Since then, the only words he has uttered are 鈥淏anana Fish鈥濃 Nowadays, in New York City, police investigate a series of puzzling suicides and a dying man gives a charismatic young gang leader named Ash Lynx a vial of a mysterious substance.
Ash Lynx is a teenage gang leader in New York City, Eiji Okumura, a Japanese photographer鈥檚 assistant.
Ash, Ash鈥檚 best friends, and Eiji end up investigating the origin of 鈥楤anana Fish鈥, uncovering a conspiracy that threatens the world.
Banana Fish is a masterpiece. When I started, my first thought was 鈥淥h my god, another yaoi without plot鈥 But I was so wrong!!!
Every episode destroys your mental health, hurts like hell. I couldn鈥檛 stop crying in every episode. I seriously recommend Banana fish. It鈥檚 my favorite anime, every detail is amazing.

鈥淢r. Robot鈥 is one of my favorite TV series. It is a techno-thriller
mixed with drama. His director was Sam Esmail.
The series is about the history of an engineer that works in an
informatic security corporation named AllSafe. Also shows the
importance and aims of a group of hackers named fsociety that
pretend to use different strategies to destroy the bank records of
There are two things that I like about this series. The first one is
the way in that you can interpret the history and assume a
personal perspective of the serie. The second is the excellent
performance and professionalism of the characters; for this reason
in the other hand, I do not like the short participation of some
Overall, it is an interesting and amazing series, and you have to
watch if you like hacking and informatic security.

My Review about Shingeki No Kyojin:

Shingeki No Kyojin or Attack on Titan (in english) is an 鈥渁nime鈥 series emitted in 2013. It鈥檚 based on the original manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. The first 2 chapters introduce the main characters (Eren, Mikasa and Armin), we know about their personalities, dreams or objectives, except for Mikasa; but also introduce the world wich in they are. These kids, and apparently all the humanity, lives protected by 3 massive and spectacular walls. Protected from what? Titans, a giant beings that only eat people. Everybody lives in peace, until one day鈥 A colossal titan makes a breach in the Wall Maria, and all the titans can enter.

Now, i鈥檓 gonna fu*k this show: Only 6 or 7 characters are good. Abuse of the mistery. They try to give shock scenes hiding information to us. The author easily excuses himself from any complicated situation by inventing anything. Too many times is inverosimil. If you are a relevant character, you survive, if not鈥 good luck (there are a clearly exceptions). Of course, this series is very epic and very well animated.

To enjoy this series you just have to disconnect your brain and that鈥檚 it. Now you can say 鈥淚tz a m4ztErPIZ鈥. Rating: 3/5.

Record of Ragnarok is an anime based on a manga called Sh奴matsu no Waruky奴re. The story is about an event to define the destiny of mankind because humanity destroyed the earth, in this event are going to face gods vs humans. The teams are 13 gods more incredible vs 13 most incredible humans of history. We have amanzing fights like Zeus vs Adan for example, the audince are people who influeced in the human history like Miguel 脕ngle, Sebastian Bach and others. Has good references about historic events, masterpieces of painting and music.

Big Mouth

In this class, the series I chose is called Big Mouth from Netflix, it鈥檚 a very funny animated series for adults, it鈥檚 based on stories about the puberty stage, In my opinion, I like the series and it鈥檚 very good; it deals with the bodily and sexual development that we live during puberty, both for men and women and touches in issues of various sexualities, In addition, it鈥檚 usually usual the appearance of other humorous references to political, social family or cultural situations. However, not everything is perfect, it鈥檚 a series of adult content that requires a degree of emotional maturity to understand the humor. It relates the feelings and changes of that stage and the way we feel in different situations without being prepared for all those feelings such as embarrassment, confusion, anxiety, disgust, fed up, angry, depressed and others; it makes you feel identified with the series because at some point you thought or felt it, but do not dare to say it and the genius of the show focuses on how it portrays these emotions through other animated characters.

One piece is an anime that was published in 1999 by Eiichir艒 Oda. The history is about pirates and how 鈥淟uffy鈥 (main charactern) want to become the king of the pirates, in this world there are a fruits that if you eat, you are going to have power, but you will lost the ability for swimin in the sea. This anime is very good and the history is fascinating. For the moment the history are going in the half and each episode is better than the last. If you want to see somenthing very exciting this anime is the best and the interesting is that each episode is conect, so you are going to hace greats emotions. for me this serie do not have anything bad I relly enjoy see it.

Review: (is about bitcoin, but wherever, nobody goes to read this)
So bitcoin is based on blockchain technology, wich is a software who has differents receptors around the world. Many people have invested in bitcoin.
Bitcoin suggest a decentralized economic system, this is about no governments, no giants enterprises, only P2P, person to person.
I think this is a revolucionary idea, 'cause this is the moment in human history that technology change the entire world.
What about you?, do you think bitcoin is treasure or it going to change the world?

Review of The Flash:
When it first started, the flash was an exciting new addition to the arrowverse, with its first season being exceptional. My favorite character is Grant Gustin鈥檚 Barry Allen (AKA The Flash). The first season was amazing and enjoyable, and the story was very complex. 馃く
In general, the series is awesome, and I recommend it to everyone, all the characters are awesome and unique with their own admirable personality, the unique thing that I don鈥檛 like was that in some seasons you need to see other series to understand everything perfectly, and I just wanted to see one series, no 4 馃槄
And finally, in the last season, I think there are serious errors in the trama, which I won鈥檛 say because it would be a big spoiler.
I would give 4.7 stars of 5 猸愨瓙猸愨瓙猸 馃憤

Review of a Mexican food in my city:

Just entering to the restaurant was awesome, there were a lot of culturally correct Mexican decorations like skulls, big hats, a good color palete to fit (like yellows and reds).

The waitress was very kind and sweet. She wasn鈥檛 wearing nothing decorative and that was good, because it could charge the ambience with a lot of decorations so, that was perfect.

The food was spicy, just as I was specting from a Mexican restaurant and it was very delicious!

In conclusion, I鈥檓 going to give a 5/5. Just a perfect experience.

鈥淭he boys鈥 review
鈥淭he boys鈥 鈥榳as the most unexpected series that I鈥檝e watched on prime video this quarantine. I think it鈥檚 the answer for: 鈥淲hat would happen if you mix Marvel and DC superheroes and then you would add some asteroids on it?鈥 Its fusion between known actors like Karl Urban and Antony Starr and new talents like Erin Moriarty and Jack Quaid feels like fresh air for our eyes.
The series is about a world where the people who born with superpowers are managed by private companies in the classic capitalistic way; marketed as gods who live between us. Here鈥檚 when 鈥淭he Boys鈥 come into the scene, a group of normal humans who seek justice for the crimes committed by superheroes who hide themselves behind the mask of saints.
The things that I like the most in this series is, first, how they created a more realistic characterization about the behavior of a person with superpowers has a human part too with vices and virtues. And finally, the duality and rivality between Billy Butcher, 鈥淭he Bad Good Boy鈥 and Homelander 鈥淭he Good Bad Boy鈥 that teach us that nothing is as it seems.
I think it鈥檚 an amazing series and it鈥檚 perfect for young people who wants to see something new, ironically and specially for those who are fed up of classic Marvel and DC superheroes.
Four and a half stars out five.

Review of Shingeki No Kyojin:
When I started to see this anime, I was traveling to the Titi Caca lake here in La Paz - Bolivia, my cousin was the person who showed the anime in his laptop, I was fascinated wth the main character whom is Eren, is a complex story cause has a lot of little datails which will have more sense later.
In conclusion, the anime has a good story, a good animation, which the first three seasons was animated by studio Wiit, and the last season (the fourth) has been animated by studio Mappa which is doing very well for me.
Finally, this year will end the story that Isajama was telling us, and I will be very sad about that because I got a strong relation with the characters, of curse I will see it again but for a long time the weather will be cold to me.

Now I give to the anime 6 stars of 5. 8鈥檝

The Big Bang Theory is the best series that you can watch in TV, of course after of Friends. It is a comedy series. Its stars are Jim Parson, Johnny Galechi, Kaley Cuoco and its director is Mark Cendrowski.
The series is about two Scientifics that they are roomies and they have a beautiful neighbor, her name is Penny (Kaley Cuoco). The series shows us the simple life or special life of Scientifics in a fun way. It is a comedy similar to friends, but the special of this series is that characters are Scientifics and Nerds, they like the comics and you can watch the passion for the culture geek.
If you like fun and laugh, you must watch this series.

I would like to read your comments.

鈥淕ambito de dama鈥 is a serie of Netflix about a girl that is a fantatic of the chess and dedicated her life to play. I liked it much because the plot develop incredibly since the life of the girl until her adulthood. She goes through many difficulties and she deviates from the path many times, but manages to become the world champion

Dr House is my TV series favorite, was produced for David Shore (The same producer of Law and Order) who was inspired by real medical cases and his admired Sherlock Holmes, with whom House bears clear similarities. As a tribute, House鈥檚 apartment is 221B, the same number as Sherlock鈥檚 on Baker Street. Is a mixed of drama and comedy. The main character is Dr house and his 鈥淩esidents鈥 which admire to House. The TV serie has eight seasons and all are amazing overall the eighth season.
House is a great Doctor, but have some problems, because is arrogant, stubborn and have a problem with his leg, it causes what always walking stick and addiction with Vicodene. The serie is developed mainly in the hospital which arrive patients with serious health problems, Dr House in many ocassions know quicky the diagnostic but he like play and challenge to the residents and patients, it generates differents reactions in the persons and with this actions amaizing, dramatics and unexpecteds, which causes the viewer to never get bored.
Really I don麓t have arguments or things for say of Dr House that I don麓t like, only I think it is complete is great, furthermore if you are a curious person this TV serie can help you know about medicine. Because of that I give it a five star rating.
Dr House is a character incredible, to analize to House is open a book of knowledge because always to surprise his actions, thoughts, phrases and wisdom. This television series can provide to you more than entertainment and for this and many things more, I recommended this TV serie.

Run is movie from netflix whish is interest and nice to see with company.
I hear of movies with similar trama about that, but this is the first time when I see this type of cinematographic history.
That麓s nice, they maintain focus in the suspense and intrigrate while you discover new relevations. Is little tetric. however in the past I saw harder movis than these.

I don麓t some incoherence in the history, maybe can do better but i don麓t know.

I recommend that for a nice and funny movie night with your friends or your partner.

Queen鈥檚 Gambit is a nice Serie about a girl likes play chess, She lived with her mom, but after a time she go to an internship, she know a old man and he show her how play chess, she learn a lot from him. She becomes obsessed in learn all about chess then she to start reading books and participating in differents chess tournaments until to be a world champion.

The Good Doctor is my favorite TV show. It is a medical drama. It stars Freddie Highmore, Hill Harper, Richard Schiff, Nicholas Gonzalez and has different Directors.

The series is about the routine of Shaun Murphy a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome at the fictional St. Bonaventure Hospital in San Jose, California. Also, it shows the stories behind the patients. The Good doctor is based on the 2013 South Korean series of the same name.

There are two things I like about this serie. The first one is the protagonist, I love Shaun Murphy because his personal history, his motivations and his personality is very charming also I think the main character is very brave and strong because he go through the social prejudices towards 鈥渄ifferent people鈥. The second is all the stories behind the patients, especially the emotional stories (My favorite are those histories that make you cry). On the other hand, I don麓t like when there are chapters complety focus on the romance, because I don麓t saw it like something necesary for the lineal trama (It麓s irrelavant to me).

Overall, it is a fantastic serie, and you have to wacht it if you like medical dramas.

Fight club (1999) it鈥檚 a Psychological Drama Thriller movie.
Three characters develop the complete movie Marla, Tyler Durden, and the main character (Yes, he doesn鈥檛 have a name)
The movie talks about the main character, a man that has Insomnia, and the only cure that he found for it was help clubs.
Everything was good, he was sleeping like a baby through all the days that he had been in the help clubs. But then this girl came over, Marla, she was a liar, like him.
He couldn鈥檛 sleep after that so he split the clubs with her until he met Tyler Durden, they decide to create a fight club where men can set free their instincts. But then all starts coming over control. What would you do if a project starts to have life itself?

This movie blew my mind, it gave me a lot of sense and a lot of information to search too. The movie for me it鈥檚 quite perfect I鈥檒l give it 10/10.

Dragon Ball is my favorite anime since I was a child. It was created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. The main character is Son Goku and the series shows his adventure from his childhood until his adulthood.
Goku and his friends explored the world looking for the dragon balls. In this adventure, they had to fight with many bad guys and people from other planets.
I like this tv show because it taught me many good things about friendship, the importance of life, and take care of the entire world.
Finally, I recommend you watch the whole series, you can find it on the Internet.

Ted Lasso is a TV series with two seasons. It is a mixed about comedy and real life situations. It is nice to watch and relax, every episode give you some advice or a quote to take a note and apply in the real life. Each character has a distinct personality. Some of then are funny, selfish, loving, dreamer, angry, jealous and more.
The story take a place in London. It is about a soccer team with a new coach, actually a different and special coach from US. The central message from the beginning until the end can be a reduced just in one word, 鈥淏elieve鈥. So, do you think they can win the Premier League cup?

The Bible is the most translated and reading book on the history, is amazing because the Bible do not pass old fashioned although his more than 4 thousands of years, At the beggining it was a really bored book for me but when you make a real effort to be close of God you can find the correct way to understand it. JES脷S is the way, The better and unmatched person around the world, history or thing and all the Bible talk about Him with differents people, examples, historys and cultures. The Bible has been misinterpreted for many important people around the world, It is not a negative way of itself but turn in difficult way fot the normal people who make a personal idea from the perspective of other comments without have your own personal experience with the Bible. The Bible is one of the holy books around the world but the only one who have coherence from the beggining at the end. Don鈥檛 you believe? 驴Have you read and apply his tips? Try to do it!

鈥淭he good Doctor)鈥 is one of my favorite TV shows. It
is a medical drama. Its star is Freddy Highmore, he is Shaun Murphy. The series is about the routine of doctors at the fictional St. Bonaventure Hospital in San Jose, California. The Good Doctor has four seasons
There are two things I love about this series. The first one is the character, Shaun Murphy because he is an autistic young surgeon and he inspired me. The second is all the stories, and how it shows the real-life of doctors.
On the other hand, I do not like when people die, but I understand. It is necessary to show the real situations in a hospital and the death is part of.
Overall, it is a fantastic series, and you have to watch it if you like a good drama series.

Here is my review! I tried to do it the best I could. It include the draft (which I don鈥檛 corrected, so it has a lot of grammar mistakes) and the review. You can skip the former if you want.


Anime: Ansatsu Ky艒shitsu (Assassination Classroom)
Genre: Action, science fiction, dramatic comedy

Creator: Y奴sei Matsui
Manga illustrator: Y奴sei Matsui
Anime director: Seiji Kishi

Main characters:

  • Koro-sensei
  • Tadaomi Karasuma
  • Irina Jelavi膰


  • Nagisa Shiota
  • Karma Akabane
  • Kaede Kayano

Rate: five stars I love it


  • The original trama
  • The good vibe between the characters
  • The depth of the charecters
  • The plot
  • The soundtrack


  • The character design is somehow basic
  • Some parts kind of sexuallizes women

I recommend it to people who wants鈥

  • laugh
  • cry
  • have a nostalgic feeling for the school
  • see amazing characters filled with fellowship
  • watch and awesome plot

It鈥檚 about鈥

  • A strange creature who has destroyed the moon.
  • A classroom who have to kill their theacher to avoid the destruction of the earth.
  • A classroom who is considerated inferior to the rest of the school.
  • The difficult task of assesinate a creature that is smart and super fast, and that is the best theacher they ever had.
  • It shows the different strategies that the students make to accomplish their task.

Complete Review:

Ansatsu Ky艒shitsu (Assassination Classroom)鈥 is my favorite Anime. It is a dramatic comedy merged with action and science fiction. The manga is created and illustrated by Y奴sei Matsui, and the anime is directed by Seiji Kishi.
The story starts when a strange creature destroys the 70% of the moon, and threat to do the same with the Earth. He makes a deal with the government; he鈥檚 not going to do anything if the students of the 3-E classroom achieve killing him.
The 3-E classroom is considered inferior for the rest of the school, since all the students with bad grades go there. Now, they have the opportunity of won 10 million dollars. However, they face the difficulty of murder a creature (Koro-Sensei for them) that is super fast and smart, and who is the best teacher they ever had.
I like a lot of things about the serie. First, the main character Koro-Sensei, who I think is a teacher that all of us would like to have. Second, the emotions of every chapter, which vary among happiness, reflection, and occasionally sadness. Finally, the incredible soundtrack that wraps everything together.
Some things I don鈥檛 like is the kind of basic character design (visually speaking). As an example, all the students have the same body type. Next, sometimes falls in the sexualization of women, which is unfortunately usual in Anime.
Overall, it鈥檚 a great anime and has been my favorite for a long time. I recommend it to everybody who wants to laugh, spend a great time, learn from the characters and watch an awesome plot.
馃挐Thank you for reading!

I love the movie Fast & Furious 9. It is an action and suspense movie with some science fiction. The director is Justin Lin. The main characters are Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodr铆guez, Charlize Theron, Tyrese Gibson, Chris 鈥淟udacris鈥 Bridges, John Cena, Jordana Brewster, Nathalie Emmanuel, Sung Kang, Michael Rooker, Helen Mirren y Kurt Russell.
It is about missions that the main characters have to do to solve problems. Many times, they are between life and death. There are various cars and races; incredible situations, like going to space for example.
I like all the crazy adventures the characters go on. I don鈥檛 dislike anything. The movie gives a good message.
I recommend it to people who like to see crazy things, action, and suspense.

Top Gun Maverick is the best movie that i have seen in this year. It is a movie action with a little romanticism. It main character is Tome Cruise who interprets the captain Maverick, Miles teller as Bradley Bradshaw, Val Kilmer as Tom or also called Ice Man and it director is Joseph Kosinski.
The movie is about a team formed by the best pilots of the USA to do a very difficult and dangerous mission who will be trained for the captain Maverick, has two hours of duration.
Definitely the thing that i liked most is the scenes when the team have to drive the jets since it is so exciting watch them on that extreme speed also the plot is so good and entertaining since the characters have do at a so dangerous mission but there is a thing that i din鈥檛 like, they change Maverick鈥檚 girlfriend, she did not act in the first movie.
Generally it is a great movie and very entertaining and i recommend it very much.

Breaking Bad is a tv serie wich you can see in Netflix. This is my favorite serie because it is like a real life. The life of the Walter White in the High School is very similar to my life and I understand him.

Movie/Series: Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Reviewed by: Bere
Genre: Comedy

**Stars/Director: **Melissa Joan Hart, Nate Richert, Caroline Rhea, Beth Broderick.
Main Characters: Sabrina Spelman, Salem, Harvey, Hilda, Zelda

It is about鈥
The daily routine about a teenage witch called Sabrina who on his birthday 16, she finds out that is half-witch and half-human, and her life change, when she moved to lives with his aunts and their cat called Salem.
In this series, we can see the adventures of Sabrina in school, how her powers affect her routine and how she can solve things. I think that is a series very funny because is different.
When she went to the university, she left that uses her powers and I think that begins to do some boring.
Overall is an amazing series and very funny.

Itaewon Class. Is my favorite TV series. It is a Korean drama. The stars are Park Seo Joon, Kim Da Mi, Yoo Jae Myung and Kwon Na Ra and the director is Kim Sung Yoo.

This serie is based in a webtoon writed by Kwang Jin an it is about a man that his father die when he was ver young, he knew about the responsibles, but they had a lot of power so he could not do anything about it. He had a dream to open a restaurant but firts he have to trought a lot of obstacles to achieve it, but he show a a great strength despite of all that he had to suffer in whole his life.

I like that is serie very motivational and inspiring, I know that have a lot of drama but I think that makes it in a better history, and also I like two characters that are focus on their goalsn after they find a reason to fight and achieve their dreams.

Overall, it is an amazing series, and I recomend to you if you like Keorean dramas but also If you are a person that likes motivational and about entrepreneurship TV series.

One Piece is one of my favorites animes based on my favorite manga writted and drew by Eiichir艒 Oda. it鈥檚 a figths shonen in a fictisius world.
The anime follow the Luffy鈥檚 adventures, a pirate that wants get the " One Piece", which is the bigest treasure of the pirates king. Thats plot looks simple but the anime is on air since 1999 (22 years ago) and the anime continues and its manga is the most sold of the history with 450 M. copies sold.
I love the anime because seems so simple, but along the aventure you can know theirs characters. Besides talk about politic from a good view point. Finally the most important point is that the world is one of the best ficticius worlds, the author give enoght time to developed this keeps that the anime almost reach the 1000 episodes. Sometimes this number is a problem because is a very long serie and needs enought free time to watch it from the beginner.
Concluding, if you wants watch a very good shonen anime and you have free time, I recomended that watch One Piece.

Review of a New Movie: 鈥淭he C.E.O鈥. A couple of entrepreneurs start the foundation of a Startup. Unparalleled adventure in this mission until they manage to form a great company. The film leaves us great lessons on how the bureaucracy works in each of the countries where the action takes place, and the tenacity that characterizes the protagonists which leads them to achieve their goal.
Recommended for all audiences (Rated PG). Starring Roberto Urbina, Colombian actor as the CEO and Ferdinando Valencia, Mexican actor as the COO.

The vampire Diaries is one of my favorites TV shows. It is a romance mixed whit a lot of fantasy. It stars Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, and her director is Julie Plec.
The series is about a romance between two brothers who became vampire 100 years ago, and then they meet a girl and both fall in love, in addition the girl have a doppelg盲nger and this one return because is a vampire too, and really I like this character due to have a contrast sometime is like the bas but her aspirations is more than that, but sometimes will can be also selfish.
Overall all the series is very good therefore I recommend for who likes the romance and fantasy

Mad Max: Fury Road is a film released in 2015. It was directed by George Miller, starring Charlize Theron as Furiosa and Tom Hardy as Max. The movie is placed in a post-apocalyptic world, with scarce resources and where the only thing that matters is survive.
This epic film tell us the journey of Furiosa and Max, each one with different objectives. But as they advance, the enemy and his entire army will seek for vengeance and death. Explosions, fights and endless chasing in vehicles, all in a unfriendly desert.
I was completely amazed by the entire movie, from the plot and world itself to the soundtrack, even more considering the fact that most especial effects were made in real life. Also, you empathize with the characters and see their development throughout the movie.
So, for me, Mad Max: Fury Road is 5/5 stars. It is a must-see, especially if you like action movies. It is available on Netflix.

hello my review is of " kimetsu no yaiba" this is an anime of dark fantasy, and adventure, it was written by Koyoharu Gotoge, the manga it her publication started on Feb. 15th of 2016, and the anime started on Apr. 6th of 2019.
this history begin with Muzan, he is a demon, and he convert they people in demons, his blood have a lot be able, because it allow he to change of form how a child, a woman, an old, even a meat cocoon dilating resisting poisons, and too he give able to his demons, but if they mention his name in big voice the curse is activated it destroying to the demon, Muzan have twelve upper moons, they are the more loyal and Strongs.
on the other hand, the pillars are the better swordsmen鈥檚, they are nine demon slayers, also they have techniques of breathing depending his ability, but the pillar of fire is the unique that can to win to Muzan, in one occasion almost it defeats, due to this Muzan murder the family of Tanjiro and converted to Nezuko (minor sister) in demon, tanjiro for save her sister he be converted in demon slayer, and he promised murder to Muzan for that Nezuko be human again.
not only the history is very good, too the animation has a lot details that make it seem real, and us make to feel very emotions, in concluding I recommended this anime, hope they liked it and they are encouraged to see it.

Movie: 300
Rate: 5 stars
It鈥檚 about the war between Spartans against Persians in which a small group of spartan ( 300 soldiers) fought against thousands of Persians
I liked the story and the behavior of Spartans.
I dislike anything of that movie.
I recommend you guys watch that movie.

The One Piece is real!

I recommend it this anime serie about pirates. Its name is One Piece and started over 20 years ago. Mr Eiichiro Oda is the writer of this famous anime. Its genre is Shonnen, Their characters are normal humans and humans with special powers, monsters, heroes and villains. Everyone have one objective, find the One Piece. Your positive points are, good history, epic battles and character development. The only negative point is that it is very long, because it has more than a thousand episodes. It have five stars of rating for me.!

Spiderman no way home, it's one of my favorites movies of Marvel (UCM) it's an action movie. It stars Jon Watt, the main character Is Peter Parker, he Is a student, he want help His friends to go the university. This movie it was very expected for the fans, because nobody knows if they went characters from the past, and when the past character appear, it was a memorable moment, because they are three generation together. It was an incredible idea. I like the story and how they can put all together in This movie. I don't like the final of the main character, but This do the story go on. I recommended it to every person like action movies AND superh茅roes. The Marvel movies are amazing.

Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite films. It is a movie based on Jane Austen鈥檚 novel. You can find Love and drama in a special and beautiful way.
Main characters are two persons who love to each other, but are envolved in a drama with their families and prejudices of the time.
I think the most amazing in this film is the cinematography and beautiful sequence shots, and when you hear the musical composition is when you love more this movie.
This movie deserve 5 stars!!

Naruto is the best anime I麓ve seen in my life, It has everything: drama, action, suspense, etc.

The Umbrella Academy: It is a series of drama and suspense at the same time, my favorite character is Number Five, he is somewhat self-centered, angry and very handsome 馃槃, I would really give him five stars

My favorite serie is 鈥渇riends鈥. I like because it鈥檚 fanny. It is about friendship. They are five very close friends. They live together. They are a dog and a cat. They are always close, they never part. Sometimes they discuss but then they speak again. Is a real life history and is very fanny.

Brawl Stars Is a game of Supercell that came out the june of the 2017, is a battle royale where you compete with other people of the world, Also there are many modes of games, un example is Balon Brawl this is my favorite, The game has a lively and tender style and very cute, However The Brawler more cute is the skin of the Primo of a teddy bear. In my Opinion is of the best videogames de Movil, is amazing

Friends鈥 is one of my favourite series in the world. It is a 90s comedy about six friends. They do not live all together, but they are usually in Monica鈥檚 flat or at a cafe called 鈥樷楥entral Perk鈥欌. The main characters are Ross and Monica Geller, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, and my favourite one, Phoebe.

During 10 seasons we see how they change, how they achieve their goals, their lives, relationships. It is amazing!

Also, there are some romantic moments that mark our lives, especially with all the drama.

Rate: 10/10 (because I love it)

Chernobyl is one my favorite tv series. It is a based on real events in Urania. The series is about the before, during and after the explosion on the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, through its protagonist. During its five episodes and it will make you reflect on the causes and consequences of the nuclear accident, as well as clarify your opinion it is a fantastic series, and you have to watch it if you like a good series biography

Daredevil is my favorite series, it is a mix of action, drama and crime. Starring by Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Vincent D鈥橭nofrio and Elden Henson, and Kati Johnston as its main Director.

The series is about Matt Murdock, a lawyer when he was a young boy went blind, but he was gifted with overdeveloped senses that makes Matt a super human. Then, he became a superhero to help people, but he discovers that his city is controlled by racketeering, and influences over our knowledge. It was released with other 4 series, each for a single superhero, that in a series all of them work together to defeat their worst enemy.

What I love about Daredevil is the humanization of the superheros. Normally, they are presented as gods, and anything can hurt them, but all the Odyssey that Matt cross makes evolve the character. Another thing is that they show how the racketeering can be the worst thing that a city can have, manipulating things, and disappearing people.

Overall, it is one of the best superhero series. Watch it if you are tired to see all the untouchable superheros.

Peaky Blinders is an English television series of historical drama, broadcast on the BBC Two channel. The series stars Cillian Murphy and focuses on a gangster family from Birmingham during the 1920s and the rise of their boss, Thomas Shelby, a mobster who will rule all of England.

The creators of the series were based on the Peaky Blinders, a criminal gang that existed in the city of Birmingham in the mid-20th century and was characterized by sewing razor blades on their caps.

There is one thing I like most about this series, is all the stories behind the cases, especially when there is a lot of drama since it makes me feel like I am in the role of investigating those scenarios which I love.

Overall, it is a fantastic series, and you have to watch it if you like a good drama and police series.

Avengers end game is the best heros movie in all the history. It鈥檚 an adventure movie. The movie released in 2019 and It was the end of the first MCU (Marvel Cinematographic Universe) saga. As all the avengers movies, the principal actor were Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johanson, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany among others.
You can watch the movie and you never know about the 3 hours that de movie is taking. All the marvel鈥檚 heros have a minuts in the movie so You will find your favorite marvel hero in this movie.
The thing that most like to me was the fighting. Almost all the movie is about fights and there is a lot for action and good special effects.
Overall, this is my favorite movie, You should see It right now.


鈥淭he Office鈥 (US version) is my favorite comedy series. Most of its episodes are direct by Randall Einhorn. And the main stars are Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson and Jenna Fischer.

The series is about the routine of a group of coworkers at
Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc. This series also includes a love story between Jim & Pan, two coworkers, and how they try to move from being friends to being a couple. The boss of this company is Michael Scott, he tries to enjoy the moment at work and tries to be the 鈥渇unny guy鈥, and jokes around whit all his coworkers and subordinate. There is another main character, Dwight, Dwight tries to be Michael鈥檚 best friend, while trying to be boss of the company, it is his biggest dream. Each episode tells a funny little story of these coworkers.

It is the funniest series I have ever seen. Although it is a comedy series it has a very good plot devolvement, and even includes a love story, and this mix makes it a complete and entertaining series. Although it is a good series, I think the first season is the worst of the whole series, because the humor is too different from the other seasons. And I also think the series lost a lot when Michael left the series, even lost some humor in the following seasons of the loss, but in the last seasons they recover a good humor without Michael.
Overall, this series is the most popular comedy series in the US. It has flexibility and charm. I recommend it to anyone who works in an office and likes good humor.

Sex education is a serie produced by Netflix on the UK. Is a teenager drama created by Laurie Nu in 2019.
The story is about Oris, a normal 16 years old boy, with one exception, her mom is a sex therapist, and he knows a lot about it.
By chance he and Maeve a badass girl are going to start a sex clinic in their school.
It has nice actors, beautiful environment, nice written characters.
It鈥檚 a great serie, but teenager鈥檚 must remember that it鈥檚 just a serie, it鈥檚 okay to have a boring life without alcohol and sex.
I鈥檝e liked sex education! Just be careful with the sex scenes.

Review of Life 3.0
The full title of the book is: Life 3.0: Being human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence written by Max Tegmark (2018). It鈥檚 a scientific dissemination book about the main topic of artificial intelligence.

Max Tegmark explains about the threats, cons and pros of the rising of the applications of the artificial intelligence (AI) around the world, and the probability to achieve agents smarter than humans which is a wide discussion between many researchers and engineers.

I love this book because it contains a lot of amazing information about related topics to the AI, such as philosophy, physics, computer science, biology and so on. So, you can get thinking about many interesting things, questions and situations.

I strong recommend this book, I think every student (learner) must read this book in order to understand something that is generating a new technological revolution.

I May Destroy You is a series based on real-life and its genre is drama-comedy. Arabella is a writer and influencer. One day, she goes to a party with friends and she is raped. During the series, it storytime how a victim of rape has been affronted this situation. It鈥檚 very sad for moments and it鈥檚 honest, the series uses the elements of comedy to approach a cruel situation.
The positive is that you can reflect on the responsibility in gender violence and the negative is a series can a difficult to see. I recommend after they see it maybe you can have an introspection space.

End game

This film is last saga for the avenger, is an action movie starring by all heroes of comics, this is a excelent history where the super heroes would be defend to people from crazy and evil thanos.

Is awesome production but for enjoy this movie you have been see the others ovies for know all sequence.

5 stars

Tangled is a movie based on a fairy tale the Brother's Grimm. produced by Walt Disney Animation Study. And this movie ia the genre aventure, musical comedy and animation in 3D. This movie tells the story about a young princess with the long hair blond that isolated on a tower for her mother, she never lost hope the someday get out og that tower, but her mother tricks her into believing that if she leaves the tower something bad could happen to her. i like this movie because the animation is spectacular and the trama is different to others movies of princess, so, the comedy is good by all type of people. I don't can say that i don't like some the movie think this movie is perfect, in my opinion, recomment much the movi, above all if you want watch with the family or kids.
*My review is about the movie Inglourious Basterds. It is one of my favorite movies because when I saw it for the first time I did not imagine all the craziness that could happen and how the writer seeks in a certain way to do justice within his own story, which, being fantastic, can allow the good guys to win war.*
Space Jam is one of my favorite movies. This movie was made for everyone to enjoy. Michel Jordan, Box Bunnie, and Looney Toon's characters make this iconic production memorable. It is a cartoon movie where Michael Jordan ends up playing a basketball game to decide the future of Box Bunie and all his friends from a villain from space. It is a great movie to see with your family and friends. Everyone has at least once heard their name during childhood even kids now know who they are I am pretty sure you will enjoy it if you have not watched it yet.
The avengers is a fiction science movie from Marvel. It's about different superheroes that trying to save the world in different cases for villains who trying to gain the world for their interest.

鈥樷楽tranger Things鈥欌 is one of my favorite series on Netflix. It鈥檚 a terror mixed some drama and supernatural. It has setting that 80鈥檚, so that is making so interesting.
The serie is about a group of pree-tens friends that they live in a small town, a day one of them strangely disappears and the town, the police, the family and friends starts his search but they find a lot of mistery and supernatural scenes, it鈥檚 very entertaining. It has 4 seasons and at the moment I see the third season and I liked everything. I recommend you guys.

" Antes de Diciembre, Despues de Diciembre, Tres Meses" is a trilogy of books beautiful, romantic and dramatic, The principal character is a girl, Her name is Jenna, Shes nineteen years old, she travels to other city for her university, She known news friends, one of the guys is Jack Ross, who will be part of her life.
Her news friends are very nice and funny.
I like all this trilogy.
Super recommended.

The Walking Death is an horror tv series that occurs in an apocalyptic world where humankind try to survive fighting for the few resources that found and running away from the zombies. The main character鈥檚 name is Rick, a police that after get shot, fall in coma, and when he wakes up, found a world completly empty and fully of zombies. Even with the negative things like killing one of the favorites characters; this serie is a 10 for me.

The Lord of the Rings is my favorite movie. It is a fantasy and action film. Starring Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, its director is Peter Jackson.

The Lord of the Rings film trilogy follows the adventures of Frodo Baggins and his journey to destroy the ring of power that would end the war in Middle-earth.

On the journey, Frodo, a brave and noble-hearted Hoobit, and his friends (Dwarves, Elves, Wizards and other Hobitts) encounter many setbacks in completing their mission.
This trilogy is the most awarded in the history of cinema, with sixteen Oscars. Highly recommended for any audience.
I give it the highest rating.

I think Platzi Academy deserves 5/5 stars.

My present Hobby: Learning English Language
I really love to watch English Video at Platzi, because here I can learn a lot, for example; I have learned tips and tricks that I can apply in my English skills.
For example: If I want to have a correct pronunciation I can apply different tips of pronunciation making the correct articulation and using correctly my articulators.
If I want to have a good spelling in my different drafting I have to apply all the things that I have learned so far.
Additionally, I have practiced my listening skills here also my speaking skills.
In conclusion, I recommend you to continue learning here at this amazing platform and Never stop learning.
Thank you for your attention.

Modern Family is my favorite series. The main actors of this 2000鈥檚 TV show are Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrel, and Ed O鈥橬eal.

It is about the day to day interaction of a sizable, yet close, family in California: the Pritchets. The first family has stereotypical structure with a father, mother, and three children. The second compounds of a grandfather and a his younger partner with a small boy. And, the third is a gay family with an adopted Asian child.

My favorite part of the series is the satyrical humour portrayed by the characters. This humour encompases a wide range, ranging from basic gay culture to American cliches. Each episode has a 20 min length, in which I laugh the majority of the time.

I watch this series when I feel under the weather, and I need to lift my spirits.

Me Before You is one of my favorite movie. Is a history very interesting because is mixed of emotion.
The movie is about Louisa and Will鈥檚 relantionship stars oy rocky to his bitterness and resentment over being disabled. Things worsen after Will鈥檚 ex-girlfriend, Alicia, and best friend Rupert reveal That they are getting married. Under Louisa鈥檚 care, Will gradually becomes more communicative and open-minded as they share experiences together. Louisa notices Will鈥檚 scarred wrists and later overhears his mother and father discussing how he attempted suicide shortly after Camilla refused his request to end his life through Dignitas

I麓m really happy to review about one the my best TV series that I watched and I think that the most of us did watch, is Malcom is a comedy serie
The series about a american family out of the normaly that for general get involed inmany funny situations, one of them a clown fight.
The family is composed by Hall (The father), Louis (The mother) it is better not to make her angry 馃槀, Francis (The first son) (My favorite character), Reese (the second son), Malcom (the protagonist) and Dewey (the fourth son) after the some seasons more siblings arrive.
For me is a great serie that everyone should to watch my rate is five stars. 猸愨瓙猸愨瓙猸

Review of the movie Asteroid City

It is a drama 鈥 comedy movie, I watch this movie the last weekend , this film has a duration of 120 minutes, I don鈥檛 know the name of the director, it develops in a desert in the 60s years the film has spectacular actors, like Scartleth Johansson and Tom Hanks, is a futuristic film.

The plot of the movie is a nuclear students convention, they go to the desert to argue about different theories, but some unexpected occurs and all the people are obligate to be in a confinement in a military basement

I think that it is a very interesting movie, it has a good argument, talented actors , I give 5 stars to the movie.

Friends is a sitcom that everyone should watch at least once in their lives. This sitcom shows many stages that people go throw their lives.
In this tv show the characters have different personalities and while you watch it you will get related with at least one of them because of their different behaviours in the different situations.
One of my favourite character is Rachel because she shows how to be a great profesional and she inspired me to believe in myself despite all the circunstances and to focus in my job.
I believe 鈥淔riends鈥 is the best sitcom in the history because it鈥檚 inspired in real life and makes you laught with every episode. I highly recommend that if you want to have a nice time you should watch Friends.

As a big fan of J.R. Tolkien, I want to talk about my favorite epic book, 鈥楾he Silmarillion鈥. This book invites us to enter a magical world, to discover the origins of Tolkien鈥檚 mythology, and to experience the most epic adventures and histories of the different peoples and characters of Middle Earth. At the beginning of the story, your mind is blown away because the writer presents us with a complex plot from the creation of the world until the end of the Second Age, when Sauron creates the rings and begins the war against the elves.

I love Tolkien鈥檚 way of describing characters, settings, and situations in a poetic manner. In this book, you won鈥檛 find any filler in the plot. In many of the stories, we encounter important events such as wars, heroic clashes, betrayals, rivalries between peoples and races, lineages, and more. If you miss a page, you can miss out on many important things.

One of my favorite aspects of this book is how evil is always on the brink of winning, whether it be Morgoth, the main antagonist of the plot in the First Age, or Sauron, his successor and the Dark Lord himself. However, in the end, courage, alliances between the peoples, and their hopes manage to defeat evil.

In conclusion, 鈥楾he Silmarillion鈥 is not a book with predictable events. It is a very somber and raw depiction of what the characters go through, and it will transport you to the most epic adventure of your life.

Paragraph 1: The film 鈥淵 tu mam谩 tambi茅n鈥 is a Mexican comedy-drama directed by Alfonso Cuar贸n. It is set in present-day Mexico and follows two teenage friends, Julio and Tenoch, who embark on a road trip with a Spanish woman named Luisa. It is of the personal growth adventure genre.

Paragraph 2: is about Julio and Tenoch鈥檚 journey as they venture on a road trip with Luisa to a fictional beach known as 鈥淏oca del Cielo鈥. Along the way, they face diverse experiences that challenge their friendship and force them to confront their own desires and identities. The film explores themes of youth, sexuality, social class and the complexities of relationships.

Paragraph 3: One aspect I appreciate is its bold and honest portrayal of the characters鈥 internal struggles and evolving relationships. The film offers a nuanced exploration of social issues within the context of a captivating story. For example, the use of voiceover narration and documentary-style elements adds depth to the narrative, allowing the audience to connect with the characters in a more personal way.

Paragraph 4: Overall, it is a thought-provoking and engaging film, offering a unique perspective on Mexican society and the universal challenges of growing up. I highly recommend it to viewers who appreciate character-driven stories and who are willing to explore issues of identity.

鈥淏lack Mirror鈥 is a captivating dystopian science fiction anthology series created by Charlie Brooker. It explores the dark side of technology and its potential consequences on society. With thought-provoking narratives, unexpected twists, and profound insights, each episode presents a cautionary tale about the impact of technological advancements on our lives. It challenges societal norms and prompts reflection on ethics, privacy, and the consequences of unchecked progress. 鈥淏lack Mirror鈥 is a must-watch for those who enjoy exploring complex social issues through the lens of science fiction.

Game of Thrones is my favorite series in my life. It is a mix between adventure, history, fantasy, drama, action, and more. It is based on George Martin鈥檚 books 鈥淪ong of Ice and Fire鈥. I liked the books too.
Game of Throne鈥檚 main idea is that everyone wants to be the king of the seven kingdoms. And each one will try everything in order to be the king. EVERYTHING.
This series is interesting because always is in continuous surprise. You think something or feel an identity with some character and y the next chapter the character dies.
If you watch this series, you won鈥檛 waste your time, I think it is for all kinds of tastes. You鈥檒l enjoy that.

This is my review of the Tv series The Crown (2016-2022).

This series is a Netflix original production and is a historical drama, it stars Claire Foy, Olivia Colman, Imelda Staunton, Helena Bonham, Dominic West, Jonathan Pryce, and John Lithgow and features different directors.

The series is about the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II through different moments in world history.
Begins with the 20 year old Princess Elizabeth and ends with the divorce of Princess Diana.
The entire cast is magnificent, the script has won several international awards and the production is luxurious, impeccable, the best we have seen in a long time.

Undoubtedly, The Crown is one of the best historical series of recent times, and I strongly recommend you to watch it, you will not regret it.

Father Stu is a movie based on a true story. It is a drama. It stars Mark Wahlberg(favorite actor), Teresa Ruiz, Mel Gibson, Jacki Weaver, Cody Fern, Malcolm McDowell and Annet Mahendru. The movie is about a true story. Where Stuart is a retired boxer, agnostic and he has suffered an accident. After, He has a life change and discovers his true vocation of him. In my opinion I love this movie, because we all have an opportunity for a better person and I am witness to what God can do in our life.



Has anyone watched the Netflix series called 鈥淢idnight Gospel鈥? It鈥檚 a cartoon series about a young person who conducts interviews with various individuals they meet through a strange machine during their journeys across different worlds.

Fast and Furious saga is one of the best movies that I ever see. It is action movie. It starts with a small family in Los Angeles that likes for cars and racing competitions.

The saga is about racing with cars even though throughout the part it turns into the traffic of drugs and things related to that.

The main actor is Dominic Toretto, the star of the saga.

Overall, it is a fantastic saga that would fit exactly if you are looking for fun in the weekends.

Review of Suzume
Two weeks ago, I watched "Suzume鈥 a new anime movie by Makoto Shinkai. It is a movie mixed with mystery, love and adventure.
The movie is about Suzume and Souta, who are the main characters, and together try to save Japan. Throughout the movie, they close some portals that look like doors, these portals were opened by Dajin.

But who is Dajin? It is a beautiful cat with some strange behaviors. It鈥檚 an adorable cat who played an important role during the movie and pushed Suzume to take action and help Souta to protect Japan from the Erthkaques.

The anime has good animation and excellent music that fits with the movie. It also reflects connection with real life because people all the time suffer from natural disasters.Overall, it is a fantastic movie, and you have to watch it if you like a good anime movie.

Last Saturday night, I watched 鈥淒une鈥. It鈥檚 an epic science fiction movie based on the novel of the same name, written by Frank Herbert. It stars Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Zendaya and Javier Bardem. The movie is directed by Denis Villeneuve. It is placed in the year, 10191, in the planet Arrakis.

The movie follows the story of Paul Atreides, son of the Duke Leto, of the house Atreides. They are the rulers of the planet Caladan, and they are sent by the Emperor to be in charge of the planet Arrakis, a desert planet that is full of the 鈥渟pice鈥, a material used for interstellar travels, and to replace the house Harkonnen, the current rulers of that planet. This planet is inhabited by the Fremen, better known for their blue eyes.

The things that I liked about the movie were their music score and their visuals, it鈥檚 a movie that you really enjoy to watch because it shows stunning landscapes and combines perfectly with the music. I also liked the story, it has some similarities with Star Wars, Game of Thrones and other movies.
The cast is also very remarkable, there are some good performances.

The aspect that I didn鈥檛 enjoy too much was that the pace of the movie is quite slow, at times, and it could be a little faster.

Overall, I think it is a great movie, you will enjoy it if you are a fan of the novel but i if you don鈥檛 you will enjoy because it has a good story, stunning visuals, a great soundtrack and an amazing cast. Give it a try!

Good lecture

My review is about: top gun, maverick
Genre: Science Fiction
Directors: Tony Scott, Joseph Kosinski.
It is about a specialized group of yets aviators, who have an important but impossible mission as in all tom cruise movies, but this time he will be in charge of leading the group of the best aviators as 3 yets are needed to carry out the mission.
it is a good movie, with a lot of suspense and drama, however, there are no consequences of the great risk that everyone takes, however I give it a rating of 3.8.

Hi everyone!
This is my review, it is about one of my favorite books:
鈥滲reaking the habit of being yourself鈥 is one of my favorite books. It is a self-help book written by the Dr. Joe Dispenza.
The book explains in a scientific way how the meditation can change your life. In the first part of the book, the author explains how the brain works and all the chemistry behind it. He details some interesting facts, such as how we can become addicted to certain negative emotions, and how you can use all the brain鈥檚 chemistry to improve yourself.
The last part of the book is about meditation, but please don鈥檛 thing that it is boring, it is actually the most amazing explanation ever. Joe Dispenza describes step by step how meditation can change your brain, and, in turn, change your life. The book includes a step-by-step guide for beginners on how to meditate and explains exactly why you are doing each step.
As a chemical engineer, my favorite part of the book is how the author can explain all the complicated brain chemistry in simple words. I also appreciate that all the facts that he describes has a scientific basis, and when he gives his opinion, he is very specific about it.
Overall, it is an awesome book, and if you are feeling the vibe for meditate, this is the perfect step-by-step guide to start with.

I also make a project on Notion with all the information of the worksheet of this class:

How to train your dragon, is an animate movie from DreamWorks.

The plot is about a village of vikings hunting dragons. The son of the leader is different, and his life change when he knows a dragon call night fury. Now he have to face this circunstance kill the dragon and becomes a respect person for the village and his dad, or give the chance to the dragons to show how gorgeous are.

I think the animation is pretty good, I love the history and the development of the plot.

The saga of films of 鈥淭he game of fears鈥, began its first installment in the year 2.004. It really is one of my favorite series. It is a horror saga. His directors are Darren Lynn Bousman, Peter Spierig, Michael Spierig, James Wan, Kevin Greutert, David Hackl. Its producers are: Lions Gate Entertainment, Twisted Pictures, Lionsgate Films, Saw Productions, Inc., Evolution Entertainment.

The movie saga is about a serial killer, whose intelligence and great capacity for planning his crimes, in addition to the meticulous way in which he select his victims and subjects them to a series of test that they must pass in order not to die, make this saga one of the best of its kind in the history of cinema.

I really like this saga of the 鈥済ame of fears鈥, given its originality, staging, the various situations that its victims must face and a very suspensful plot with manificent scenes of terror and macabre endings.

Overall, it is a fantastic saga of films, and you have to watch if you like a good terror movies.

My review about my favorite series:

鈥淭he Last of Us鈥 is one of my favorite series. It鈥檚 a drama mixed with post-apocalyptic and thriller. Their two princiapal characters are Ellie Williams and Joel Miller, and their directors are Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann.


This series is based in the year 2023, 20 years after of the start of a global plague that infected the entire population with a mutated fungus transforming people into cannibalistic creatures, smuggler Joel is on a missionto escort teenager Ellie though a post-apocalyptic world where nothing will ever happen. Also, Ellie is the carrier of something that could change the fate of humanity.


There are two things I like about this series. The first one is the way in which this series tells a love story in a world completely post-apocalyptic. And the second is good science that it has about fungus.


Overall, it鈥檚 a fantastic series, and yoy have to warch it is you like a good drama mixed with love.

Canoas is a restaurant of artisan kitchen specialized in recipe started of the roasted banana prepared in wood oven, lemonades, and milkshakes.
Ubiqued in Boque Popular neighborhood (Bogot谩, Colombia), stands out for his fast and excellent attention of the waiters.
While waiting for food, can play in the games impresed in paper ubiqued in the table.
The place have a rustic decoration remembering the colombian regions, and in contrast is set with music of Queen and Michael Jackson.
The food is exquisite and the fruit juice refreshing.

鈥淭he Office鈥 is a comedy TV show starred by Michael Scott, played by Steve Carrel. It focuses on the daily and hilarious experiences that the members of an office go through, including all the jokes, discussions, love, and problems that an office can deal with. Obviously, it is potentialized to be funny. A vital thing to mention is that the characters break the 鈥渇ourth wall鈥 because they are supposed to be filmed by the company, they give statements just like in a Reality show. One of the best characters is Dwight, played by Rainn Wilson, who has made me laugh a lot due to his personality. It does not mean the other ones are not funny, because all of them have their own personality and complex. I am currently watching the fifth season and loving it. I do not find negatives yet but I would say in the next seasons it could get a little bit repetitive. My valuation of this TV show is 8/10.

鈥淭he Whale鈥 is an excellent movie. It is a drama mixed with family, disease, and homosexuality. It stars Brendan Fraser and is directed by Darren Aronofsky.
The movie is about a severely obese lonely English teacher Charlie (Brendan Fraser) who tries to reconnect with his teenage daughter in one last chance for redemption.
I like this movie because is about obesity, a disease that many people have.
I think the Oscar prize is going to be for Brendan Fraser. I recommend it a lot.

Father Stu is a movie based on a true story. It is a drama. It stars Mark Wahlberg(actor favorite), Teresa Ruiz, Mel Gibson, Jacki Weaver, Cody Fern, Malcolm Mc Dowell and Annet Mahendru.
The movie is about a true story. Where Stuart is a retired boxer, agnostic and he has suffered an accident. After, He has a life change and discovers his true vocation.
In my opinion I love this movie, because we all have an opportunity for a better person and I am witness to what God can do in our life.

The flash, this series is trasmited for cw. the history is based in the comics of flash. In central city exits a child called barry that loses his mother in a strange way, the police arrive at the crimen scene and they blame their father for the murder of their mother. The child is adopted for Joe west, he is a policeman, father of iris west. iris is close friend of barry. after many years, barry grows up and is forense in the offices of the police. One day an accident occurs in the particle accelerator and this event causes the creations of metahumans and a flash. to be continue鈥

鈥淭ar鈥 is one of my favorite movies of this year. It is a drama - psychology, and musical. It stars Cake Blanchett, and the director is Todd Field.
Tar is about a famous lesbian female in classic music, she has many problems during the movie.
I like this movie because it is about the story of a woman with a strong personality.
Overall, it is a good movie, and you have to watch it if you like stories about women. I think Cate Blanchett can win the Oscar prize this year for this movie.

The Banshees of inisherin is the last movie I saw; is a comedy/drama with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, from the director, Martin McDonagh.
I really enjoyed this movie, first of all, because the photography is incredible and if you are one of those who love Nordic landscapes, then this is for you. The film is about how time passes during the break up and the end of a friendship, but above all it is about boredom and despair. Despite the crazy moments, it is a very poetic film, somewhat slow and long, but still entertaining; so I recommend that you see it on a Sunday afternoon.

I鈥檓 watched 鈥淭he last of us TV serie鈥 i am not fan of TV Series, BUT this is really good, i am player of original video game.
Joel is a character really hard and Ellie is a little girl very nice.
They both are in a zombies apocalypse trying to survive.

鈥淥ne Piece鈥 is one of my favorite anime. It鈥檚 about adventures, pirates and fights. The main characters are Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Franky, Chopper, Usop, Brook, Robin, Sanji and Jimbe. Its mangaka is Oda and its animator is Toei.
The anime is about a group of pirates in search of a treasure that has a much broader background. In the adventure they encounter many fights and very interesting stories, it has 1100 chapters.
There are many things that I like, but the best thing is the history that the author gives to each character, the goal of the main characters and finally the political system. I don鈥檛 like the filler that there is in some moments.
Overall, it is very incredible and worth watching if you like these topics.

This is not a review, but I am going to talk about the love, today is
Valentine鈥檚 day.

  • Well, the first question is: What is the love?
    So, somebody can say: is a chemistry reaction of our brain.
    In my case, I agree with this point of view, of course; but I think a little bit different.
    I agree that our brain made this chemistry reaction, and you can feel emotion and feelings for a particular person or many people too.
    But I prefer to think that the love is the greatest force in the world, the humanity was lost battles for love however was wing wars for love.
    So, for me, say: love is only a chemistry, not is an option.
    I鈥檓 so young to talk about this topic, but in my life, and feel love too.
    I consider that it is the most beautiful felling that humanity can feel, because when the love is mutual, it is awesome.
    Furthermore, I think too, that the love has a bit of crazy, is crazy say: I鈥檒l do everything without a particular reason for her/he.
    The love is not exclusive to the humans, the animals feel too
    so, it is important to respect all the people, animals or stuffs because they are all important in this world.
    Never mind if you love a woman or a man, never mind if they are older or a little bit younger, the most important is love and to be loved.
    If you are afraid to remember that a lot of people go to criticize you, if you鈥檙e doing or not the things. The life is only one, enjoy that the time is highly short

My favorite series is A Place to Dream This is on Netflix. I love this series because its landscapes are beautiful, full of nature and its people are united and they all respect each other. I like Ana鈥檚 character because she is a very patient woman and does what that he likes despite having suffered in his past marriage

Harry Potter and the philosopher鈥檚 stone is one of my favorite Movies. It is a fantasy movie, wrote by JK. Rowling and Chris Columbus as the director.
This movie is about a boy who discover that he is a wizard and how he be part of an amazing magic world, also that he has a powerfull enemy.
I like that the actors and the movie script are coherent. The movie takes you to the new amaizing world of Harry Potter and his friend.
Overall, it is a fantastic movie, and you have to watch it if you like magic, fantasy and friendship.

Example of a series review: Candy series review: This is a beautiful love story. The main character is fantastic. She struggles to conquer the love of her life

My faborite movie is . Con amor , sin amor . Is a movie beatifull .

One of my favorite TV shows is Friends. Friends is a sitcom from 90鈥檚, this comedy was starred by Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. It has 10 seasons.
The sitcom is about six young new Yorkers who starting their adult life. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross share their romantic, familiar, work experiences and more. They talk about real young issues like homosexuality and surrogate with humor.
The best part about this sitcom is that you can watch any episode and it will be funny by itself, you will understand without any previous explication. You will feel relate with the characters and their lives. It would be like you are watching your friends鈥 routine. Through the 10 seasons you could see how the characters maturate.
This is a great TV show. You can watch again and again and it will be funny and entertaining. My favorite season is 4th, but I love to watch all of them. It鈥檚 sad when I watch the last episode, because you wish the program continues.
You have to watch this sitcom to see how friends face their early adult life with drama, sarcasm and real friends close to them.
This is my top 1 TV show.