Let's Work Together With Commands


En entornos laborales, la comunicaci贸n con tus coworkers debe ser formal en el vocabulario empleado. Aprender谩s en este primer m贸dulo del curso nuevas estructuras gramaticales para dar 贸rdenes, expresar necesidades y responsabilidades.

Expresando 贸rdenes, necesidades y responsabilidades

Cada m贸dulo de este curso comenzar谩 con un roleplay relacionado con alguna tem谩tica profesional y lenguaje t铆pico de un d铆a de trabajo. A lo largo de las siguientes clases, analizaremos en profundidad el lenguaje utilizado en este juego de roles.

Pero antes, puedes aprovechar el contenido para practicar tu lectura, se recomienda hacerlo en voz alta. Anota aquellas palabras o frases que no conozcas y responder una serie de preguntas para evaluar tu comprensi贸n lectora.

隆Vamos con el roleplay!

  • Blake: Great job everyone! Now we just have to make sure we finish our proposal before the meeting.

  • Andrew: No problem! I鈥檓 just going to have Sam take a quick look at it to make sure everything鈥檚 clear. After he gives us his feedback, I鈥檒l let you guys know what we can do to finish it up.

  • Lucy: So, just to clarify, we鈥檒l be presenting our ideas separately from the other departments, right?

  • Blake: Correct, I hadn鈥檛 talked to Cory before he decided on the meeting times, so they scheduled us for Friday.

  • Andrew: That鈥檚 a relief! By Friday, we鈥檒l have finished everything for the proposal and even started on the next project!

  • Lucy: Well, don鈥檛 get ahead of yourself, Andrew, the proposal is good, but the slides definitely need editing.

  • Blake: Well, I think they look pretty good. If necessary, I can do some editing tomorrow. Let鈥檚 try not to overthink it, though. I think we have our vision pretty clear and everything鈥檚 going to go super well.

  • Andrew: Sounds good! So, once it鈥檚 time for the presentation, I will give the introduction. Lucy is going to be changing the slides, and you鈥檙e going to be answering everyone鈥檚 questions, right?

  • Lucy: Yes, but if people have questions about the budget, I can definitely hop in and give them some details.

  • Blake: That would be great, I understand the projection and the overall plan but when it comes to the budget, I get a little bit confused. I鈥檒l try to brush up on things before Friday so that you don鈥檛 have to be solely responsible for the budget questions.

  • Lucy: I appreciate it, Blake. If you want, we can spend some time tomorrow going over the details so that you鈥檙e ready to go. What time is the proposal scheduled for on Friday?

  • Blake: We鈥檙e looking at 10:00. So, that should give us time to practice once in the morning and to relax a little before we get started.

  • Andrew: Cool! Let鈥檚 definitely go to lunch together afterwards and reflect on how things went. No matter what, we're still the best department ever. I鈥檓 honestly pretty excited to show everybody our plan.

  • Lucy: Me too! It鈥檚 been great working with you, guys, and I know we鈥檙e going to do great. So, just to confirm, tomorrow we鈥檙e going to meet up again at two to give it the finishing touches, right?

  • Blake: Yep! Sounds like a plan. Thank you guys for all your hard work.

A partir de esta conversaci贸n laboral entre Lucy, Blake y Andrew, intenta responder las siguientes preguntas:

  • Does Lucy think the slides are ready to present?
  • Is Andrew optimistic for the proposal?
  • What will Blake do during the presentation?
  • What is Lucy going to help Blake with tomorrow?

No te preocupes si no has logrado comprender la totalidad de la conversaci贸n. En las siguientes clases ver谩s el lenguaje m谩s avanzado para comprender c贸mo expresarte en un entorno laboral.

Contribuci贸n creada por: Kevin Fiorentino (Platzi Contributor).

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Hi, Cole! I loved your class, thank you for your great attitude!

Here is my summary about the conversation.

There are three workmates dicussing about a proposal they have to present next friday. Andrew would be on charge to show it to Sam, in order to have some feedback and then he鈥檒l let know Blake and Lucy if they can do anything else to improve the proposal.

Andrew is thinking obout going ahead with other projects because he thinks that they have this one almost ready, but Lucy told Andrew that the presentation needs to have some changes. Blake convey them that they have the project vision pretty clear so that overthinking is not necessary, though.

Then Lucy said that altough she鈥檒l be on charge of changing the slides, she can contribute to all budget topics, because she knows all the details about it, but Blake said he鈥檒l brush up the things, so not to leave her alone with that. Then Lucy said they can meet up next day to go over that details.

They agree they鈥檒l practice before the meeting and even they鈥檒l have some time to get relaxed. Andrew propose to them go to lunch together and have in mind that they are the best team and he鈥檚 proud of the plan they did.

I currently work as a project manager, so I have to prepare projects, meetings and plans all the time. Doing all these things in English have been a big challenge for me, but I鈥檓 trying to do my best to enhance all my professional skills by the hand of widening my network around the world.

This was an amzing class and I really felt that I could practice. I鈥檒l apreciate all your feedback 馃槂

Well, when I had prepared a project I considered

  • Time

  • What will we do with my group

    • Roles for each
  • What will we need

  • Start the project

If I don鈥檛 know the people or my know team, I introduce my myself and my team.

I will star my English intermediate next month; I am here in practice and curious for this course.

* Does Lucy think the slides are ready to present? No, Lucy thinks the slides need to be edited. * Is Andrew optimistic for the proposal? Yes, He is. * What will Blake do during the presentation? Blacke is going to answer people's questions. * What is Lucy going to help Blake with tomorrow? To understand the budget better.
The role play was about thre co-workers planning their friday's presentation. They first decided what was left to do, how and when they will do those last details, and also planning the morning of the presentation's day.
\- They are preparing a project, andrew is excited, but lucy is calmer and blake has to organize them to finish the project as soon as possible. \- In college i had a project with 4 other friends, where i was the product owner and my role was choose the tasks, supervise the project and program.

In this class we can observe three coworkers discussing about next presentation to other areas of the organization. They are solving the details and taking care on pending tasks. They consider themselves as a awesome team to work and it looks like they get along well. In conclusion, after work they will have been taking lunch and hanging out each other.

I have to prepare many project at the university, where each member of the team can made their opinion about the topic and in that way the journey is being built. Some of us run into the material tasks, the other guys take care on the conversional part. Lastly, we all put together and collect each part that each member made and practice it to be confident in the real presentation.

The three coworkers are planning how to conclude their slides and prepare their presentation for the meeting on Friday.

In the play role, the team has a discussion reviewing the presentation that they will have. They focused on how the presentation was prepared, corrections, and some recommendations about who would be in charge of explaining some topics. The team divided the topics and proposed to meet again to review the suggestions about the slide changes.

* Does Lucy think the slides are ready to present? no, she think the slides need to be edited. * Is Andrew optimistic for the proposal? yes, Andrew is very optimistic * What will Blake do during the presentation? Blave is going to answer people s questions * What is Lucy going to help Blake with tomorrow? * go over the details of the proposal Lucy will helps Blake understand the budget better before the proposal

There were three people around a table discussing about a presentation, their names were Lucy, Andrew and Blake. The due time was Friday, they had a couple of days yet before the presentation. Lucy thought that the slides needed a litlle bit of editing so Blake said he could do it. Andrew was giving the roles so he would do the introduction, Lucy would talk about the budget and Blake would answer people鈥檚 questions. Blake said that the budget made him feel confused so Lucy offered help. At the end, everybody had a role and the presentation went great! (I assume 馃槈

My summary: In this roleplay, three coworkers are preparing for a company presentation. They begin by discussing slide design, their respective roles during the presentation, and key topics like budgets and the overall plan. They are enthusiastic and confident about their presentation. Towards the end, they decide to meet for lunch to put the finishing touches on the project before the meeting.

What happened?
They made a good job in the project.
The company or maybe the depatments choose to separetly present the ideas.

What is going to happen?
First they will be sure that everything is ready before the proposal.
After feedback they will check how to finish it up.
Friday they will finish.
Slides definitly need editing

Do not get ahead of yourself

Lucy in charge of the budget and I think she knows it better than anyone. She being responsible for changing the slides feels like mansplanning although.

The recording was about teamwork in a meeting, they were talking about a big proposal that they are going to present to some clients. Lucy is saying that the presentation isn鈥檛 ready and needs to be edited, Andrew is going to help tomorrow at 2 pm before the presentation and Blake is going to help to respond questions. They were optimistic and they hope to have everything great.

  • Does Lucy think the slides are ready to present?
    No, she doesn鈥檛 think the slides need editing.

  • Is Andrew optimistic for the proposal?
    Yes, he was motivated and excited for show everybody the plan.

  • What will Blake do during the presentation?
    Blake will be answering everyone鈥檚 questions.

  • What is Lucy going to help Blake with tomorrow?
    She wants help to Blake to some budget details.

They are three guys who are working in a project, who will have to make a presentation on Friday, one of them is the manager and split the activities which will going to be developed for each member, one of them will be responsible for the introduction, other for edit the slides and the last one will have to answer questions for the audience. The manager says they will have time before the presentation in order to everything going well. Both of them going to meet before because who will respond answers need help regard the budget.

This group is going to handle a presentation next Friday. Lucy thinks the presentations can be even better and therefore they gonna meet tomorrow to edit it. During the presentation Andrew will present, Blake will answer people鈥檚 questions and Lucy will change the slides. Since Blake doesn鈥檛 feel completely sure about the budget, Lucy will also help him to prepare it tomorrow.

When I was at College we had to present a project with two colleagues about the stability of a Electrical Power System. We ran some simulations in DigSilent (a specialized software) and prepared an Inform about the results. Then at the presentation, we just showed what we had done, and recommended some changes to the system, so as to make it blackouts-proof.

He just have listened a conversation of a team of job that have been working in a presentation. They are going over the details of the proposal and share out what is the input everyone will give during the presentation. They are also looking for the gaps they have to fix before that important they and the persons who need looking over some confusing parts.
When I鈥檓 working with my job team I have similar situations, when everyone of us tal about the ideas that need to understand better, the role during the especifict project we are working on and the inputs we can give for the team.

In a summary, Lucy, Andrew and Blake start talking about the presentation they are going to be doing at Friday. They decided that Andrew will be on charge of the presentation鈥檚 introduction, Lucy will be controlling the slides and also she will be answering poeple鈥檚 questions, and finally Blake will be answering peopl鈥檚 questions about the budget.

Once in my life, I had to work with 2 people for a java project, unfortunately one of tmy teammates couldn鈥檛 continue the project. So the rest us had to adapt to the situation, and we changed the plans. I was in charge of the project鈥檚 logic and my teammate was in charge of the project details and interface. We finished the project in two days, and the enxt day we made our presentation.

  1. We see three coworkers trying to prepare everything for a proposal.
    Thery were explaining what each one are going to do during the presentation. Also they were discussing the details and Blake sid to the team he didn麓t understand at all the budget and her coworked said she could help him to understand better that.
    It looks like all were very commited with the team and with the presentation.
    Lucy Andrew and Blake had a good communication for the good of the proyect.

  2. When I participated in a team I try to suggest that we have to do the things that we know we can do well. For example if one of the mates is good at painting or something like that I propose that that person do the draws.
    For me the most important is that the division of work were equivalent and that every person feels good with the thing they are going to do.

When I work in a group proposal, for me is neccesary know do listen and take decisions. Ve ready and disponable for any task is si importante.
In the roleplay, they have an excelente attitud, are ready for all aspects and that is clear because at the end they feel good with the roles and they're optimistic with the proposal

My summary of the activity:
Lucy, Blake and Andrew were talking about the proposal that they were going to present on Friday in their work. They said that they hadn鈥檛 presented the proposal for any other department and they developed it by themselves. Blake said that he was so optimistic about the proposal and his coworkers were agree. Then, they started talking about how to prepare the presentation, Andrew said that the slides were ready and they just needed to practice and, probably, they would have time to prepare the next project. However, Lucy said that the slides needed to be edited, so Blake decided to meet again the day before the presentation at 2pm to review the slides and adjust any detail. At the same time, Andrew said that he was going to review the proposal in order to check if it needs some change so as to be more clear.
Moreover, they decided their work roles, so Andrew were going to do the introduction of the proposal, Lucy were going to answer questions about the budget because it is a confused topic, and Blake decided to help her with the budget. In that way, Lucy and Blake decided to meet again the day before de presentation to review the budget and help Blake to understand it.
Finally, Blake said that the presentation were going to be on Friday at 10am, so they would practice a little before the meeting and relax. Andrew were agree and also said that, after the meeting, whether they have a good result or not, they were going to lunch together and celebrate that they are the best department of the company.

This is an example of a project where I鈥檝e participated:
My coworker and I had to do a workshop about robotics and programming for children, so we prepared the activity two days before the workshop. We had a meeting where we decided what robotic project we should develop with the kids, considering their ages, which electronic tools we would need, how to organice the groups, what would be the main topic of the activity and how long was it going to last. Also, we prepared the robotic kits, a short presentation, our speech, and we decided our roles in the activity, where my coworker were going to be in charge of the mechanical construction and tests of the activity, while I were going to teach about programming, introduce the activity and help the children with the electronic field.

I am part of a team of eight coworkers and we divide the tasks and stories of the projects to work effectively, efficiently and deliver the tests as soon as possible to get the expected results.

there are three people discussing ideas and expectations about a proposal.

One of them is not quite sure if the work they are doing is sufficient for submission, but the team is supporting each other鈥檚 optimistic positions, and they are also agreeing on guidelines before the deadline.

My summary: They are going to prepare a proposal before the meeting. They are going to present her ideas separately for the other departments and they need to have the presentation by friday. Andrew is so optimistic and he thinks that on Friday, they have finished the proposal and even started a new project. Meanwhile, Lucy thinks that the proposal will be good but the slides need to be edited. Blake, the boss, believes that the job will be pretty good because there are only some details that they have to do. After, they separated the presentation鈥檚 parts: Andrew is going to talk for the introduction, Lucy is going to pass the slides and Blake will answer the questions. But, if the people have questions about the budget, Lucy is going to help Blake. Even she offers to have a meeting with Blake the next day, to explain to him some details about the budget. The proposal schedule will be at 10 o鈥檆lock, so they are going to have practice in the morning and then relax until the presentation. Finally, Mathew proposes to go for lunch to celebrate. They believe that everything is going to be ok because they are a good team.

Hello, Cole!
My summary about the conversation is this:
There is a group of people who is revising what they have ready and also what they have to improve for the presentation of a project. They鈥檙e revising the way the presentation is being divided between everyone, making sure each one of them is ready and confident abour their part of the job. They鈥檙e also helping each other with certain tasks that one of them may not understand.

Role Play Summary.

It is about the conversation of three coworkers: Lucy, Blake and Andrew. They are meeting together talking about the presentation they have to do soon for their company鈥檚 superiors. So, they talk about the proposal, the slides, the role of each one, and what it has to be done before the deadline. They are all so excited and working hard for this presentation. Andrew is the most confident one and he belives they are the best department.

My summary about the conversation is about a group of people thinking of how to do the presentation, they were deciding the role of each one, also they were talking about the schedule, they were helping each other to do a good presentation because they were giving the point of view on how to improve: for example when they said that the slides needed to be improve, and when they were talking about the budget, it seems like they are great coworkers and that is amazing.
Some years ago I had to work with projects for the community and we needed to analyze between different options of proporsals. In my case my rol was about to write an official document about the decision we had made. And that鈥檚 it.

Rol play Summary: the Rol play was about 3 people who were preparing a presentation for a new project, everyone has a special rol, Andrew was going to explain the presentation, Lucy were the slide controller and Luke was going to be who answered question. After the meeting they will take lunch together to evaluate the presentation results.

They are coworkers talking about a presentation which they need to present. It seems that the three of them are optimistic about the proposal and they are preparing a lot for the presentation. Each of them is proposing ideas and defining responsibilities for the activity. It appears that they have good teamwork skills and positive attitudes.


The roleplay is about a conversation between Lucy, Andrew, and Blake, who are coworkers and are talking about a proposal presentation they鈥檒l have on Friday. They review each other鈥檚 roles and give some opinions about the state of the presentation. They all agree that it鈥檚 almost done, however, Lucy thinks the slides need to be edited. They arrange to meet up the next day to give the presentation the finishing touches, and Lucy will also help Blake go over the details regarding the budget. Finally, they鈥檒l have lunch together after the presentation to reflect on how things went.

Hi Cole, thank you for your class,
My summary of the role play is that, ther is a meeting of a team project recreating the principal subjects of their presentation next friday at 4 pm, they chose a rol and they had made an squeme about their interventions, also they thought about the things they need to correct and have clear in the future presentation.

I think working in a nwe project a need to

  1. put on everybody in context of the project
  2. Hear the diferent points of view of the project
  3. Give an specific rol to everybady so we can work together for a final and grate result of the project.
  4. Have a plan and dates of corrections before the D-line to schedule space an correct details.

The role play it is about three coworkers, that they have to presenting a proposal.

They agreed on how they are going to present the slides that are ready but will be edited. One boy is going to present, the girl is going to change the slides and the other is going to answer the questions.

They are going to present on Friday at 10:00 so they made a plan for after the presentation, they are going to eat and talk about the presentation

new word: Brush-up: repasar

Lucy, Andrew, and Blake are three team coworkers in a meeting. They were assigned to do presentation, so they are discussing some details. They all seem very excited about it, but they have to enhance some details in the slides and organize the budget, in order to do a great presentation. It also seems they get along because they were planning to have lunch after the meeting.


in the video thera are three people who below at the same department. They said that they are better department in the company and they are very anxious to present the proposal to everybody.

However before to present it, they are going to quick look at the presentation and one of them could notice the presentation needs more detail and needs edit. After it, they could to decide how distribute their job, one person will be charge to edit the presentation. other person will be charge to responds all questions of audience, and other person will be who realize the presentation.

Sumarize to my case:

well In this moment Imy boss and coworker need to make a presentation however they dont know use software tools that I managed with fluence. then my coworker give me information, I was charge to collect this information and put in software, made a presentation afterwards, my boss reviewed the presentation and exposured it to directives

Hi Cole!
When I had prepared a presentation with a group we usually divide depending of the skills.

I like this kind of courses where it started with a roleplay, and later we analyze it deeply new grammar or phrases.

This role play is about a team that was planning and discussing the way they would make their presentation

they were three carachters in the video, Blake, Lucy and andrew and they were talking about a presentation due on friday, they were assigning a role for each one, Andrew is gonna make the introduction mean while lucy is gonna change the slides and blake is gonna respond the pepole questions

Summarize the Role Play in your own words
Blake, Lucy and Andrew are having a conversation together about how they will finish their proposal before the meeting, and they will be presenting their ideas separately from the other departments. Andrew claims that they will have everything for the proposal finished by Friday. During the presentation Andrew will give the introduction while Lucy is changing the slides and Blake will be answering everyone鈥檚 questions. The proposal is scheduled on Friday at 10:00 so they will practice before the presentation and after it they are going to have a lunch together.
Tell me about a time where you hat to prepare a project with a group of people
"At first, the project was assigned to teams of three, and I thought we would be working collaboratively. However, nobody knew anything about the project, and they never focused on the work. In the end, it was easier for me to do the project myself."

Time where I had to prepare a project with a group of people:
First of all.I explain to my group about the theme that we are going to develop. Second, I distribute the tasks to each one according to their specialty and profession and finally I schedule a date to review the project before presenting it.

Hi cole good night鈥 i love this class its a good way to start.

This is my summary about the group conversation.
well everything start with a team of 3 people they are Andrew,Blake and lucy they was talking and making a plan to present they proposal the next friday to the other departament (i thought departaments of his work). while they are talking they were making corrections and improving their proposal, Blake asks his workmates about how can improve the presentation, so they decided make a section for the budget questions and general questions, they decided too that each person gonna have a rol Blake the introduction, lucy going to change the slides and Andrew is going to answer any question, they麓鈥檙e going to edit the slides to make it better, they are going to practice before the proposal scheduled to be completely ready, the proposal will be at 10 o鈥檆lock so after the practice they are going to relax a little bit. they appreciate each other, they are a wonderful team and with that preparation they will do it great

Mi teammates/friends we do somethings the same like prepare a plan, decided what going to be our roles in the presentation, each of us is responsable for a part of the work and before to the official presentation we practice a lot times to make it great.

Hi Cole, this is the summary.
3 workmates (Andrew, Lucy, Blake) were in a meeting whose objective was to plan the steps to be taken to finaliza a proposal before the meeting. Andrew would ask Sam to take a quick look at it to make sure everything is clear; He was confident that the proposal could be finished before the meeting, but Lucy doubted it, because the slides need to be edited. Blake would help by editing some slides.
once it is the time for the presentation, Andrew will give the introduction, lucy is going to be changing the slides and Balke is going to be answering everyone鈥檚 questions, Lucy wants to support Blake regarding the question of budget and told him that if the people had questions about the budget she could hop in and give some details. They were pretty excited to show everybody the plan.

Hey guys! This is My summary for the role play:
Blake, Andrew and Lucy are part of a team that will be doing a presentation on Friday. They鈥檙e discussing final details about the presentation, like the roles of each one of them, the slides of the presentation and the possible questions that people could do after they end the presentation.

Lucy is worried about the slides, because she thinks that could be better, so Blake told her that he believes the slides are good, but it will improved.

In other hand, Andrew feels relief about the presentation鈥檚 date, because give to them enough time to prepare. Andrew also is very excited and even thinks that they could work in another project.

Finally, Blake confirms that he is ready for the presentation, but also have some struggling about the budget, because he does鈥檔t understand well some things. For that reason, Lucy will help him tomorrow to sharp al the details about the budget.

And thas It. I hope that i鈥檓 not missing something important

Blake, Lucy and Andrew are planing the proposal for the budget before the meeting with the other departments. The poroposal meeting with Cory will be on Friday. Even when the proposal is good, the slides needs still editing according to Lucy, but Blake suggest not to over thinking. Blake definetively wants to help Lucy answering the budget questions but Blake needs going oover the details of the budget. first They gonna meet again the next day at two to give it the finishing touches.

  • No, Lucy thinks that the slides need to be edited.
  • Yes, he鈥檚 very optimistic he thinks they can finish and start working on other projects the same week.
  • He will answer the question.
  • She鈥檒l explain the budget and some details related to the presentation to Blake.
  • They have to present a project to the client, so, for that reason, they鈥檙e preparing a presentation with details about the project. Besides, they were talking about how they鈥檒l support each other during the presentation, and how is going to be divided the way in which they鈥檙e going deliver the information. Also, they said that Blake need some help to understand the budget, and the slides need some editing in order to have a good presentation.
  • As an Engineer, I have to work with different people on the project that the company assigns to me. In our case, we have to keep in contact, so the physical, and protection & control part of a substation can work well together. However, each milestone has to be presented by each engineer individually.

Hey, Cole! This is my summary of the role play conversation.

Lucy, Andrew and Blake are preparing a presentation of the budget that their department is needing. All of them are collaborating on the making of, but Lucy thinks that the presentation could be better if they do some editing on the slides. However, Andrew is very positive because they have their vision pretty clear, all the coworkers know what each one of them has to do, and thinks that everything is going super well.

I don鈥檛 know if it鈥檚 a really short summary, but i think i鈥檝e covered almost all of the Role play 馃槄

The 3 of them worked o a project that will be presented by friday at 10am. Andrew is the optimistic type while Lucy is trying to improve the presentation and Blake offers himself for that, so there is a consensus and so on.

I can鈥檛 relate very well as I don鈥檛 remember much, but, in high school, I used to have expositions with groups of 4 or 5 people. In one of them, we were 4, and someone was responsible of investigating the information, some other looked for printed papers and markers to do the display, and the other two left were to expose.

It is a conversation between three coworkers, Lucy, Blake, and Andrew, who are preparing a proposal to be presented through a set of slides on Friday. Sam will provide feedback to Andrew, Blake will edit the slides and answer any questions, and Lucy will provide detailed responses to complex budget-related inquiries

I have experience preparing various types of projects using both the cascade and agile methodologies. The first step is to create a project charter, and once it鈥檚 approved, you build a plan. Then you execute the plan, iterating through cycles to ensure value generation until the project is completed


  • Blake, Andrew and Lucy are preparing a presentation in their company about a proposal of a project. Their presentation is scheduled at 10 am on Friday and separate from the other departments.
    Andrew thinks they have enough time till their presentation. So they will be able to finish their proposal and will be able to begin other projects too. But Lucy isn鈥檛 sure about the state of the presentation. She says that the slide definitely needs editing. On the other hand Blake thinks that the group鈥檚 vision is pretty clear and everything is going to go super well. He can help with editing but they shouldn鈥檛 try to overthink till Friday.
    The organization of presentation will be: Andrew is going to do an introduction, Blake is going to answer the general questions and Lucy is going to be changing the slides and answering the questions about the budget.

Project with a group of people:

  • I have prepared some projects with other people. Someone鈥檚 in my job but the ones that took me the longest and I liked the most were at the university.

When I need to present a project together with my team, I do some activities:

  • Understand the project before all
  • Prepare relevant information that we need to show
  • Prepare the presentation and practice in parallel
  • Do a predemo into the team and ask questions
    After that activities I think we will be prepared.

I do not have something in mind right now teacher.

They were preparing a new project presentation as a separated departement, conformed by three people, Andrew as the leader, and he was in charge of featuring the project slides, Lucy was in charge of the budget details, and Blake was in charge of everyone鈥檚 questions.

  • Does lucy think the slides are ready to present?
    **No, she does not, the slides need editing

  • Is Andrew optimistic for the proposal?
    Yes, he is, he is really to show every body, their plan.

  • What will Blake do during the presentation?
    He will try to brush up on things before Friday

  • What is Lucy going to help Blake with tomorrow?
    Lucy will be charging the slides, answering everyones鈥檚 questions, and give details about the budget.

Does lucy think the slides are ready to present?

1- The role play was about a team work who are preparing a presentation for friday at 10:00 am and they鈥檙e deciding how to deal the job.

2- I remember in high school when we麓re preparing the last presentation of the year and we had to study a lot because we鈥檇 talk at least 30 minutes, so we divide the responsabilities and with all the info we create a 10/10 presentation.


Blake, Andrew and Lucy are talking about the presentation that they have scheduled for next Friday, they are deciding about the role of each one of them and what they have to do before the presentation and after the presentation. Blake and Lucy have decided to meet up a few days before the presentation to talk about the budget of the project that they are going to present so that they can clear up all the details. In other hand Andrew is very optimistic about their project and very excited for the presentation.