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Conoce las técnicas de oratoria que te permitirán organizar tus ideas, escribir discursos claros y precisos, entregándolos de una forma que genere el mayor impacto en tu audiencia.

  • Aplica técnicas para crear discursos
  • Construye tu confianza para hablar en público
  • Aprende técnicas para dar una presentación de impacto

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Avatar Carlos Felipe Saldarriaga Bejarano

Carlos Felipe Saldarriaga Bejarano


Im loving even more the softskills school with this kind of content that encourage you to appropriate english form personal development. I still have my ignite video pending i´ll upload it soon 💙

Avatar Luigui Alarcón

Luigui Alarcón


Me gusta que ademas la profesora lo implementa en cada una de las clases lo que ayuda a entender el tema que ella explica

Avatar Braulio Alberto Bueno Pabon

Braulio Alberto Bueno Pabon


I recommend this course, Ana shares different tips, and tricks for speaking in Public. This is a good course that helps you to keep on motivated for speaking

Avatar Daniel Romero

Daniel Romero


I like enjoy how the teacher realize a good speech to share the subject. I would like more course from Ana.

Avatar July Alejandra Castro Hernández

July Alejandra Castro Hernández


The course gives some tools and insights on how to convey our ideas precisely. The idea of finding our voice was great.

Avatar David Ricardo Cepeda Baena

David Ricardo Cepeda Baena

El taller esta increíble. Ana es una excelente profesora y da ejemplos y consejos muy prácticos. Más cursos como este y de mayor dificultad!!!

Avatar Sofía Galeano

Sofía Galeano


I loved it! Excellent teacher, excellent content. I'll definitely take this one again

Avatar Francisco Salazar

Francisco Salazar


The content of this course was really helpful for me. This classes gave me many tools that I need to use to improve my speech as I wanted to follow the entrepreneurial path.

Avatar Mark Stephen Lu Meléndez

Mark Stephen Lu Meléndez


Excelente curso, excelente profesora. Super recomendado. Cualquier persona que quiera mejorar la manera en que comunica sus ideas lo debería de llevar. Es un must.




Very good content, really key topics and concepts to achieve important abilities for an impact through the speech and our speaking... All these very well driving by the excellent teacher....

Avatar Jesús Pernía

Jesús Pernía


This course is excellent. You learn a lot of interesting information that would make you improve your public speaking.

Avatar Sergio Emanuel Tomas

Sergio Emanuel Tomas


A really good couse for talk in public a love this!! Thanks for all! Never stop learning!

Avatar Sandra Milena Rojas Herrán

Sandra Milena Rojas Herrán


Excellent. Super recommended. Excellent teacher and excellent summary about the public speaking skills.

Avatar Julian David Alzate Cuervo

Julian David Alzate Cuervo


I I love this course. The teacher has a methodology that I like, because I feel more confident to give speech about any topic in Spanish or English




It is a great course. It provides with many tools to improve the speaking skills

Avatar Daniel Vaca

Daniel Vaca


great course, it is helpful not only for english but for every kind of public speaking.

Avatar Erika De La Luz Castellanos

Erika De La Luz Castellanos


I like a lot the recommendations of this course, one of the principal reasons is because speaking in public is something that terrified me.

Avatar Eduardo Gámez

Eduardo Gámez


This is a great course, is taught by a new method which I loved. There are quizzes between modules to reinforce the new ideas. the information provided is very valuable. The teacher is great!




Muchas gracias excelente curso. me llevo varias técnicas para aplicarlas en el día a día.

Wonderfully good, She did a good job, amazing, I can improve my expert approach and my knowledge, about this topic. Thanks. I am grateful.




A good course to prepare a speech or a talk in front of an audience. I learned a lot of things. Ana Karina González is a good teacher.

Avatar Emanuel Alvarado Godinez

Emanuel Alvarado Godinez


Me encantó el curso. Está muy completo y la forma en que se explica es fenomenal.

Avatar Estuardo Bauer

Estuardo Bauer


Un curso con técnicas de discurso y herramientas retóricas para mejorar nuestra habilidad de hablar en público.

Avatar Carlos Eduardo Céspedes Angulo

Carlos Eduardo Céspedes Angulo


Amazing course, great energy from the teacher, the program excellent. Very recommended. :D

Avatar Jaime José Durán Plazas

Jaime José Durán Plazas


Very good examples, tools and resources that will help anyone deliver great presentations. Thank you!

Avatar Jorge Dimitrios Gianareas Tsimogianis

Jorge Dimitrios Gianareas Tsimogianis


Excellent course and very well explained by teacher Karina. It is on another level and the themes are developed in a great way

Avatar jose antonio hernandez flores

jose antonio hernandez flores


Is an excelent tool in all aspects personal or professionals.

By far, a must to watch course in the Platzi English Academy. An excellent course that add more practice and new things from the one from Freddy. It implements new ways to review the contents with the overviews of a module, and the charism and enthusiasm of Ana is a great plus! Besides, it needs some checks in some classes, but definitely that will be fixed soon. Thanks for such a great course.

Avatar Elena Arias

Elena Arias


Ana is a great teacher, that made us participate through a special workbook in the last module in order to build a project. It´s a very practical course with a how-to- technique on how to deliver a great speech, and how can you prepare your speech to deliver it with confidence and without any doubt. I recomend it . The only thing that she could incorporate is the use of technology in aiding a speech: in using powerpoint, excel or some presentation tool. But great course.

Great course, I like the tips and the attitude of the teacherhighly recommended