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Vocabulario sobre el equipaje en Inglés


Baggage claim o recogida de equipajes es el lugar en donde las personas van a recoger sus maletas una vez finalizado el vuelo. Aprendamos un poco del vocabulario común en este sitio.

Una mano con una brujula. En un bosque.

Frases y expresiones para pedir ayuda en inglés

Aprendamos algunas frases y expresiones para pedir ayuda a las personas que se encuentren alrededor nuestro, como también entender sus consejos.

Expression: Excuse me? (Disculpe)

Response: Can I help you? (¿Puedo ayudarte?)

Expression: Where is the…? (En dónde queda…) or How can I get…? (¿Cómo puedo llegar a…?)

Response: Go staight (Todo hacia adelante) or Turn left/right (Gira a la izquierda/Derecha) or exit (Saliendo) or It’s next to (Al lado de) or in front of (En frente de)

Expression: Excuse me, Where can I… ? (Disculpe, dónde puedo…)

Response: Can I help you? (¿Puedo ayudarte?)

Lugares en el aeropuerto

Dentro de un aeropuerto existen muchos sitios para satisfacer nuestras diferentes necesidades, mientras esperamos nuestro vuelo o a que alguien llegue. Por lo tanto, aprendamos acerca de los sitios más populares de un aeropuerto:

  • Restroom (Baño público)
  • Money Exchange (Cambio de moneda)
  • Taxi bay (Plaza de taxis)
  • Gift shop (Tienda de regalos)
  • Food court (Zona de comidas)
  • Terminal (Terminal)
  • Gate (Puerta)

Compártenos en la sección de comentarios, tu introducción (name, country, city) y comenta una pregunta a alguna o alguno de tus compañeros pidiendo ayuda para encontrar lugares en su respectiva ciudad.

Contribución creada con los aportes de: Danilo H (Platzi Contributor).

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Hi! My name is Brandon Argel, I’m from México, and currently I’m living in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Hi! My name is Vanessa. I’m from Ecuador. I live in Quito near of the Middle of the World City.

Hi, my name is Paola, I´m from Colombia, and I live in Zarzal

Hi all, I’m Samuel, I’m from Venezuela, the last 6 years I’ve been living in Buenos Aires,Argentina.

Introduce yourself
My name is Nixon Lopez, I´m from Panama of the Panama CIty.
Panama is next to Colombia and is a beatifful country.

Hi there, I'm Carlos but you can call me Zero, I'm living in the beautiful city of Manizales, Colombia. Land of the best coffe in the all world, gentle and beauty people and over all this things the most beautiful sunset that you ever seen.

My name is Ana
I’m 61 years old
I’m from Mexico City
My goal is, to learn English

Hi! there… My name is Jorge López, I’m from Colombia, I live in Barranquilla, Colombia and I’m web Developer.

Hello everyone my name is Samuel Atz I’m from Guatemala and I currently live in a village from Guatemala his name is San Martin

My name is Salvador and I living in Colima, Mexico. I’m Mexican too.

Hi, my name is Alejandra, I´m from Colombia, and I live in Cúcuta

Hi there, my name is Sofia. I’m from Colombia and I live close to the capital

Hello! Hello! My name is Katha, I´m from Venezuela, Valencia
Hello! My name is Mary, I'm from Barcelona, Venezuela but I'm currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hi there! My name is Daniel Rojas, I’m from Mexico and I live in Iztapalapa, Mexico City.

Hello, I am Alejandro. I´m from Mexico. At this time I am living it Mexico City.

Hi, my name is Alejandra, I am from Colombia, I live in Bogota but I born in Pitalito Huila.
Hi, my name is Yajayra Arauco, I'm from Peru. I live in Lima in front of the sea.
I am Geraldine, I am from Venezuela, currently I live in Chicago
hi! my name is stephany , i´m from venezuela but i live in santiago of chile .. I´v in the city of viña del mar...
Hi guys, my mane is Emir Esteban Perez Arias , I am from Colombia, I living in the Ciry Bucaramanga, city of the parks.
Hello, you can call me katy, I'm from Perú, exactly of Lima, it was a pleased to meet you.
Hi! My name is Dayana. I'm from Ecuador and I live in Guayaquil.
Hi there! My name is Gerardo, I'm from El Salvador and I live in Santa Rosa, I'll be happy to give you further info about the city :)

Hello. I´m Maria, I´m from Colombia and I live in Medellin, the city of eternal spring

Hiii, I'm Albany from Venezuela I live close to the Capital in a town called Guarenas
Hi there! My name is Valente Isidro Antonio, I'm from México and I live in Tehuacán, Puebla. I'm a Computer Systems Engineer and I work as a Software Developer at Citi Bank.
Hi , my name is Eleanel , I´m from Venezuela and I´m living in Ocumare

Hi! I´m Ricardo Trejo, I´m from México, I live in CDMX near of airport.

Hello my name is Maday, I from Peru, Cusco city

Hi! I’m Guillermina and I’m from Uruguay, more specifically I live in Punta del Este, the best city in Uruguay for turists. ¿How can I help you?

Hello, Good afternoon. My name is Charles, I’m from Panama, I’m here for studies.
I recently arrived.
Excuse me…How can I get to the restaurant? I’m really hungry.

  • Oh you can go straight through this hall, and it is in front of the Migration office.

  • Thanks.

  • No problem. 😄

Hi everyone, my name is Daniela, I’m from Colombia and live in Buga (Valle del Cauca)

My introducing

Hi, there
My name is Andres. I’m 18 years old.
I am from Venezuela, but I currently live in Colombia in the city of Santa Marta.

Hi! My name is Camila. I’m from Uruguay, Maldonado.

Hello to all my name is Maria Camila, I’m from Colombia, Bogota.

Hi, my name is Milena, I’m from Colombia, I live in Manizales a quiet city, here are beautiful sunsets.

hi my name Is Dina García I'm from Guatemala City, my job Is accountant

Hello, my nema is Andrea Semprini, I`m from Italy , but now I am living in Tenerife, Canary Islands

I’m Lisseth.
I live in Venezuela, Caracas city.

Hi, my name is Nahuel, I´m from Argentina so I´m argentinian, Now I´m living in Buenos Aires.
At the moment I´m writing this It´s very cold here, because we are in Winter.

Hello, my name is Margarita, I am from Colombia, I live in Pereira, the coffee zone of colombia

Hello everyone, my name is Kenzi and I’m from Peru, I live so close to Ecuador in the border, close to the best beaches in my country.

Hi everyone. My name is Michael. I’m from Colombia. I live in Medellín city. Colombia is next to Venezuela, Ecuador, Panamá, Brazil and Perú

Hi! My name is Javier Ramos, Im from Colombia Im living in Pasto

My name is Gloria Bedoya. I’m from Colombia and living in the Medellin city.

Hello, my name is Joselin and I’m from Colombia, but I’m currently living in Chile

Hi! My name is Edison, I’m peruavian, currently I’m living in Lima, Peru.

Hi, there. My name is Brian, I’m from Peru, and nowdays I’m living in Trujillo City

My name is Consuelo Irastorza and I living in Querétaro, Mexico. I’m Mexican too.

Hey everyone! My name is Santiago, I’m from Bogota, Colombia. I would like to know if it’s true that Mexico is risky for Colombians or not because I want to know your country.

Hi everyone. I’m Roberto, I’, from Venezuela, and currently living in Dallas TX in the US.

Hi, there. My name is Kevin Sossa, I’m from Colombia, I live in Cartagena.

Alexander Sencion
Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo Este

Hello, I’m Anthony, i’m from Venezuela and currently i’m living in Dominican Republic

Hi my name is Sebastián from Medellín, the second important city here in Colombia. If you want to visit us, go ahead! ✈

Hi there, My name is Julian, I’m from Colombia and currently I’m living in Bogotá

Hello everyone! My name is Sylvia, I'm from Colombia, I'm living in Bogota
Hello¡ My name is alejandra roself,I'm from peru I'm living in huanuco, amarilis.
Hi everybody, My name is jhon paz, I was born in Santiago de cali, I live in Guadalajara de buga, I am from colombia
Hi there, my name is Cristian, I'm from Colombia and I live in Medellin.
Hi! My name is Claudia. I'm from Colombia, and I'm living in Bogotá. It's a pleasure to meet you
Hi there! My name is Alexandra I from Venezuela but now I live in Bogota Colombia
Hello, my name is Dania. I'm from Honduras and I live in Tegucigalpa.
im from colombia and live in bogota since 22 years old.
Hi guys, my name is Emie Perez, I am from Colombia, I living in the city Bucaramanga,
hi, my name is Eduardo, i'm from colombia, and currently i'm living in cartago, valle
Hi guys, my name is Luis, I’m from El Salvador but currently I live in California
Hi, my name is Alejandra. I´m from Colombia, from the city of Palmira.
Hi, my name is Hector, I'm from Venezuela, but I'm living in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
Hi people! I am `Camilo, but my friends call me for my last name (Pàez). I`am from Medellin, Colombia.
Hello, My name is Cristian, I am from Colombia, I am Colombian, I am living in Bogotá
¡Hello! My name is Emmanuel Flórez Diaz, i´m from Buenaventura/Colombia :D
Hi everyone! My name is Eduardo Flores. I'm from Peru. I was born in Lima
**E: Expression** **R: Response** E: Excuse me? R: Can I help you? E: Yes, Where I can find the bus? R: Go straight and turn left. E: Oh, Thank you!. One more question, Where is the bathroom? R: Don't worry. The barthroom is on plant second turn right. It's nex to the food shop Subway E: Thank you, Nice day! R: You're wecolme.
Hi! My name is Llaren. I'm from Medellín, Colombia. Actually I'm living in Zaragoza, Spain. Whatever question what do you have of my native country you can ask me. :)
Hello my name is John . I'm from Venezuela but I'm living in Lima Perú 5 years ago.
Hey! My name is Gabriela Diaz, I'm from Colombia, I live in Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca
Hi everyone! My name is Byron, I´m from chile,I live in Santiago de Chile
Hi everyone, My name is Lombardo, I´m from El Salvador, actually I live in San Salvador city, it is in the middle of my country, have a nice day.
Hello everybody, I am Cynthia Rod, I am from Mexico, I'm living in Queretaro.
Hi my name is Orlando, I'm from colombia, I'l living in Bogota D.C. but I born in Santa marta
Hi everyone! My name is Cristian. I'm from Ecuador. I live in Quito.
Hi my name is Manuel, i am from Argetina, i am argetntinian, i am living in Concepcion del Uruguay, Argentina.
Hi, everyone! My name is Juan Andrés, I'm from Colombia. Currently, I'm living in Manizales. In the past, I lived in Bogotá and Madrid (Spain) too.

Hello everyone, my name is Fabricio Lacayo, I’m from Nicaragua and currently I’m living in Masaya

hi my name is allan i am from mexico im living in veracruz
Hi, my name is Guillermo and I´m from Colombia and currently I'm living in Medellin.
What's up! I'm Julian from Bogota, Colombia
Hello, my name is Vanessa, I´m from Colombia, and I live in Manizales :)
Hi, my name is Alfonso, I´m from Colombia, and I live in Plato-Magsalena.
Hello! my name is Leonardo, I living in Perú - Chiclayo.
Hi, my name is Vanessa I'm from Peru and I currently live in Junin, the city is very cold but the people are friendly
Hi there, my name is Gabriel, I'm from Venezuela, and I'm currently living in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.
Hi! My name is Carlos, I'm from Peru, and I live in Lima.
Hi there! My name is Alejandro, I'm from colombia and i'm living in Bogotá
Hello, everyone. My name is Neicer, I'm from Ecuador and I live in the city of Jipijapa.
Hello my name is Andrea, I'm from Colombia, I live in a beauttiful city called Santiago de Cali.
Hello, my name is Louis Joseph Sandoval Rojas, I'm from Perú, I live in Lima.