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“Will” with Infinitive and “Going to be”


Seguro has utilizado “Will” y "Going to be" para hablar en un tiempo futuro del inglés. Veremos cómo usar este mismo vocabulario para dar instrucciones o responsabilidades.

Dando instrucciones con “Will”

Si quieres expresar responsabilidad o dar instrucción en equipos de trabajo, puedes utilizar Will. En primera persona ("I"), suena natural. Pero, deberás tener cuidado al utilizarlo en segunda persona ("You"), dado que suena más intenso y demandante.

  • Andrew will knead the dough in the morning before the bakery opens.
  • Erika will help Elizabeth grade the math homework and pass it back out to the students.
  • So, once it's time for the presentation, I will give the introduction. (Ejemplo del roleplay)
  • You WILL finish your presentation now!

Si utilizas Will para dar instrucciones a alguien más, utiliza un tono suave y agradable.

Dando instrucciones con "Going to be"

También puedes dar instrucciones, responsabilidades y delegar roles con "Going to be" de una forma más amigable y educada. Utiliza la siguiente estructura gramatical:

Subject + be + going to be + present participle

  • You are going to be helping me grade the math homework and passing it back out to the students.
  • Lucy is going to be changing the slides and you're going to be answering everyone's questions, right?
  • I am going to be planning a new activity for the students.


Has visto como palabras que ya conoces muy bien del inglés como Will o Going to be pueden ser utilizadas en contextos laborales para dar instrucciones o indicar responsabilidades. Practícalas con tu equipo, y ten cuidado con el tono al utilizar Will.

Contribución creada por: Kevin Fiorentino (Platzi Contributor).

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Hi everyone, as you know we are hosting the next event, so we need to organize our roles and how we are going to prepare, so this is the distribution of our work:

  • Mary will charge of configurations and installation of programs necessary for the event.
  • Marcus are going to be the speaker and he will explain all the concepts.
  • We are going to cook our meatballs, so Judd will in charge of cook activities.
  • Terrence can help with the ticket distribution, then If you have time you are going to help to other members.
    I hope that instructions are clear, let me know if you have some comments.

Hi everyone and good morning for all, maybe you know or maybe not but tomorrow we are going to be the hosting the next event, that’s why I called you all, to define which is going to be our roles, well we will organize like this:

  • Mary I know you´re exceptional when we are talking about technology so you will install and configurate all the programs we should be need for the event.
  • Marcus I’ve been watching you exposing days ago, and you’re amazing talking and explaining concepts that’s why you will be the speaker and expositor to the event you’ll do fine.
  • Judd you will be the leader chef, yours skills cooking are impressive and we all know that you’re a natural leader, so you’re going to prepare the food tomorrow.
    -Terrence you are very ambitious and that is a great skill so you´re going to be the host, you are in charge of making people have a good time and if you can help others if they need it.
    all of you get it? dont you? anyone have questions? then we are ready! Good luck to you all.
Hi everyone, as you know, the event is comming up and i want to get everything ready for the event, These are their roles: \- Mary will fix all the sound equipment and wiring \- Marcus is going to be preparing for the presentation. \- Judd will prepare all the snacks and will manage the kitchen \- Terrence are the host and he will be the soul of the event
Good morning to all of you. I hope you're doing well. As you may already know, we have an important event coming up tomorrow, and I wanted to discuss our roles and responsibilities to ensure everything runs smoothly. Here's how we're going to organize our efforts: * Mary, you're exceptional with technology. Please take charge of installing and configuring all the necessary programs and equipment we'll need for the event. * Marcus, I believe you would be an excellent fit as the event's speaker and presenter. You'll have the important task of engaging our audience and delivering the content effectively. * Judd, you'll be responsible for preparing the food for our event, ensuring it's both delicious and presentable. As such, I'd like to entrust you with the role of head chef. * Your positive attitude and willingness to help will set the right tone for the event. I want to put you in the role of the event host. Your task is to make sure everyone has a great time, attend to any needs, and offer assistance where required.
  • Mary will take charge of streaming and control the cameras.
  • Marcus is going to be the speaker.
  • Judd will cook the desserts and will be leading the other chefs.
  • Terrence will receive the guests at the entrance with the tickets.

Mary will define which technologies we should use for the project
Marcus is going to be making the slides and presenting it
Judd will cook some appetites and organize the team
Terrence will speak with the audience to build connections for the project

Good afternoon, I hope everyone is doing well. In two days, we have the event for NIN. For this project, I am going to assign a responsibility to each person. Mary will create a list for each person with all the dates in the interactive form. Marcus will create a presentation with all the project's content and explain the key points in detail. Judd will organize the itinerary for the day and the menu for the attendees. Terrence will contact logistics businesses, evaluate better cost-effective options, and manage the changes.
Hi everyone, I am sharing the plan for the event, tomorrow we will have an important presentation with our clients, and as we know they process and distribute foods from the meat industry. We need to demonstrate that our service is the best option so Terrence will lead the reception you will explain what our logistics services are and how we can improve their distribution. Marcus and Mary going to be presenting a short talk where they will explain our technology and how our software could be a great option for them. Judd will lead the team in the kitchen to prepare a little menu with their products, so they will know that we know their products and we can create a good relationship.

This is an informal email:

" Ok, everyone, as you know, tomorrow we are going to host a great event, and I want to clarify some essential points and tasks to ensure the best results. So, here’s what each of you will be doing tomorrow:

  • Mary, who is very skilled with technology, will be in charge of the virtual presentations.
  • Marcus, who is adept at explaining concepts, will be our main speaker.
  • Judd will be responsible for cooking and guiding people throughout the salon.
  • And Terrence will be in charge of the finances."

I hope everything is clear. If any of you have a request, just write back, and I will be glad to answer

Good morning, team.

As you know, tomorrow’s event will be the most important one we’ve hosted so far. Therefore, I’m going to be brushing up on everyone’s function for tomorrow.
When people gradually arrive at the conference room, Terrence **will put **a bracelet on everyone’s hand, so they will be able to leave and return to the room once the conference has already started. Meanwhile, Mary will set the projector and connect it to the computer.
By nine o’clock, Terrence is going to be turning off the lights, and Judd will introduce the company and the event in order to acclimate the audience. When Judd finishes, Mary will forecast the slides and Marcus is going to be appearing from the right side of the stage.
As Marcus is going to be explaining the new company’s product for an hour, while Mary is going to be switching the slides, Judd and his team will cook some tasty snacks for the public. Finally, Terrence is going to be using the product so as to move around the room giving everybody their snack without using his extremities.
If convinces, this product will be bought by many people at the end of the event!

Best regards.

I hope this email finds you well. As we gear up for another remarkable year of growth and achievements, it’s time to come together and celebrate our collective successes. Tomorrow, we have a special event planned that promises to be both enjoyable and inspiring. Your presence is requested, and I’m looking forward to seeing each and every one of you there!

  1. As mary is very good with technology, she will help with the lights and will check that everything runs well with the presentation.
  2. Marcus is going to be giving the introduction.
  3. Judd is going to cook for the guests
  4. And finally Terrence is very ambitious, so he is going to help mary with the presentation, and help Marcus with the introduction.


Good morning Team!
As you know, we will host our annual technology event next month. So, I need your help to organize everything and have a successful conference. For this reason, I have designated the following activities:
Mary will organize and request the necessary technological equipment. In addition, Terrence is going to be helping Mary with this.
Marcus will review the speakers’ presentations to ensure they are easy to understand for the audience.
Judd will choose the catering and the drinks.
This is the organization by now; if you have any doubts or suggestions, please just reply to this email.

I am going to be planning a new activity for the students.

You will have this report to finish by the end of the day ❌

Will you have this report to finish by the end of the day? ✅

Derick will lead the conference to talk about the manager

Greetings dear employees:

Tomorrow we going to have an event, this email is for tell you the roles you will do.

  1. Mary will help with sound equipment.
  2. Marcus is going to be helping with the presantation of the activities.
  3. Judd is going to be leading the main menu.
  4. Terrence will help everyone who needs help.
in this kind of exercises, pause video will display the question, so it'll not require redo the video each time, or include a 5-10 seconds timer while display the question.

Mary will create the program for the presentation.
Marcus is going to be explainig the topics in the slides.
Judd is going to be cooking the desserts for the release.
Terrence will make notes and summarize the event.

My e-mail:
Best regards,
Considering that we have an event tomorrow, we need to organice our group and distribute the responsibilities so as to achieve the best results. Next, I write your roles for tomorrow considering your skills:
Mary is going to be working with the computers and the guest registration system.
Marcus will explain the most complex topics of the presentation because he handles the concepts very well, and Terrence will help him with the slides and managing the guest’s questions, that is really important because Marcus can’t manage everything.
Finally, I would like to give some snacks for the guests, so Judd, who is an amazing chef, would help me. You are going to be bringing some delicious homemade snacks and helping me with the event management.
I hope your best energy and efforts for tomorrow!

Hi everyone! As you know, tomorrow we will be hosting the charity event and we need to prepare everything to do very well. I assign some roles to you:

- Michael is going to be helping us with lights and sound in the auditorium.

  • Marcus will be our moderator. He’s going to prepare the opening and ending of the event.
    - Judd is going to coordinate the catering, and I know that she will think of a delicious recipe.
  • Terrance can receive invitees. He is going to check the assistance and assign the seats.

Thanks to all for the collaboration!

Dear all,
I hope this email finds you well.

Tomorrow our company is going to have the most important event of the year. So, we are happy to have you join us for this special occasion.

In regard to organizing this event, each one of you will have a crucial role and I believe that you are the indicated for it. Mary is going to be the Sound and Lighting technician. While Marcus is going to be the emcee. And Judd is going to be in charge of event security. Last but not least Terrence is going to be in charge of managing the agenda of the day.

I hope you are as excited as we are for the event.

We are counting on your participation and good vibes tomorrrow!

Best regards,
Your boss.

Hi there, as all you know tomorrow we’ll have an event wich I’m going to be the host and I want to tell you what are you going to be doing while the event.

Mary, I know your are very good with technology, so, you are going to be working on the sound and the screen for the slides.

Marcus, you are going to be explainig concepts to the audience, these I will give you before to start the event.

Judd, your food is delicious, so, I need to you to make us all the food we need, you can cook whatever you want and then in the event you are going to be the leader of your teammates.

Terrence, I know about your amibitious and that is very important for me, so you are going to be my right hand during all the event, your help will be the key for me to make sure all go all right.

For your atention, thank you.

Alan Cabrera.

Hello mates, I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to inform you about an upcoming event organized by our company. As a valued member of our organization, we would like to extend an invitation to you to participate in this event. Your presence and contribution would greatly contribute to the success of the event. We have carefully assigned roles and responsibilities to ensure the smooth execution of the event, and we would like to assign you a specific role based on your skills and expertise.

Below, you will find a list of roles that we have identified for the event:

Mary will set up the projector for the presentation that Marcos is going to give. On the other hand, Judd will cook delicious dishes and explain to the public how he prepared them. Finally, Terrence will explain the future of the company, that is, how ambitious we are about the future.

to: [email protected]
Hosting the event
Hello guys,
As you may know, tomorrow, we will be hosting the event, so here it’s what we’ll do:
Mary will fix the tech we need before to start. The first thing to do while presenting is that Marcus will explain the concepts.
Judd will be the executive chef. You are going to be leading everyone in the kitchen.
And finally, Terrence is going to be helping everyone that needs it. He is very ambitious.
Let’s do great work,
See you tomorrow, team,
Your Boss

Mary will take charge of the system area for the event.
Marcus will give the presentation.
Judd is going to cook for the guests.
Terrence will handle the event’s finances.

Greetings to all the employees,

As you must know, tomorrow we will be hosting the event we have prepared for the last two weeks. I am writing this email to confirm everyone’s roles for the event.

  • Mary is going to be making sure that the slides of the presentation and the sound work well.
  • Marcus will explain the doubts the audience may have after the presentation.
  • Judd will cook the dinner for the meal we will have with the guests.
  • Finally, Terrence is going to be helping me with whatever I might need.

That is all. See you tomorrow.

Hello there, well you know we have a lot of challenges in this month, we need to improve the company’s performance.

-Mary are going to be help us with all the data analisys with Python.

-Marcus will speaking to the investors about the results that we wait.

-Judd will cooking pizza.

-Terrence, You are a Beast , you will selling our products!

I think that a good update could be leave more time before change the waiting screen

I realy enjoy when a couse doesnt have classes longer than 6 minutes

Hi, I just spoke with the clients and we need to start tomorrow. So, Mary, you are going to develop the project in NextJS, Marcus, you are going to explain the features to boss and meet with him, Judd will you cook for everyone in the office? and Terrance, you will help to everyone please

Hi everyone!

As you know, tomorrow we have a big event so I want everything results great!. I’m going to give roles to each of you.

Mary will charge the computer and the sound system.
Marcus, you are going to be helping me at explaining concepts.
Judd will watch the catering and, please, talk with the guys to get from them the best result.
Terrence, You are going to be watching the guests and call me whatever goes wrong.

That’s all. See you later.

Goog evening team,
As you already know, tomorrow the company will be hosting a really important event, so we all have to play our best role in it. In that order, I´m gonna assign to you your labor according to your unique talents.

Mary will be in charge of the sound, the teleprompter, the microphone, and all technical issues related.
Marcus, you are gonna be leading the oral presentation, do not forget to talk about this quarter’s improvements.
Judd, I know you are a really good cook, so you will be supervising the kitchen.
Terrence, you will be de right hand of everyone, I need you to observe and learn from your coworkers, and at the same time help them in case of an inconvenient.

Good luck to all!
See you tomorrow.

Hi guys, tomorrow we will have an event and we will be hosting it so I going to give you some tasks.

Mary, you going to be charging all about technology and screens

Marcus will present the event, you are the best-explaining

Judd is the best in the kitchen so He will cook everything for our guest

Terrenece is going to be helping Judd with the food.

Have a nice day everyone!

Well, everyone know tomorrow will be and event and I am gonig to need your valuable colaboration :

  1. Mary please, you are going to review the sound in the auditorioum, and link for the people who can view the presentation in remote. please we could send the adversating again remembers tomorro´s event.

2.Marcus I want everyone understant our goals, then you are going to insure the presentation can be understood even by people who help us in the parking a lot, explaining all concepts how you know!

  1. Judd our message in the dining room shoul be to show happiness and elegance. Move your team only how you know doing.

  2. Terrence like a your best skills , please you are going to be very attentive to strategical partners, talk to them and motivate to invest with us

Hi team tomorrow is the event with a new client
Mary is going to organize all the elements for the presentation, sound, projector.
Marcus is going to present all the slides.
Judd is going to prepare the coffe and sandwiches
Torrence will receive all the people at the beginning

Hey there, as you can now tomorrow is the big day. We will host this amazing event and in order to everything results as good as we expect I would like to be clear with the roles of each of us. Mary, I know you are brilliant with technology, so will you create a program where our guests could register and leave some comments and tips? Moving on to te presentation, many of you have noticed the Marcus skill to explain concepts, will you be able to make the presentation? Last but not least I would like to Judd and Terrance to be in charge of the schedule and organizations of the event, will you?
Greetings! Just to clarify some points that we have already discussed during the meeting for the event of tomorrow. This team is in charge of the new products presentation. Judd is going to be welcoming all the guests and verifying that everything is okay. If everyone has a doubt or requires some help should communicate directly with her. Mary you are going to be preparing all the equipment for the proyection as the live transmition. Act the end, the photos will be uploading on our web page. Marcus is going to be explaining all the details and concepts related to the and product. Our clients need to know the positive impact they are going to contribute if they decide to collaborate with the company. As the recent member Terrence your role is to persuade the public. You are going to be paying special attention to the most potencial clients. Once the third product will be presented, I will introduce myself to this people. This is an important step forward. So as usual let's do our best. Come on! Mr..........

Hi team,
This email is to review what each of us will be doing on tomorrow’s event.
So we start with Mary, she will be in charge of all the technology equipment, if you have any issues please refer to her.
Then I wanted to mention that Marcus will be the one explaining all the concepts related to the new upcoming product.
About Judd, he is going to be in charge of the snacks, any doubts about the times in which the dishes will be served, please contact him directly.
And last but not least, I’m counting on you Terrence, you are going to be helping the rest of the team with any possible task they might need during the event.
Ok guys see you all tomorrow at the event hall.
All the best!

  • I’m going to be planning a new activity for the students.
  • You’ll have this report finished by the end of the day. ( I like to sound like a boss, hahaha)
  • Derick will lead the conference to talk about the merger.

Good morning everyone!

As you know, tomorrow we will have the most amazing year event of our company, and I need all your collaboration in order to deliver the best experience to the guests.
Mary is going to be helping us with all the things related to the web page, announcing the event, and doing the connections to the screens, slides, and those things.

  • Marcus will help us, explaining the concepts of our new technology and how will benefit our final customers.
  • Judd is going to be cooking and managing the kitchen, to have a great feast with the best dishes of Japanese cuisine.
    last but not least, as you know, our new employee, Terrence wants to learn more about the company, so for that reason, you’re going to be receiving the clients and giving them a little introduction about the event and a little spoiler about our last technology.

If you have any doubts don’t hesitate to ask me.

Santiago Tellez

My own examples

Hello dear team,

I hope this email find you well. As all of you already know, tomorrow we have our annual tech meeting at the Tech Center.

So, I will give some instructions and responsibilities per each one:

  1. Mary, you are a genius with technology, will be leading the computer, all sound system, big screen, and projector.
  2. Marcus, you are a master on Python coding and computing, will be in charge of explaining the hard code and answer technical questions.
  3. Judd, as a great leader, will be giving a motivational talk right before Marcus. Make it powerful, so attendees can focus on the presentation later.
  4. Terrence will be leading the feedback sheets at the end of the event, as well as the online forms.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to reply me back.

Best regards,
Eduard H.


  • I am going to be planning a new activity for the students.
  • Will you have this report finished by the end of the day?
  • Derick will lead the conference to talk about the merger.

Hy guys, this is Diego. The presentation is going to be next week, so we need to be prepared so we can convince our clients that our product is worth it.

Mary will help us to prepare all the slides for the presentation, while Marcus will explain all the information about our product to our clients.

Judd, since you are a great cheaf, you are going to prepare the dishes for our guests.

Terrence, we need your help, you are going to be there one and a half hour before so you can clean the room and prepare all the details.

If you have any doubt or comments to share, please respond to this email.

  • Andrew will knead the dough in the morning, before the bakery opens.


These are your assigments for tomorrow’s event:

  • Terrance is going to be contacting our 10 best clients and designing an strategy to convince them to come.

-Marcus is going to be explaining all the plan we have for this year an why we are going to use all this new agile frameworks

  • Mary is going to be in charge of the videobeam, audio, register system and all things tech related

  • Finally, Judd is going to be supervising all the activities and preparing some delicious food for our guests

Good morning team:
Next week our company will have an important event to show our new technology products before they begin their commercialization. Our best customers are going to come to this meeting. It 's needs planning very professionality and a lot of careful this event. So, I’m giving to each of you specific tasks to do this week to make our event the best.
Mary will be responsible for all our products working well.
Please Mary, you are going to be checking and analyzing the operation of all prototypes that we will show in the event. It is essential that everything works well. It will be our first impression.
Marcus will make the presentations of each of our new products.
Marcus, you are going to be making presentations so that everybody can understand. There are new customers that still don’t know all the concepts.
Judd will be in charge of the catering organization and the feedback with customers during the event.
Judd, you are going to be organizing and handling the different schedules of this event: reception, initial talk, where and when to see Marcus’s presentations, when cutting to eat, etc.
Terrence will take care that all customers are interested in coming to the event.
Terrence, you are going to be keeping all feedback with all customers before the event. You are going to be notifying customers the realization of the event, by email or social networks. You are going to be answering any questions and providing the best information so that everyone is interested.
Ok team. Now, you all know what you have to do.
Please, if have questions , send all your questions and doubts to this group. This way everybody will know what is happening.
Good week.

Hey fellows.

As we know, tomorrow we will have the biggest event of the company and it’s very important that we can make a magic day. It’s for it that we will be careful with every detail for that all it leaves very good, and for this reason we will break the job to that all we can help us. I want to clarify that the assignments that I have done were done with the skills that each one allows me to know. As is very important, all our electric flow functions in very good form, Maria will be able to help us in this task with the programmation of the lights and the sound computer. Marcus going to be helping us with the discourse of welcome and the reception of the invited. I am very sure that Judd will be very chuffed to help us with the organization of the kitchen with delegations of rules in that place and preparation of the event’s dinner. And lastly, our loved friend Terrance can be very willing to help us in every thing that we can need in the preparation of this great event. I am very proud of each one of us and I know that I will be more proud after tomorrow’s event, we can make it fine fellows, let’s just do it.


Ok team, here’s what we’re going to do:

  1. Mary, you are going to work with the technology team.
  2. Marcus, you are going to explain concepts.
  3. Judd, you are really good at cooking, but since you’re a great leader, you will be managing your coworkers and cooking at the office as well.
  4. Terrence, will you support Judd and Marcus whenever they need help?