5 tips to improve your communication with people from other cultures


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¿Te estás preparando para trabajar en una empresa internacional? ¿Estás practicando ahora tu inglés u otro idioma, e intentas alcanzar el nivel avanzado? ¡Genial! Pero si te digo que para tu éxito internacional deberías centrarte en algo súper importante que sería inseparable del idioma, ¿te he intrigado? ¡Voy a seguir en inglés para que puedas practicar más!

The ability to communicate with other cultures

So, what is it? I’m referring to the CQ - Cultural Intelligence. If you’d like to be on top of your international career, you need to focus on this ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. It’s not only about the language; it’s about understanding how other people think, why they act in a certain way and why their reactions differ from yours, especially if your cultures are extremely different. Sounds complex?

In fact, it’s not. You just need to get very attentive, patient, and follow my course “Introduction to Cultural Intelligence”. We will discuss what culture is, how you can define the CQ itself, what you need to do to evaluate your CQ level and how to improve it.

Moreover, we will dive into values, differences in perception of time and space and explore what part language plays in intercultural communication. By the end of the Introduction to Cultural Intelligence Course, you will receive all the instruments to use in real life while communicating with your international friends and colleagues.


Coming from an international background myself, I constantly stay curious about other languages and cultures. And I cannot wait to read your thoughts connected to this fascinating topic.
In this post I’d like to share with you a few tips on how you can start improving your communication with people from other cultures.

Talk to people who know the culture about common traps and problems

If you are to work with people from a particular culture, approach a friend or a co-worker who can share with you what people commonly do that’s just ‘wrong’, or what problems they have encountered, and learn from it.

Adapt your behaviour and don’t expect others to adapt to you

If you are going to another culture, you need to learn to adapt. Make sure not to take personally some differences in the communication, don’t get offended by “strange” customs. If you cannot accept a certain way of behaviour, explain politely why it is hard for you.

Avoid misunderstanding

The best way is to listen carefully and check in whether you’re on the same page regularly. Ask questions to make sure that you have understood everything correctly, and ask others to recap what you have said to ensure that they have understood you.

Learn to apologise quickly

You can see quite quickly if you have caused offence. The fastest way to handle the situation is to apologise, and ask what exactly went wrong. A confession of total ignorance will often go a long way to smooth the offence. Ignoring it will just offend further.

Use local media to learn about the current affairs

You can watch social media, TV series and films, read magazines to get an idea of the current socio-economic situation and this will help to identify what is appropriate to talk about in the current context.


Interested to learn more?

Join my course “Introduction to Cultural Intelligence” and share your stories and experiences on how you experienced a cultural shock, what helped you overcome it and how you’re going to apply CQ now in life, at work or in future entrepreneurial projects.



hace 3 años

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This is amazing, I was thinking about a course on cultural sensitivity and I come across this post. Let’s not forget the importance of soft skills