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Meet your English for Marketing teacher


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Do you work in marketing? Then you know that English is important in your field. Even if you are speaking in Spanish there are some marketing terms in English in English that are used regularly, such as engagament, branding, community manager, among others.

This is why we decided to create the English for Marketing Course and the teacher is amazing. Check out the course and you will see for yourself.

Ana Karina Gonzalez was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and started learning English at a very young age. She has over 18 years of teaching experience. Her passion for teaching is evident throughout the entire course.

Currently she manages the development of collaborative communication strategies that foster the interaction of members of the Laureate Universities Network Language Program by implementing communication campaigns focused on monitoring customer satisfaction levels, promoting new products and services.

Ana Karina González

Ana answered some questions for you to get to know her better and she also shared some tips to improve your English.

Where have you traveled or lived?

I’ve traveled to he US, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. I’ve lived in Mexico City for over a year to study a special course on International Diplomacy in the Universidad Nacional de Mexico and I’ve been living in Salvador, Bahia – Brazil for 8 months.

Which is your favorite place in the world?

My favorite place in the world is Brazil – it’s a magical place – people have an incredible energy and willingness to always look at the bright side of things. This is a culture full of color, traditions, music, freedom, and love. Sadly, I haven’t had the chance to get to know the city, experience more its people and traditions but just the small amount I’ve been exposed to has been amazing.

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Which languages do you speak and how has knowing different languages helped you in your career?

I speak Spanish as it’s my mother tongue. I also speak English – I am bilingual. Now, I am starting to learn Portuguese.

Speaking different languages has helped me in my professional and professional life. I was selected to lead a multicultural online program, I traveled to incredible international conferences, I have done a lot of networking and I have also been a guest speaker in different conferences throughout Latin America. Personally, I always dreamed with the possibility of representing my country and these international trips made it a reality.

When you were little, what would you say you wanted to be?

A teacher. There are many teachers in my family – I believe I was highly positively influenced. Being exposed to the teaching dynamic made me grew up wanting to teach and share what I knew. One of my ants was a School Director, during my summer vacations I would every day to her school, watch her do her work, and pay close attention to my surroundings.

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How long have you been a teacher and what is your favorite thing about being a teacher?

Almost 20 years. I started teaching before I graduated high school. My favorite thing about teaching is something I called class adaptation – I enjoy getting to know my students and customizing and adapting the lesson to their needs. I feel this is one of the things that make me get closer to my students as I work hard to understand their learning needs. I enjoy researching for new methods to help them learn, re-create teaching material, and finally seeing substantial growth and learning.

Which are your top 3 tips to improve English speaking skills?

Stop being afraid of making mistakes. Stay confident.
Surround yourself in English. Put yourself in an ALL-English-speaking environment where you can learn all the time – even when you think you are not studying.
Practice constantly. Make a study plan and create your own learning routine, but stick to it until it becomes a habit.

Thank you for reading 💚 Let me know in the comments below if you have any other questions for Ana.



hace 3 años

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Hi! I already finished the course and I recommend it 100%.

You will learn not only vocabulary but also a lot of structures and specific knowledge about Marketing and presentations in English.
I liked it a lot and the teacher has a great personality. Another Platzi’s homerun.


She’s awesome! It’s a great course 😃


Is she Ana from Platzi or another Ana?


It is great to read this testimony to be a teacher and inspire the opportunity to know how cultural exchange has the power to increase professional profile and personal life. Finally I want to make a reflection, deciding to be a teacher in Latin America is a challenge but if you love your profession you can achieve professional success.


Thanks for the advices