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Brainstorming Rules

  • Defer judgement
  • Encourage wild ideas
  • Build on the ideas of others (鈥淵es, and鈥 鈥 鈥渘o, but鈥)
  • Stay focused on the challenge
  • One idea at a time
  • Be clear about each idea
  • Go for quantity

Brainstorming technique

#1 Crazy 8s

  • Individuallity
  • Take a sheet of paper, divide it in 8 boxes
  • Draw/write 1 idea for your challenge in each box
  • Select your favorite idea
  • Develop it further and/or shre with the team

#2 What would x do

  • Individually or as a team
  • Think of inspiration cases
  • Think of how they would solve your challenge
  • Develop the idea further

Brainstorming Quantity over quality

On this course the teacher also explains many of the things discussed in this course/class,
as the brainstorm, the crazy 8鈥檚 among others


  • One of many formats
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Focused
  • Clear RULES

The Mathematics of Innovation


  • Defer judgement
  • Encourage wild ideas
  • Build on the ideas of others
  • Stay focused on the challenge
  • One idea at a time
  • Be clear about each idea
  • Go for quantity


  • Crazy 8s
  • What would 鈥渪鈥 do?

My challenge is to improve the public transport system and mobilization in the city.

My idea is to create an android application that visualizes the transport routes in the city

Lluvia de ideas:

Uno de muchos formatos
Reglas claras

Mi desaf铆o es: C贸mo podr铆a hacer para romper las barreras del deporte formativo y el profesional mediante la conexi贸n entre los especialistas de las diferentes disciplinas que integran el cuerpo t茅cnico profesional y el entrenador de futbol de formaci贸n?
La idea es desarrollar un programa de formaci贸n multidisciplinario para entrenadores deportivos.

My challenge is that we get more messages on social media than we can answer.

My innovation solution is creating a process of automatic chat that funnel the interest and give partial answers.

**Innovation Challenge: **
Patrol the rainforest and sabanhas to monitorize the ilegal human activity in this areas.
**Idea: **
Drones that will patrol the areas periodically and they will recharge in a mother station that floats in the area with a balloon, like the one of olloo.

Challenge: Support caregivers of dementia relative.
Idea: Create an app to recommend some activities to the caregiver, those activities should customized for the specific case, and also these activities could be executed by the caregiver and / or for the demencia relative

gracias por las recomendaciones para una buena lluvia de ideas

Ask yourself open minded questions. What is 鈥 trying to solve as a problem? Who does exactly what I鈥檓 trying to do? Who does something somewhat related or add value to my user in a different way?


  • One of many formats: There are more ways to generate ideas, so you don鈥檛 necessarily always have to do a brainstorm.
  • It鈥檚 a method that is overused or used improperly.

So, if you are gonna use it you should follow the next tips:

  • Multidisciplinary: You shouldn鈥檛 fill a room with people who think and work the same as you, it won鈥檛 work. You should invite people who think and work differently, that should make the maximum potential out of the session.
  • Focused: focus on the innovation challenge, not all ideas go, only the ones related to the challenge.
  • Clear rules:
    • Defer judgment: Don鈥檛 judge ideas when they are being formed. Give them the chance to evolve. Later we鈥檒l decide how viable they are.
    • Encourage wild ideas: Don鈥檛 be conservative.
    • Build on the ideas of others: Give feedback to other people鈥檚 ideas and viceversa. Avoid negative reactions. Keep the 鈥測es and鈥 to build on the idea of someone else.
    • Stay focused on the challenge.
    • One idea at the time: Give a clear description of the idea while people let you finish without interrupting.
    • Be clear about each idea: Get to the point.
    • Go for quantity: Give a lot of ideas.

The mathematics of innovation

  • 1000 possibilities that go at the top of the process.
  • 100 viable ideas.
  • 10 concepts.
  • 1 innovation that really creates value and changes life鈥檚 if you are lucky.

Don麓t go all perfect in the beginning, we should put a lot of ideas out there and then slowly we鈥檒l make em better and stronger.

Brainstorming technique:

Crazy 8s

  • Individually: take a sheet of paper and divide it in 8 boxes.
  • Draw/write 1 idea for your challenge in each box.
  • Select your favorite one.
  • Develop that one idea further and/or share it with the team.

What would x do?

We鈥檒l think about someone and how they would solve the problem.

  • Individually or as a team.
  • Think of inspiration cases (companies, people, brands, etc. ).
  • Think of how they would solve your challenge.
  • Develop the idea further!.

Challenge: how to improve the sales and demand of music rooms during and after pandemic?

Idea: through a platform that connects musicians with music rooms.

Challenge: how might we improve teacher`s mental health or wellness?

Idea: offering to the school`s a platform of professionals of mental health where the teachers can go to therapy for free. Schools will pay for the service.

LLuvia de ideas:
reglas claras

My challenge is to break the adoption barriers of an ERP with integrated IOT in SMEs.
The barriers are:
For this I must get my system to be

  • Simplicity and ease of use

  • Customization and flexibility

  • modularity

  • Affordability and flexible pricing models

  • Support and customer service

  • Demonstrations and free trials

  • Compatibility and integration

  • Success stories and testimonials

After doing a brainstorming using 鈥淵es but鈥︹ the following proposals were reached:

  • Implement machine learning in the ERP code to analyze user behavior patterns.

  • Use genetic algorithms to generate variations in less utilized functionalities.

  • Establish an evaluation function to assess the success and acceptance of code versions.

  • Apply natural selection to select successful code versions for the next generation.

  • Iterate the process of generating new code versions based on user feedback.

  • Use optimization and search techniques to find appealing combinations of features.

  • Incorporate AI technologies like natural language processing to analyze user feedback.

  • Ensure careful planning, algorithm development, and data anonymization for privacy.

  • Evaluate and test the generated versions to ensure quality and usability.

  • Work with a skilled development team proficient in AI and evolutionary techniques.

la idea de x persona: tener un taller de joyeria en el menor espacio posible
si y aparte tener un sitio de dise帽o de las joyas


  • Build on someone else鈥檚 idea with the 鈥測es and鈥︹ method.

Brainstorming technique:
#1 Cray 8s

  • This is an individually work.
  • Take a sheet of paper, divide it in 8 boxes.
  • Draw or write 1 idea in each box.
  • Select your favorite idea.
  • Develop ir further and share with the team.
    #2 What would x/y/z do?

Rules of the brainstorming:

  1. Defer judgement (aplazar el juicio).
  2. Encourage wild ideas (no boring ideas, instead crazy ideas).
  3. Build on the ideas of others (yes and鈥 no, but鈥)
  4. Stay focus on the challenge.
  5. One idea at a time.
  6. Be clear about each idea.
  7. Go for quantity.

The mathematics of innovation:

  • 1000 possibilities
  • 100 viable ideas
  • 10 concepts
  • 1 innovation

Brainstorming rules:

  • This is one of many formats for create ideas.
  • It should be multidisciplinary.
  • It should be focused in the innovation challenge.
  • It has clear rules for generate ideas.


How to get more confident from people about telemedicine. One of the things about telemedicine in Latam is that people and even health providers start to believe in the possibilies of these technologies.


Create pilot trials and demostrations of the experience of to be attended by a physician, pshycologist or a nutricionist no matter at what distance you are.

Challenge: developing a quick, effective, and low-cost healthcare delivery system.
Idea: To create a prototype inspired in other businesses and industries鈥 systems and merge it to a healthcare delivery system.

Challenge: How to take advantage of the beneficial properties of Amazonian fruits and vegetables?
Idea: R&D to choose which is the most scalable business model (medical products, food production, industrial uses鈥)


Diferir el juicio
Fomenta las ideas locas o salvajes (filodofia del 鈥渟i y鈥︹)
Construir sobre las ideas de otros
Mantente enfocado en el desaf铆o
Una idea a la vez
Sea claro sobre cada idea
Ir por la cantidad (idea solida y favorita)
8s locos
驴Qu茅 har铆a 鈥渪鈥?

Las matem谩ticas de la innovaci贸n
1000 posibilidades
100 ideas viables
10 conceptos
1 innovaci贸n

Recruit the talen that I need to build my sales Team

How would apple solve that problem?

Maybe with a superstar like Steve Jobs testing all the talent with different questions

Innovation challenge:
Ensure technology evolution in all human collonies, including multiplanetaryones by teaching people how to use technology to solve their daily problems.

Brainstorming Idea:
Create an AI assistant (like Alexa amazon Echo), that will give to you a solution in less than 30 seconds by just speaking and telling it the problem that we are facing.