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Hope and aspiration


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I hope to get a job soon
I hope my ex call me tonight… wait it was not what I wanted to say! HAHA

I hope Bitcoin falls to 30000 again.

I hope to get a good job soon.

I hope to be excelent talking english
I hope to follow learning every day
I hope to buy a new car this summer

I hope to improve my Enghlish soonly.
I hope my soccer team wins the league.
I hope to get a job.

I hope I will be gratuaded of English Academy at Platzi.
I hope I will have a better health and strenght.
I hope I will learn more things and someday teach to others.

I hope we eat pizza at the birthday party.
I hope to get that job I applied for last week.

i hope to be more fit this year.

i hope my nephew learn a bit of code at platzi.

i hope improve my english skills with platzi.

i hope get many points in platzi.

I hope there is not a war between Russia and USA

  • Hope to + verb
    I hope to see you again.
    I hope to get there early.
  • Hope + (that) + clause.
    I hope she comes to the party tonight.
    I hope she will come to the pary tonight.
  1. I hope to win another poetry prize.
  2. I hope my sister is able to finish two schools at Plazi.
  3. I hope to achieve C2 level in english.
  4. I hope Ecuadorian rulers are able to do everything ok and overcome the current crisis.

I hope to finish this course tomorrow.
I hope to understand all the concepts the teacher explains

I hope to reach a B2 (or well, C1) level in English, for get my Bachelor’s degree

I hope to travel to other country next year.
I hope pandemic finish in 2022
I hope all of you speak English very well as our teachers.

  • I hope to learn as much as I can in this course.
  • I hope I can understand this course clearly and completely.
  • I hope to be able to participate in a meeting with the teacher Cesar very soon.
  • I hope I‚Äôm doing well throughout this course.
  • I have learned A LOT at Platzi, and I hope I can go on learning as so far.
- I hope I become a better English speaker - I hope to get a new exciting job ‚ú®

I hope to reach the English B2 level in three months.

I hope we have more challenges as fun as this one.

I hope to be in another country one year from now

I hope that she loves me

I hope to work at platzy and never give up to learn.

I hope to cook and eat chocolates the next week.

I hope to get a remote job by the end of the year, using English as my first strength.

I hope to improve my speaking and get ready to keep conversations in english

I hope to speak fluid English
I hope that my English will be similar like american people
I hope to understand every concept that the teacher shows

I hope to finish this course this week
I hope to learn much in every course that I take
I hope to speak English very well
I hope to follow motivated to study every day

I hope to learn more about prefixes and compoud adjectives.
I hope I get the best possible score.

  1. I hope to improve my speaking english.
  2. I hope to get a good job where I can develop my english.
  3. I hope to follow learning with platzi.
  • I hope to get be confident speaking in English.
  • I hope to find more resources in order to level up my English skills after taking all the English courses.
  • I hope to get a good job soon.

I hope to have excellent fluency to talk with more confidence.
I hope to accomplish a B2 level.
I hope to learn a dynamic way this language.

  • I hope to learn and improve more my English with this course
  • I hope to continue improving all my skills with PEA

I hope Platzi¬īs marketing career helps me to increase my incomes.

I hope to finish this course the day after tomorrow
I hope you’re having a great day

I hope the subs in English on the videos get better by the time.
They show Patsy when the teacher says Platzi
jaja Patsy.
I hope future courses were as god as this one.
I hope Platzi grows so much more.