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Compound Adjectives


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You were not joking when you said that this class was important ūüĎĆūüŹĽ

I learned a lot.

My examples:
*Number- singular noun- Bring me the cube that has five-side, please
adjective-noun-I want to buy this Green-pilow for my mother
adjective-present participle- you got a huge-thinking about that
adjective-past participle- this was a big-bought for me
noun-adjective- style- those are cruelty-free?
noun-past participle- those are from homegrown
adverb-past participle- this cake is undercooked

hooping your comments about if my examples are fine, thank you for this amazing class

The iMac is a luxury-branded computer
I live in a pet-friendly building
I prefer japan-made cars
Learning a new language is a life-lasting expirience
I work in a Latam-based company

Number + singular noun:

  • My computer is one-screen only.

Adjective + noun:

  • My sister likes the high-cold weather.

Adjective + present participle:

  • I‚Äôm a fast-learning student.

Noun + adjective:

  • Do you have lights-multicolor here?

Noun + past participle:

  • People don‚Äôt want food-canned

Adverb + past participle:

  • He‚Äôs a quickly-known swimmer.

Adjective + past participle:

  • That company sells beautiful-build products.

A little help

  • I bought a high-fidelity stereo last night.
  • I‚Äôm a high-intensity athlete.
  • My aunt has a solar-powered clock by the window.
  • You shouldn‚Äôt buy low-life batteries for a remote control car.
  • My mom used to bake a three-layer cake for birthday parties.
  • I‚Äôd like to review that plan - I like to do well-created plans.
  • My mom gifted me a fifty-five-page book.
  • This cupcake is a high-sugar dessert.
  • He is a cold-blooded man.
  • You have to be open-minded about these kinda things.
  • Google is a well-known tech company around the world.
  • Google‚Äôs searcher has a high-reliability.
  • This is a 42-graph in the network of Google.

if i learn all that myself i’ll end up exhausted, how might use each one

Enhance the productivity in the office, generate more
well-being environment to the employers.
I was wonder whether you could find me a part-time job meanwhile I study.
I love to be with people, lay out in the bad moments focus on the bright side.
I have a sweet gray cat.
I have 10 useful notebooks of different size.

  • The speaker reproduces high-quality music
  • The people around the park has a hard-decisions to take
  • I‚Äôm a men-interested in science
  • She‚Äôs a quiet-expected person
  • The company is a creative-products place

It was a hundred-goals season last year.
I’m a good-reading person.
She likes sugar-high bread.
They wanna great-gone tomorrow

I fight with a two head dragon
He is a well-behaved child
A black refreshing soda
I like those blinded-lights
I will buy a long melting candle
It is like moonlighting