Fernanda Machado
Curso Básico de Escritura en Inglés

Opiniones del Curso Básico de Escritura en Inglés

Escribe en inglés acertadamente haciendo un correcto uso de abreviaciones, conectores y diversos tipos de oraciones. Combina frases adecuadamente y domina una escritura formal e informal en diversos contextos en inglés.

Avatar Marco Antonio Riera Marquez

Marco Antonio Riera Marquez


I love it!!!! exelent course

Avatar Michael Aguillón

Michael Aguillón


In my personal opinion, the best thing about this course was that unlearned, and learned. Thank you very much.

Avatar Gustavo Camargo Gutierrez

Gustavo Camargo Gutierrez


The teacher is really good!

Avatar Jorge Luis Rodríguez Díaz

Jorge Luis Rodríguez Díaz


Muy satisfecho con este curso, uno de los mejores que he tomado.

Avatar Sandra Patricia Gonzalez Castillo

Sandra Patricia Gonzalez Castillo


The teacher makes herself understood, thank you very much for the new knowledge.

Avatar uriel yesith parra fuentes

uriel yesith parra fuentes


Excelent course, very aggile and accurate

Avatar Ulises  Guadarrama

Ulises Guadarrama


I liked writing my biography, my daily routine and my personal profile in this course

Avatar Daniel Ramirez

Daniel Ramirez


It was nice and well-explained I enjoyed it a lot. My recommendation is to practice as much as you can to get the hang of it. I did every exercise and I feel how I am getting better.

Avatar Kevin juan lucas Gutierrez

Kevin juan lucas Gutierrez


Wonderful course! Now I feel more confident when writing in English.

Avatar Hermes A. J. Cabrera F.

Hermes A. J. Cabrera F.


The teacher is excellent. She is very didactic and her pronuniatión is very good. In this course I learned very good grammar

Avatar Severiano Valdez

Severiano Valdez



Avatar Andrea Melisa

Andrea Melisa


Thanks Teacher was amazing experience for this class I learn so much

Avatar Lleisón Esleiter Xicón Del Valle

Lleisón Esleiter Xicón Del Valle


se entienden sus expresiones, habla elocuentemente, su inglés es entendible .

Avatar Reymundo Fernando Figueroa Romo

Reymundo Fernando Figueroa Romo


a very important if you can write a congruent text

Avatar Pedro Faustino Chavarin Olvera

Pedro Faustino Chavarin Olvera


todo lo presentado, es claro, facil de entender y ameno.

Avatar Diego Nicolas Rodriguez Hilarion

Diego Nicolas Rodriguez Hilarion


excellent contenta, thank you very much!