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Curso de Inglés Intermedio para el Trabajo

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En este curso aprenderás a comunicarte en Inglés efectivamente en el trabajo. Conocerás vocabulario básico y cómo agregar valor a la empresa con tus habilidades.

  • Use practical skills at work
  • How to improve your soft skills
  • Have a successful career
  • Use basic vocabulary for the workplace

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Avatar Jhon Wilfer Orrego Gutierrez

Jhon Wilfer Orrego Gutierrez


Afianza como debes abordar y prepararte para tu trabajo tanto en etapas iniciales como dentro de la organización

Avatar Christian Juan Tambo Coaquira

Christian Juan Tambo Coaquira


I really liked the explanations and examples that the teacher explained, very interesting.

Avatar Erick Owen Marín Hernández

Erick Owen Marín Hernández


It's helpfull for learning vocabulary about work

Avatar Lorena Tocaría

Lorena Tocaría


La dinamica del profesor y el contenido diverso! Es muy práctico y actual.

Avatar Jorge David Martínez Medina

Jorge David Martínez Medina


Me gustó mucho este curso, conciso, claro y muy bien explicado por el profe

Avatar Juan David Acosta González

Juan David Acosta González


Great course, it helped me to improve my English vocabulary and the speaking. Never stop learning.

Avatar Alex Cruz

Alex Cruz


Excellent teacher and content, I learned a lot from this course. I will recommend it a lot!

Avatar Andres Felipe Pardo Mesa

Andres Felipe Pardo Mesa


This course presents helpful advice to achieve work goals, the vocabulary learned is great

Avatar Daniel Esteban González Zuluaga

Daniel Esteban González Zuluaga


Gran curso para aprender inglés

Avatar Andrea Paola García Delgado

Andrea Paola García Delgado


Las clases son muy digeribles y combinan el contenido del idioma con tips para el trabajo

Avatar Daniel David Mármol Rivero

Daniel David Mármol Rivero


This was a highly informative course about business and everything about the environment around them. After this, I feel that I learn more about soft skills and the importance of always be prepared! Good job as always Jess!

Avatar Mauricio Aquino Martinez

Mauricio Aquino Martinez


i really liked this course, i learned a lot of vocabulary that i did't know before.

Avatar Anna Cafaro

Anna Cafaro


Excelente curso, con muy buenos tips para el entorno laboral. Muy buen profesor, se entiende claramente sus pronunciación en inglés y es fácil practicar el listening con él :)

Avatar Gabriel Andrés Montiel Hermosa

Gabriel Andrés Montiel Hermosa


This is an incredible course, the explications and the content is amazing, thank you teacher Jess, you are excelent.

Avatar Karol Juliana Montiel Hermosa

Karol Juliana Montiel Hermosa


In this course i learn many things, because Jess explains in a very dynamic way, so it is very easy to understand. Thanks!

Avatar Servando Rodríguez

Servando Rodríguez


me gusto mucho, ahora pienso mas en ingles, sin necesidad de traducir palabra por palabra, entiendo el contexto, me gusta la tecnica de "elevator pitch" lo pondre en practica asi como tambien fortalecer mis habilidades. muchas gracias

Avatar Jose David Nuñez Procchio

Jose David Nuñez Procchio


It was a great course. Thanks Platzi. Never stop learning. excellent Teacher!

Avatar nicholas castañeda Espinel

nicholas castañeda Espinel


The way the teacher explain the concepts and the examples. Give a lot of context

Avatar Isaac Rojas Hernández

Isaac Rojas Hernández


el contenido es muy útil, además de que el profesor es muy bueno explicando

Avatar Omar Daniel Centeno

Omar Daniel Centeno


Jess it's a great teacher that summarize useful content to teach English, in this case all the topics are related to work and everyone should apply this knowledge.

Avatar Julio Oswaldo Jaramillo Murillo

Julio Oswaldo Jaramillo Murillo


Superb knowledge and hands on experience! I thoroughly enjoyed the course! The suggestions about feed back and self assessment were great.

Excelente curso, todos los temas son interesantes para desarrollarlos y hablar. El maestro es muy bueno

Avatar Omar Patiño

Omar Patiño


Neat pronuntiation of words and the examples are really great to put the content in context

Avatar Kevin Ulises Covarrubias Pavon

Kevin Ulises Covarrubias Pavon


The course is more than I expected, and the teacher explain splendidly.

Avatar Karla Pérez

Karla Pérez


Excellent professor and course. I learned a lot. He gave us so much useful information.




this is one of my favorite course, because i understood everything and the advises in the course are incredible, for personal life and for our jobs to. Thank.

Avatar Sebastian Moreno

Sebastian Moreno


I love this course because it is very important for my career. Never stop learning.

The earlier topics were very useful, as most of us we have experimented in our work life. Until today, I have had to face those issues in an empirical way, but I'm already have more tools to start to face them. Further, I have found different ways to develop my skills and gain new ones. Many thanks Jess for this course, I really enjoyed it a lot. And I hope to find more mentors as you are.

Avatar Jorge Arias Argüelles

Jorge Arias Argüelles


wohooo! It is a clear and useful course! Thanks you very mucho I am improve my English skills!