12 business idioms I learned doing B2B deals

Dealing in B2B includes some idioms you must learn in order to “speak the same language” as the other part. In this tutorial I’ll show you the most used expressions in B2B markets.

In a box

Translation: En una caja/combo
Meaning: Selling two or more products/services as one product to a company.
Example: I’m sure your product and mine could be sold in a box to them.

In one shot

Translation: En un solo pago
Meaning: Selling your product/service in one payment not as a subscription.
Example: Selling this in one shot could be the right decision for us.

Ahead of the pack

Translation: Pasar y ser mejor que la competencia
Meaning: To be greater than your competitors.
Example: Reducing our monthly plan price will position us ahead of the pack.

Big picture

Translation: Tener todo el contexto
Meaning: All the things involved in a situation or business
Example: Before attending the meeting we must have the Big Picture.

Corner the market

Translation: Dominar el mercado
Meaning: To be the greater seller in a particular market
Example: With this service we will corner the market in no more than 2 years.

Go the extra mile

Translation: Dar algo más
Meaning: Do or give more things than your users expect.
Example: We must go the extra mile if we want our users to be happy with our service.

Hands are tied

Translation: Estar atado de manos
Meaning: Not to be free to take decisions as you would like to.
Example: If we make a joint venture with them our hands will be tied.

In the driver’s seat

Translation: Dirigir - Tomar las riendas
Meaning: To be in charge of something involved in the business.
Example: We should put him in the driver’s seat. He would make a great job.

Keep the eye on the ball

Translation: Echarle ojo a… / tener enfoque en algo
Meaning: Focusing on something (or someone) involved in the business or deals.
Example: Diversifying is no the right way. We must keep the eye on the ball we have.

Learn the ropes

Translation: Aprender las bases
Meaning: Learn the basics of something involved in the business.
Example: He must learn the ropes at least to attend that meeting.

Long shot

Translation: Poco probable
Meaning: Low probability of happening
Example: We made a huge mistake in the meeting. Getting a deal with them is a long shot.

Not gonna fly

Translation: No va a dar resultado
Meaning: Something isn’t expected to work out
Example: If this becomes more expensive it isn’t gonna fly in the market.

Market share

Translation: Porcentaje de mercado
Meaning: The percentage of participation that your service has in the market.
Example: By 2022 we should have grown out market share by 5% at least.

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