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7 Relevant linguistic elements to write in English

  • Nouns: Words to designate names, people, animals, things, ideas, etc. They can be singular or plural and they can become possessives.
    Example: The dog is a great animal and it’s usually consider humans’ best friends.

  • Pronouns: Words used to replace specific nouns. We can replace the name Yesica for the pronoun she.
    Example: John is a great teacher, he always prepares great activities.

  • Verbs: These are words that express an action; they are supposed to be conjugated accordingly to the moment in which they occur.
    Example: I worked really hard over the weekend; I’m exhausted.

  • Adjectives: Words that are used to qualify nouns. Generally they are located before the noun and they are never pluralized.
    Example: There are many interesting courses at Platzi.

  • Adverbs: They qualify adjectives and verbs. They provide specific information about degree, frequency, place or manner.
    Example: The work at the company is fairly good.

  • Prepositions: Words that are used to show the relationship between a noun or a pronoun with the other words of the sentence. Sometimes, prepositions work as meaning modifiers.
    Example: They are already on the platform.

  • Conjunctions: Words that connect words, sentences or clauses. They are usually classified in “and”, “or” and “but”.
    Example: The activities that have to be done are: revising, re-writing and publishing.

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