Learn to enjoy the ride

Me, like you who is reading this, had moments when I thought that learning a language it’s not for me, I think that anyone who is learning something new has been there. But here are some recommendations for you that have helped me.

Enjoy the struggle

Learning things it’s hard but comes with a lot of satisfaction when you look back and see everything that you have made and you have accomplished, it’s more than great.

You will have days when you think that you are learning a lot and you feel like you are getting it, take advantage of that mood and try to learn as much as you can those days, but there are and some days will be like the worst day in the world, so I recommend keeping a minimum of time that you will dedicate to learn that language every day.

In that way, you will have a minimum of time for each day and you know that you will be practicing and learning to fulfill your goal.

Another thing is iterate between methods and between sources to learn, that will help you to know yourself and which is the best method for you to learn, to practice, and to keep you on track.

Enjoy the process of learning, doing all of these things don’t have to be a horrible situation that you want to be rid off, it should be a great moment for you when you feel great and you feel motivated.

Enjoy the steps

Of course, I know that you have this BIG goal, that you want to be fluent, read that book or have a conversation with someone, and I really recommend to set goals and make it possible by separating them into little steps.

That will help you to keep motivated and with that, you will have something that you can really see about where you have been and where are you going.

But of course, that goal is not everything, please make it a path, a guide and a tool for you, don’t make it a pain, you will be too worried about that and make you feel bad, or discouraged, that could lead you to quit.

Enjoy the ride

At last but not least, we have to learn to enjoy the ride, enjoy every step that you are giving in this path of learning a new thing and a new language, you will have great moments when you feel awesome besides, maybe you will know great people, new people, different people, that speaks that new language, maybe read that book that is only in another language.

Learning a new language opens you new doors, new worlds, and the most important thing you will grow up as a person, have a better knowledge of yourself and you can use that knowledge in other things or for to learn other things.

In conclusion:

  • Set a minimum of time to learn and practice.

  • Iterate between methods and sources.

  • Set a BIG goal and separate it in little steps.

  • Keep track of your progress.

  • Enjoy the ride, and enjoy the knowledge.

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