Mairait, practica tu lectura - 2

We are born or we become intelligent?

In individual learning it is you and the teacher. 3 things are involved intelligence, attention and memory.

Intelligence Are we born or do we become intelligent? 2 rules are defined, there is a% of people who are born intelligent, inherit their intelligence, but there is a large percentage who become intelligent, either due to their influence or dedication. Attention! intelligence is not a goal.

Attention is a cognitive process that allows us to concentrate, in response to a stimulus. We can monitor if we are really learning. One technique that you can apply is the Pomodoro technique, basically it is: For 25 minutes, be 100% concentrated on a single task. Say no to multitasking and avoid procrastination.

Memory is a very powerful ingredient, it is the ability to remember, but there are 2 skills: Abstraction and synthesis.

Working memory is the memory that quickly reminds us of some things, for example: 2 + 2. You quickly and mechanically solved it.

Remember to review:

  • 24hrs 70% loss
  • 1 week 50% loss
  • 1 month 10% loss

How to improve memory?

It has to do mainly with the lifestyle, a recommendation is to recap what you learned and check if you really learned something. Playing sports serves to oxygenate the brain and thus, it works better and for nothing in the world forget to sleep. You can review the book https://www.csi.cat/media/upload/pdf/estimulacion-cognitiva-csi_editora_94_3_1.pdf

You can test yourself and solve a few exercises a day.


Chunking is a skill when we have very large information, it means fragmenting or dividing the information into pieces and a piece is a chunk. Imagine that you must remember the following number 365123130246060 you could divide it 365-12-31-30-24-60-60 and even find something that helps you relate it 365 days, 12 months, 31 or 30 days of 24 hours, 60 minutes and every minute 60 seconds See? It is easier like this. With texts it works similarly, divide the text into paragraphs, even web writers already use this to get your attention. Does this headline “10 ways to learn to program” sound familiar to you?

Cornell Notes

It consists of having a sheet of paper and organizing it like this;

Esta forma de tomar apuntes facilita el aprendizaje en especial al momento de repasar.

This way of taking notes facilitates the learning, especially, while reviewing.

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