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Mairait, practica tu lectura - 3

Learning better with company.

It is important to share with others, this is a great strategy to share knowledge, questions, opinions and even motivation. In community we have the opportunity to learn from others, but not only this, but also to make friends. The more you explain the more it learns. By explaining things you put into practice many of the skills that were discussed in the course: summarizing, grouping, adapting, paraphrasing and many others. Another thing that is easily visible is the fact that you must review the information that you are going to teach, you must prepare. Follow Faynman’s rule.Simplify to the maximum expression!

The best students share the most.

How can I evaluate my knowledge? Question your knowledge, reflect and defend your knowledge based on science and reason. Put it into practice, if you have been learning Python and you want to know if you really learned, then make a personal project and be challenging. Provide additional information.

Have habits! Remove distraction, create achievable goals. Schedule, study EVERY day, reward yourself for progress.

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