Effective time management

Effective time management

We all have the same time, so why do we feel like we have less time than everyone else? We must have a focus on productivity, knowing how to say yes and no. Each case is unique, we must know how we divide our personal time. It is important to create a strategy, define what objectives we want to achieve, this allows you to have a general focus and be more productive.

Why manage time?

If you get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, you need to manage time, but the real question is why isn’t time enough? It is because the information is very handy and we have the need to do more things, to perform more. We all have 7 days of 24 hours.

Am I productive?

Why the urge to be productive? It is important that you ask yourself this question and if you really want or need to be productive, productive for whom? An important step is to review your schedule and ask yourself the following question: Am I busy or distracted? Time cannot be managed, sorry, but you can manage your distractions, activities and the resources used in it. Productivity is meaningless if it does not have quality.

I must understand myself

How do I currently use my time? How is my time currently? How much time do I spend per activity? What things do I commit to? Do I recognize what I must do each day and each week?

Divide your time, give yourself time to answer these questions. Create goals in each area of your life and based on these goals you can generate specific tasks. Any activity outside the goal is a blur.

I recommend using an app called “Todoist” is for Android and to manage your activities is great


There are urgent activities that need to be resolved NOW, they do not talk about whether they are important or not and precisely these are the other type of activities, so we have 2 axes: Important and urgent

Since you have already answered the previous questions and you have your activities seen,then you can complete this matrix.

Now I suggest you do the activities in the following order

  1. Blue dial

  2. Yellow dial

  3. Red quadrant

But why did I highlight what happens with the green quadrant. These activities should be discarded. Remember to prevent important tasks from becoming urgent.

Task types.



Tasks that depend on others.

As advice, avoid follow-up spaces, this does not mean becoming an individualist, or doing all the work alone, you must be responsible with the activities that depend on you.


It is a thief of time, but there are several species. There is the one who gives you laziness, games, social networks or anyone who makes you not do your activity. David Allen suggests unloading your mind by writing down all the activities that you must do and remember that the best way to get out of the activities is by completing them. Answer these questions, it will be useful to organize you. It also does not mean that you cannot play, but if you want to play set it as an activity and that way it does not become a distraction or guilt.

  • Can I delete it without doing anything?
  • Is it information that Ishould keep for reference?
  • Can I delegate it to someone?
  • Can I doit in less than 2 minutes?
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