Effective time management -2

<h1>Implement management techniques</h1>

Keys to deciding on time.

You must have clear thoughts, the teacher calls it good practices:

  1. If there is time.

  2. Calm connection clarity.

  3. Pause between tasks.

  4. Set aside time to plan.

  5. Write down your achievements.

  6. Learn to finish tasks.

Learn to say NO, I already mentioned it before, it is better that you do your activities well than that you fall into non-compliance.

How many hours does a week have?

You must first know what to include.

  1. Dated appointments

  2. Process monitoring

  3. Delivery dates

  4. Reminders

  5. Specific activities

  6. Transfers.

A week has 7 days of 24 hours each, the calculation is simple 24x7 = 168 hours, You must be smart when doing your schedule and leave plenty of time so that you can fight adversity,

<h1>Analog tools</h1>


  1. Task list

  2. Broad annotations

  3. Review what was executed

  4. Notes to keep

  5. They are taken to other places


  1. View by days

  2. Full year

  3. Broad annotations

  4. Review what was executed

  5. Good organization

  6. Reach into the future

Plan makers

  1. Full week

  2. Short annotations

  3. They are usually removed

  4. Overview of a period

  5. Run!

Digital tools

  1. Google calendar

  2. Reminders

  3. Notion or evernote

  4. Trello —> kanban method

  5. Asana —> kanban method

  6. App to focus.

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