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Effective time management -3

Emotions and free time

What happens when an activity is hard to do? We have recurring thoughts, the recommendation is to think about the gratification you will feel when you finish the task in question. Try to avoid negative thoughts and focus on positive thoughts that help you move forward. Remember the tip to unload your mind before doing an activity.

This is associated with how we plan free time, yes, free time is NECESSARY. Free time should not be leftovers, but must be planned, when we do what we like we can clear up and release easier. Leave time to play, train, walk your pet, etc.

Focus in the goals

Each activity is a process that must be enjoyed, you must motivate yourself and find the beauty in each stage of the process. You can optimize and simplify the task.

First, divide the big problems into smaller ones, this way they will be easier to achieve. Ask for help, open your mind to new methods. You must lean on others.

Find creative solutions to manage your time and handle unexpected events.

  1. Get to know yourself, self-evaluate, know your tastes and tasks.

  2. Persist, don’t stay on the road and get there.

  3. Be flexible in the process, well done.

  4. Fail fast and redesign again.

  5. Facilitates environments,

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