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Obtain your dream job - 2

The fear

At the moment of truth, it is difficult to start, this happens because we are usually in a comfort zone and fear is the zone that separates us from learning, but learning is not the final stage, since growth comes.

How do we get out of the fear zone? It cannot be evaded, you must overcome it. It is a natural process, and the comfort zone widens as you go. The advice is clear, you must know yourself, go back to the past, review yourself and judge yourself. Why don’t you move on? What excuses do you make? The important thing about this is that you look for solutions and accept that it is normal to be afraid. This sounds easy from writing, but 2 tools are presented in the course. Find and visualize the moment when you achieve your goal. This is useful, since it fills us with enthusiasm and passion, fills us with security and suddenly we are determined to move forward no matter what comes. I invite you to read the following blog to see the second tool.

How do I react to pressure?

The situations that we can pose are many, it is not the important thing, the important thing is what you will do before it. You paralyze, run away, act or learn. The message is one, don’t give up. Find new ways of doing things, reevaluate the process and the tools you are using. Are they the right ones? Avoid the following emotions.

  1. Victimization.

  2. Toxicity: Egocentricity, pessimistic vision, lack of empathy, criticism, the list is long.

Cycle of emotions.

  1. First steps: You approach new knowledge and there is predisposition, focus on the positive and exciting of achieving your goal. If you are pessimistic at first, it is best to pause, reflect and start at another time.

  2. Routines: Perseverance, this is what you need to continue.

  3. Obstacles: If a challenge arises or begins to take more effort, it can lead to frustration and this stage is clear, here you must decide if you stop or continue. You must continue. Go back to step 1 and continue

  4. Apply: At this stage you have already overcome the obstacle, emotionally you are in balance. You are full.

It is good to be in one stage longer than another, no matter how long it takes, the important thing is that you arrive.

Evolution of concerns.

Thinking that something bad is going to happen makes us feel afraid and does not allow us to move forward. Sometimes we worry because we think we are not going to reach a goal. Another line is to avoid responsibility to avoid having the feeling of not having reached the goal. Finally, we think that our thoughts are real, I cannot achieve it, what happens if I do not pass, the worry itself is not bad, but you must control it. Worry makes us do other things instead of attacking what keeps us from moving forward.

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