Obtain your dream job - 3

Plan your study.

Take time to plan and define your study route, something important is to set dates, so you can measure your progress. Define it, it is important to leave time for this point. Every time you study something you must see it in more depth or improve your skill, this is the spiral method. Improve skill level.

You should be clean and organized so that you can form a better relationship with the studio. Commit yourself. Now that you have the space and defined goals, you should look for the review material. Ideally, you should always keep a record of what you are going to turn on and have the material in one place. If you want to improve even more you can search and do additional research. Reread your notes, if you review you decrease the probability of forgetting what you learned

Mind and Concept Maps

You must bear in mind that a concept map is about going from a general plan to a specific one. The goal of this tool is to simplify and organize ideas. You must summarize and synthesize. Andres Felipe Mesa David shares the following conceptual map in the comments.

Build schematics, it is like representing a function or process. There is something that goes in and then we get an exit. You must consider the resources you need to obtain the transformation.

Another useful tool is the timeline, the teacher proposes the following methodology.

  1. Identify the facts and places to analyze

  2. Select the most relevant data and dates.

  3. Organize the sequence, respecting the proportion.

  4. Put the dates and data very briefly, but at the same time enough to understand them.

The last recommendation is SHARING, yes, share what you learned, teach, publish, be a mentor or record yourself and listen to yourself

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