Do you study design? Maybe this will interest you…

On my first day at university, there were so many questions inside of my head. What will happen when I finish my studies? Will it be so hard to get a well-paid job? Will it be better to aim at creating my own business? At that moment I was afraid because, in my environment, there were a lot of comments about the hard life of the designer who wants to live 100% dedicated to design. If that sounds familiar to you, I suggest reading this post, I think that this article can be useful to you.
While I was a student, I was too scared about all those comments on the life of a designer. For this reason, I did different extra activities that were very useful for speeding up my professional growth. I will now tell you about the 6 steps. If you find some parts of my article unclear, I invite you to write me a message so we can go through your questions together.

You can read the post completely here

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