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Simple Present Reading

Special Friends
They are our friends. We play with them. We talk to them. We spend money on them. We love them. Who are they?
Our pets, of course. About 56 percent live with one or more animals. There are about 74 million pet cats and 70 million pet dogs just in the U.S. There are more pets than children in the United States. The most popular pets are dogs and cats. Other popular pets are birds and rabbits.

In the U.S. having a pet isn’t cheap. Americans spend more than $55 billion a year on their pets. There are schools, toys, hotels, clothes, and cemeteries for pets. And of course they also spend on veterinarian.
For many Americans pets are part of the family. Many owners sleep with their dogs or cats. Some people travel with their pets.

Peats are great for your health. Contact with an affectionate (loving) dog or cat can lower a person’s blood pressure. 😄
Also, pets are a comfort to lonely people.

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