Lesson: Future Tense with "will" and "be going to"

Welcomo to this tutorial to learn how to use the Future Tense with “will” and “be going to”


  • We use “will” and the simple form of the verb to express future actions. We usually use “will” when we make the decision of doing something at the moment of speaking.

  • It is common to use the contraction form of “will” ('ll) for affirmative sentences.


The children will stay in class


Will the children stay in class?


The children will not stay in class

To be going to

For future intention

  • We use to be going to when we have the intention of doing something in the future, We have already made a decision before speaking.

I have $100. I am going to buy a new bike
We’re not going to visit your mother tomorrow.

For predictions

  • We often use to be going to when we make a prediction about the future. Our prediction is based on evidence. We say what seems sure to happen.

The sky is vary black. It** is going to rain**.
It’s 7:50! You’re going to be late for school!

Now you have the bases of Future Tense with “will” and “be going to”, It’s your turn to practice.

Remember: The best way to improve your skills in English is Practicing.

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