Popular and unpopular subjects at school

Generally, there are always some subjects that people like and some that they fear. In my particular case, my partners at school were afraid of math and physics, they didn’t enjoy those subjects because they didn’t understand them. I think that most of their fears were based on the fact that teachers, parents and other people told us that those subjects were very difficult and only very smart people could understand those topics.

For girls, it was even harder since because teachers used to tell us that girls were not so good at math. For many years, I believed that that was true, so I never made an effort to succeed at it. I guess I thought my strengths were more in the languages, literature and arts areas. For that, I made huge efforts to be good at those ones.

My best friend wanted to become a caster and for that, she was very into learning chemistry. I think she was the only one who liked that subject because she was very aware of the reasons why she needed it. I now realize that if I had known how useful that knowledge was going to be, I would have learned more mathematics, logic and number processing.

Nowadays, I am trying to learn more from these subjects, even though I am a professional today, I still feel that I need to learn from every subject.

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