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A letter that describes the neighborhood

Hi Erika!

I’m so happy I can finally write to you. I am in Amsterdam and I just have one day to visit all. Today I visited the Rijksmuseum, this place is so exciting, it has many things to see and to explore. In front of the museum there is a Iamsterdam ad, I loved this place, there was a big lake and a beautiful garden. Next to the museum, there are some stores and restaurants, I ate some belgium fries with lots of ketchup and mayonnaise. I walked around this area for a couple of hours.

Then, I decided to walk by the canals to explore the streets and the places around the city. I saw there was a big line in a cookie store. I waited for several several minutes, but I got the most delicious cookies. In front of the bakery there is a square, it has many sculptures by Rembrandt, who is a famous artist from Holland. I like his work and in this country they are very proud of him. If you walk by the square and turn right you see a big restaurant, it has great fried food. It’s really surprising that they eat that much fast food.

One of the representative things from Amsterdam are the tulips, in spring they cultivate tulips and sell them all over the country. The landscapes are so beautiful and have so many bright colors that people just fall in love with them. I bought some for the house where I am staying at, I think they look amazing.

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