How to organize your life and get rid of the things you don’t need?

Marie Kondo is a famous consultant and author who teaches people how to organize their belongings and get rid of unnecessary things. She gives a series of tips and instructions for people to be aware of the objects they own and be able to organize them or get rid of them eventually. This article brings some tips that are useful if you need to start organizing your things.

One of the most important things to do when organizing belongings is to make a pile of them. This helps to see how many objects of the same category a person has and to put in perspective if the person needs them or not. Putting your clothes or books in a pile will make you realize the number of books and clothes you have. This will help you identify how many of them you are not using or you simply don’t need.

Another tip for having a more simple and organized life is to store every item in a vertical way and in transparent containers. This allows you to find things faster and also make sure to see where they are without looking for them in every drawer there is in your closet or cabinet. When you organize the items vertically it is easier to find them quickly.

Marie Kondo suggests to have items organized by their characteristics and size. If you have t-shirts with the same color, shoes that have the same size and color, you should store them in that order, by doing this you will see how many similar items you have and to make sure you truly need them.

A very controversial tip that the consultant gives is that every object that you have brings joy to your life. The idea behind this is to only keep objects that actually make you feel happy or complete. The objects that don’t produce this feeling should not be kept since they are not providing you with the necessary energy that you should have in your life.

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