Things that happened in the past

When I was a kid I studied in an all-boys school. We had two breaks, one for snacks and another one for lunch. One day we were playing in the playground and a kid fell from the slide. He hit himself so hard that the teacher took him to the hospital immediately. I think his name was John, he spent two weeks in the hospital.

One day, my friends and I were at the park playing hide and seek. Jessica and I started running and our feet got entangled and we both fell. Jessica cut herself with a piece of metal that was on the floor, now she has a scar on her knee.

My parents loved to take courses when I was a kid. When I was 11 they decided to register themselves in a cooking course. They practiced at home almost every day and I tried to learn with them. One day when I was cooking I burned myself, that’s why I don’t like to cook.

One thing that I really liked when I was a kid was to swim in the pool. Me and my siblings dove ourselves in the water and stayed there the whole day. My sister and I got wrinkled fingers after those many hours in the water.

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