La música y el Marketing

La influencia de la música en la toa de decisiones en el marketing

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Currently, music marketing has meant that the success of an artist goes beyond just the singer itself. The typical definition of marketing implies the 4 p’s that are: product, price, place and promotion. So how does Marketing relate to music?

We could consider the “product” to the artist, band or singer who has “something” to tell us, a different value proposition for his audience
The “price” is everything we are willing to pay and do to get something from the artist, be it songs, records, concerts or everything that involves an exchange for something done by the artist.
The “square” are all distribution channels, such as the places where it is presented, both face-to-face and online, and that is where we can find the artist
The “promotion”, which are all ways of making an artist known, not only the mass media, which obviously are the ones that impact a large part of the public, but also those online media such as his website, Twitter, Facebook and everything that brings us closer to it.