Vocabulary and expressions related to Covid-19 pandemic

Lockdown–>Similar to quarantine, when people can’t go out of their houses by order of the government

Social distancing–>to stay away from people in order to avoid getting infected

Stockpile—>To keep food and supplies for the future in case of need

Flatten the curve–>To diminish the number of people infected(aplanar la curva)

Asymptomatic–>Somebody who does not present symptoms of a disease

Lift quarantine–>To stop the quarantine

Outbreak—>The beginning of a virus or disease

Spread—>When something expands, especially a virus

Spread rate—>How much a virus spreads through people

Face mask—>Something you wear over your face to avoid people from getting infected

Ivermectin–>A drug which aims to treat some diseases such as coronavirus

Antibacterial gel—>A substance people use on their hands to keep them cleaned

Peak–>To get to the highest level,for example: The number of cases of people infected have reached a peak

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