Ten tips to online study

The learning through online study need a big commitment and organizing to get your targets. You need to have in mind that you can’t to stop your other activities.

In this tutorial I give you 10 tips to study and learn online. They have helped me to growth in my profesional carrer.

1. Organize your time
Take advantage of your free time to take exams and deliver activities.

**2. Enter to the Virtual Classroom regularly (Platzi). **
It will help you to familiarize yourself with the fastest platform and to understand the contents of the subjects.

**3. Do not stay with doubts. **
Teachers, academic advisors and tutors are trained to resolve any concerns.

**4. Read the directions carefully. **
Before doing any activity, make sure you are doing what was requested.

**5. Investigate. **
Do not just keep the information provided by the school, so you can learn more about each topic.

**6. Become aware. **
Take into account that studying and having your professional degree means an improvement in your quality of life but requires effort.

**7. Participate **
Collaborative sites such as Blogs can broaden your panorama of what you have learned by discussing with your classmates and teacher.

**8. Set short-term goals. **
Achieving each of them will lead you to achieve a higher objective.

**9. Set priorities. **
You must take your obligations into account and order them day by day by importance.

**10. Get comfortable. **
It conditions a study place with sufficient light and good internet connection.

Remeber that practicing these tips can help you a lot to have enough time to get the most out of studies without being pressured by other responsibilities.

Feel free to tell us which of these tips have you put in practice in your online formation…

Ing. Emilio Torrez

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