Camino al ingles - 7

I am back

A few days ago I had to operate my eye. I did not write anything because I could not use my pc. But to day I bring a new topic to you. It is the first time I write in english if I have any mistake, I apologize.
To day i am going to write about ¡VOCABULARY! This post will be short, because it is only to practice my writing and share with you.

Let’s go

How do you say “activities” in english? It is easy activity as clear as day. How many activities do you know? How many activities can you say? We are going to pull out all the stops.

  • To go running.
  • To go camping.
  • To go swimming.
  • To go fishing.

To practice you could use present simple.
Camila goes running twice a week, and she goes camping once a month.
I go camping three times a month, but she goes camping four times. She goes out more than me.
I am going to go fishing with my grandparents on vacation
We can use once or one time and twice instead of two times. Remember if you study you will learn

Can you write one more? Yes you can, it is a piece of cake for you. Bye.

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