🗒️ Summary: Everyone can become a polygot | Taisiia Tvertina | TEDxTwenteU

Source: Everyone can become a polygot | Taisiia Tvertina | TEDxTwenteU
By Luis Francisco Montero Hernández @luisframontero

  • You can speak even 7 lenguages, and have troubles with your native language.
  • The payback of learning a new language is not just about communicating with people.
  • Learning a new language at any age develops your brain.
  • The bilingual and multilingual people have a better concentration and perform better in a detention test.
  • The multilingual people have the capacity to focus in the relevant information.
  • Learning two languages at the same time develop your focus skill trough the skill of auditory information, due the process of switching back and forth between two languages.
  • The positive perception comes when you convince your self that the process of learning a new language is fun and easy, then the process of learning will be smooth.
  • You can perceive a new language as a new world for to be in contact with a new culture.
  • Take all the opportunities that you have to learn the new language.
  • The magic happens outside of your confort zone.
  • Pause, take a breath and never give up.
  • Thomas Alva Edison was a mental ill child, who became the genius of the century because of his mom.

" If we take enough courage, if we ignore all the people who didn’t believe in us, and keep doing what we’re doing the world will have no one but many Edison’s and the statements that everybody can become a polyglot will no longer be a challenge." Taisiia Tvertina

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