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🗒️ Summary: Lessons from a teenage polyglot | Tim Doner | TEDxTeen

Source: Lessons from a teenage polyglot | Tim Doner | TEDxTeen
By Luis Francisco Montero Hernández @luisframontero

  • At the age of 16, Tim Doner was labeled the world’s youngest polyglot in the world by the Huffington Post.

  • Tim Doner was a teenager fluent in more than 6 languages.

  • Tim now is a graduated from Hardvard and Cambridge.

  • A multilingual education is more than just vocabulary, it is a vessel to better connect and understand broader histories and cultures.

  • Its about passion for learning foregin languages.

  • The hobby of learning language can put you in contact with people all around the world.

  • Is not only learn a language, but learn about a new culture.

  • It is about just learn a language for the fun of it learning.

  • It is about learning how to communicate with people, learning about foreign cultures.

  • The trick is learning a foreign language as funniest as possible, even interactive with native speakers.

  • It is easier and funnier learn a foreign language when you do it in a community that gives you support.

  • If you experiment with mnemonic techniques for learning new languages made the experience more interactive, funnier and easer.

  • It is more about playing to learn a new language than simple learn a new language.

  • There is a lot of connection between language and culture and language and thought.

  • Theres no language that will make you a math genius, there’s no language that’ll make logic problems impossible to understand but is a real tie between language and culture there’s so much language can tell you about culture’s mindset.

  • Language in essence represents a cultural world view.

  • You can translate words easy, but you can’t translate meaning.

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