🗒️ Summary: Simple English for Everyone | Yukiko Nakayama | TEDxKyotoUniversity

Source: Simple English for Everyone | Yukiko Nakayama | TEDxKyotoUniversity
By Luis Francisco Montero Hernández @luisframontero

  • When learning English, the most important goal is to communicate with effectiveness.
  • Simple English means speaking and writing clear and plain English.
  • Speak English can change your entire career.
  • At your work you can realize that you don’t need an advance English, but maybe you need easy and plane English, even to describe difficult things.
  • Technical writing:
  • Use the active voice.
  • Put statements in positive form.
  • Use definite, concrete language.
  • Omit needless words.
  • Avoid fancy words.
  • Avoid any innecessary words.
  • Simple English can increase your auto-esteem.
  • Simple English can motivate you.
  • Simple English can change your life.
  • Use dynamic verbs instead static ones.
  • Instead of use complex or sophisticated phrases, use simple phrases.
  • The active voice is more direct, clearer and uses few words.
  • Simple English improve your confidence in your English skills.
  • Try to using simple English in your every day interactions.
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