📝 Summary: How to learn any language easily | Matthew Youlden | TEDxClapham

Source: How to learn any language easily | Matthew Youlden | TEDxClapham
By Luis Francisco Montero Hernández @luisframontero

  • Learning languages, any languages is easy.
  • Myth number one: Learning a language is simply too difficult.
  • Adults are more effective language learners than babies or kids, because we know how to learn.
  • Myth number two: Learn a new language is irrelevant.
  • Learn a new language has financial benefits, mental benefits, better pay, more job opportunities, keeping us mentally fit, and help to stave off neurological diseases such as Alzheimer.
  • If you speak another language you can socialize more, know more people and even know the love of your life.
  • People that speak two languages are better at multitasking and prioritizing tasks.
  • Myth number 3: You need to be in the place wheres speaks the language and be totally immerse in the learning.
  • Perfection isn’t the goal.
  • The goal is: become the best as possible in the language in the shortest time possible.
  • Focusing in easy aspects or elements of the learning process, it is possible to learn more quickly.
  • Keep it relevant. Make sure that the final objetive to learning the language is relevant for you.
  • The English native speakers don’t know every single word in the Oxford English Dictionary, so, don’t try to learn every single world.
  • So, only learn the relevant vocabulary in your specific situation right now.
    ++* The most crucial element when you are learning a new language is time: Not years and year of endless learning. ++
  • Commit yourself to learn 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the night, or 30 minutes in one session.
  • Commit yourself to lear as passive forms of learning.
  • Watch a movie or series in English, use the subtitles if you need.
  • Golden rules for learning languages:
  1. Live the language: 1. Reading, 2. Listening, 3. Speaking, 4. Writing, 5. Thinking, 6. Singing.
  • Make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Make mistakes and have the freedom to go on and master the new language.
    ++* Make it fun. ++
  • The more motivated you are, the more possibilities of success.
  • If you are in a challenge, more probabilities of improve your performance.
  • The more languages you know, the more people you are.
  • Enjoy learning the new language.
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