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Paga en 4 cuotas sin intereses

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Tutorial: how to have good classroom management

The key to having a excellent management in the classroom is respect, class agreements and inmutable rules.

  1. Establish a maximum of 5 agreements so that it is easy to remenber and comply whith them.

  2. Don’t get hooked. Sometimes students will want to go overboard with you in order to sabotage your class, it is best not to fall into their traps and always stay calm to continue with your class.

  3. Reward good actions and punish wrong ones. This point will make you have a control system to benefit or sanction your students according to class attitudes.

  4. Listen to students’ needs and set goals together. This will help you build a healthy learning environment and you will be able to enhance their learning.

  5. Remember communication is the key to a good learning environment and seek to promote the soft skills of your students.

By applying this small tutorial you will notice that as the days go by your management in the classroom will improve for the benefit of everyone.

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