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“Holy cr*p. Such a great background man👀 It’ll be a pleasure to take this course ⚡ Here we go!” This is a comment from Byran Hernandez in the first class of the English for Startups Course.

Are you curious? In this blog post you will meet Santiago Gómez and his great background.


Where were you born and where have you traveled or lived?

I was born in Medellín, Colombia and I have lived in Australia (mostly based in Sydney but travelled through the country for couple of months), Germany (Düsseldorf), Switzerland (Zug, a small town near Zurich) & The Netherlands (Utrecht) and naturally, in Colombia (Medellín & Bogotá).

What is your favorite place in the world?

My favorite place to live is Medellín. However, my favorite place in general is the beach, it doesn’t matter where, but if there is a beach, I’d be happy!


What languages do you speak and how did you learn them?

I speak English and German. I learnt English cause I’ve been listening to rock music since I was born so I guess that was a lot of exposure to the language, then after high school I started traveling the world and all of that also helped me. Then in Australia I went to collage and that’s when I became fluent. I learnt German cause I moved to Switzerland, and I met somebody who had been in the second WW and I loveeee history, so I wanted to talk to him so badly (but he didn’t speak English) so I started learning through online courses and talking to people, after 2 months I was able to have a convo with him.

How has speaking different languages helped you?

I have met people from literally all over the world, and that’s thanks to speaking English. I got my last 2 jobs (which I loved) thanks to speaking English too. And I can go anywhere in the world with no fear at all, cause I know that I will be able to communicate.

When you were little, what would you say you wanted to be?

A business man

How long have you been a teacher and what is your favorite thing about being a teacher?

Over 4 years. My fav thing is to know that somebody’s dream to learn something became true and that I helped with it.

Tell us about your course and how was your experience recording a course in Platzi?

My course English for Startups, will teach you the basic (and most used vocabulary) in the entrepreneurial world. My experience was amazing! It was great to work with such an amazing team of production, edition, quality assurance and the Course Director, I also learnt a lot while recording. I strongly believe that by teaching we learn!

What are your top 3 tips to improve English speaking skills?

  • Listen to music in English and watch videos in English with English subtitles.

  • Talk to foreigners

  • Take online courses


Would you like to ask Santi any other question? Tell us in the comments section below 🙂

I invite you to watch Santiago’s course as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading! 💚



hace 3 años

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Lovely experiences, to be honest. I wish I could have the opportunity to travel to a few countries like that, maybe I’ll manage in the upcoming future.

Santiago, would you recommend to find a job before traveling, or to travel and search for it already in the country? I also want to visit Germany and I’m learning german (as well as English, of course). Thanks for any advice about living abroad that you might have 😄

3 años

Hi Sofia, it’s definitely better to get a job before traveling abroad, however, that is also quite hard. So if you can manage to get it, go for it. Otherwise no worries, just move to the new country, and once you’re there it’ll be easier to get a job 😃


Great information about the teacher 😃
I am going to put the course on my learning path

I would like to know how the teacher could learn basic conversation in German just with 2 months of learning, Oh my God¡ It is very fast.

What recommendation could the teacher give me about continuing to improve my English skills and at the same time learning German as fast as He could do?
I am doing this one now and would be great to know more about his experience, Thanks

3 años

Hi Vivi, the reason why I learned basic German in only 2 months was because I had full contact & exposure with the language every day, additionally all music/movies I would watch would be in German and on top of that, I did bunch of online courses and had a private teacher. So what I would recommend you to improve your English if you’re in a Spanish speaking country is:

  • Watch all movies or series in English with English subtitles

  • Listen to English music and try to write down the lyrics

  • Try to think in English, I know this sounds a bit harsh but whenever you’re thinking about something, try to do it in English

  • Try to use your free time to practice on your own or with somebody who also speaks English 😃

3 años

Great teacher, thanks for your answer 😃
I will do this one with German as well



I am very interested in starting English class at Platzi since I am studying Digital Marketing, so I need to perfect my language for that purpose.