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Basic Time Expressions


Las expresiones de tiempo son palabras que se usan para referirse al pasado, presente o futuro. Algunas de estas son:

  • Yesterday
  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Now, later
  • Morning, night
  • 10 o鈥檆lock
  • 2020
  • Monday, Tuesday, 鈥
  • Last / This / Next + day / week / weekend / month / year / decade

This + expresi贸n de tiempo

This鈥 es usado para referirse al presente o a un futuro cercano.

  • Jhon has to finish his course this week.
  • We are going shopping this weekend.
  • This afternoon they are fixing it.
  • You only have until the end of this month to do it.

Ejercicio utilizando expresiones de tiempo

Selecciona cinco expresiones de tiempo y escribe una oraci贸n con cada una. 隆Comparte tu trabajo en la secci贸n de aportes!

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o inicia sesi贸n.

  1. I am going to learn English this year.
  2. C茅sar will answer this comment later
  3. I going to finish the challenge English Bootcamp next week
  4. He is going to does workout next month
  5. What do you doing right now?

*Yesterday I went to work.

*I went to my house yesterday.

*This week I鈥檓 going to my mother麓s house.

*I鈥檓 going to El Salvador this week.

  • Tomorrow, we go to the park.

  • They have a coffee on Monday

  • We are starting diet this year

  • This night, I鈥檓 watching a movie

  • She has a celebration today

In Mexico, children return to class this month.
Yesterday I began this course.
Yesterday I approved the Graphql basic course.
I鈥檓 going to finish this course today.
The draw for the Uefa Champions League group stage is going to be next week.

I鈥檓 going to learn English this **year **
I鈥檓 going to finish law school this ++**year **++and I will be a lawyer
I would like to invite you to eat this weekend
I could finish this A2 level English course by the end of the month, that is, in eleven days
++**Tomorrow **++you are going to go shopping, but you haven鈥檛 money, as you do?

I have to learn to dance this year.
They are going to the beach tomorrow morning.
Next month, Maria is coming to Panama.
Juan has to finish their project next week.
Brenda does this homework today

Last week I was sad but today I feel much better.

Now I think that I can do what I propose.

I麓m going to sleep to 11.00 pm

Time expressions. Words that we can use to refer to the past, present or future.

past, yesterday. the last day, last week, last weekend, last month, last year, last decade.

We also have time expressions for the future, such as tomorrow, later, or next. Next weekend, next month, next year.

And you can also use the days of the week, such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. We are going to focus a little on the word this and an expression time. You can use the word from this to refer to the present, but also to refer to the near future.

John has to finish his course this week. We mean the present
we are going shopping this weekend. This weekend is actually the future.

On monday i will go to work
I am making a delicious dessert
This week I鈥檓 going to cook chicken
Next month is december
I studied English yesterday
Next year I will look for another job
This weekend has been a lot of study
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Paneles laterales

.In the next month i will to go to the party麓s cousin.
. Yesterday i did pay the dinner with my wife at a restaurant.
. Now, I am studying with my brother.
.This year i will be a doctor.
. Tomorrow, i will to walk at a park with my pets, i love my pets, they are my reason for to live

  • I am going to finish this course tomorrow
  • Cesar left me this homework now
  • We visited my town this year
  • She has a work on next month
  • I would like to play video game this weekend

I finished my project last weekend
I will be an excellent english speaker later this year
Last year was not the best for everyone, this will be a different one

I would like to finish this course today.

  • I tomorrow will learn English.
  • He yesterday doesn鈥檛 go to the park.
  • We are going to drink a beer this week.
  • She proposed to study English the next year.
  • They aren鈥檛 working today.
  • I would like to improve my English this year

  • I will see my father this month

this afternoon i鈥檓 going to visit to my boyfriend
They are going to travel tomorrow
She want go to the party this weekend
I go to the school in the moorning
I have a date the next week

  • last moth i got my first job as a blockchain developer!
  • today i have a meeting with the team.
  • Now, i have a breack to study inglisn and eat
  • i only have until to end of this week to deploy a token
  • in the next month i would like to go to a personal meeting with the team.
  • I finish this course this day.

  • I go to the beach next month.

  • Tomorrow, I visit my uncle.

  • I do exercise at 5 o鈥檆lock.

  • Last year, I didn鈥檛 travel anywhere.

  • I get my first job last year
  • I was down yesterday.
  • I will go to the gym next weekend.
  • I鈥檓 going to home early today.
  • I would like get married next year.

-I have to finish this course this week.
-We are going to have visitors this weekend.
-This afternoon I hope it rains hard to appease the heat.
-Next Wednesday I鈥檓 going to the market.

  • Tomorrow morning I鈥檒l start running.
    -Yesterday, I was poisoned by swallowing.


1 Yesterday I saw a movie
2 This day I saw the English course
3 Tomorrow I will go to the doctor
4 Now after listening to music I will go to the park
5 Tomorrow, tonight we will go to the cinema

Time Expressions:

  • Tonight, I finish my work.

  • Last year I started a study.

  • Juliana will paint her drawing.

  • Next Saturday I well play baseball.

  • The weekend I am going to travel.

  • Tomorrow I well buy a book.

  1. You are mine now.
  2. Tonight鈥檚 the night.
  3. Well, see if you get one this time.
    4, Who wants to work on a Friday night?
  4. That鈥檚 the third one in this month.

I鈥檓 going shopping this weekend.
I鈥檓 going to go on vacation to the beach next Monday.
I鈥檓 going to cook a pizza next week.

馃敼Last week I bought an apples.
馃敼I鈥檓 going camping this month.
馃敼I ate pizza today.
馃敼I will play basketball tomorrow.
馃敼Now I do my homework.

I have a party this week I will study English tomorrow I will have a meeting tonight yesterday I bathed My dogs yesterday I did homework

I was too busy yesterday

it鈥檚 ten forty-five in the morning

Just today I have a meeting with Lidia, an old friend.

Angela got up very late on Monday

Pedro must take his pills on Wednesday morning.

This is my practice:

  • This morning I am studying English

  • Next month I will travel to the city Valera

  • Sophia train powerlifting this week

  • This Saturday I have classes of market study

  • Jose, travels to the city Moscu the next month to study software engineer

I am go to run in the park this week

Frederick play soccer next month

I cooking chicken right now


  • I鈥檓 going to the cimena next Saturday.
  • Yesterday, we played Valorant.
  • My family went to the park last week.
  • I ate an icecream this morning.
  • She has a showered today.
  • Yesterday, I ate a hamburger.
  • Tomorrow, I am going to watch my favorite football team.
  • We visited my family last weekend.
  • This month I鈥檓 going to invest to bitcoins.
  • Last year, I returned from Brazil.
  • Tomorrow, we go to the park.

  • They have a coffee on Monday

  • We are starting diet this year

  • This night, I鈥檓 watching a movie

  • She has a celebration today

1.- Yesterday I got a new job. 2.- I will start a new course this day. 3.- I'm preparing dinner for tonight. 4.- He is checking his messages but will reply later. 5.- We are going to fix the car this weekend.
I drink a coffee today, Yesterday I take a shower (jajaja of tourse today too), Next Friday I am going to travel to Bucaramanga.
This night I麓m going to dance with my boyfriend. This woork fave to be finish this month. She has to cook the cake for her sister this Saturday. We are going to move this month. This decade has a lot of technological advances.
The next tuesday i麓m going to the event This year in my life i have many changes I need you now Later is too much for my See you friday
* Jose can only tomorrow. * we can't go this weekend. * She is busy all week
I麓m going to play tennis this weekend My friend will take classes tomorrow She will mop the floor the next week He will have an important meeting this month My mom is cooking today
1. I played soccer with my friends yersterday. 2. I have to buy a new cell phone this week 3. My son has vacation this month 4. He is going to out home to half past ten 5. they will get married this year
1. This morning I eat plantains with cheese 2. Yesterday I sleep the all day because I麓m feel a little tired 3. Christmas is the next month 4. Now is the 1:00 o'clock 5. The weekends are my day off
* This morning I had to go to work * This 2023 I have to pass a course * tonight I'm going for a walk * next Tuesday I will go to the supermarket * last week it was cloudy
Tonigth i view the play of river plate. tomorrow in that afternoon i view the final of the Libertadores cup. This weekend i go to the beach.

Yesterday I ate a lot of candies.
Now I鈥檓 studying English.
I have to go shopping this weekend.
My mom is going to buy clothes the next week.
This afternoon I鈥檓 going to play video games.

My fianc茅 come to visit me the last weekend. I need too finish my course this week. I have to work today. Tomorrow is going to be my day off. I love the smell of coffee in the morning. I like watch movies in the night.
1. This week I was tired. 2. Last year I was Twenty-Three years old. 3. Yesterday we went to the cinema. 4. We were going to the park, 5. Tomorrow I will eat pizza.
**# Time expressions** Words that be can be used to express in past, present and future. **## Past** \- Yesterday \- Last week/month/year \- Last summer/winter/spring/autumn \- A few days/weeks/months/years ago \- In 1999 \- When I was a child/teenager/student \- At 10 o'clock last night **## Present** \- Now \- At the moment \- Today \- This week/month/year \- This summer/winter/spring/autumn \- These days/weeks/months/years \- At the moment \- At 10 o'clock tonight \- At the moment **## Future** \- Tomorrow \- Next week/month/year \- Next summer/winter/spring/autumn \- In a few days/weeks/months/years \- In 2024 \- When I'm older \- At 10 o'clock tomorrow night **## This + time expression** \- This morning \- John has to work this weekend. \- I'm going to the beach this summer. \- You only have until the end of this week to finish the project.

This morning i wake up motivate to study
The next week it鈥檚 my first aniversary with my girlfriend
December it鈥檚 in this next month
I prepared hallacas in this next month
I鈥檓 going to learn to programming this year

this month we are visit the zoo my friends going to a concert this weekend i start to study english this monday i start to work this january
* This weekend I went to a party. * We are going to study at the university next year. * I'm going to study English this Friday. * I played video games yesterday.
I need to finish english course this afternoon My mom has go to the doctor on Saturday She has a competition this weekend My father said something this morning We have make a dinner this and next week
I went on a date yesterday We are going to a hallowen party tonight I'm going to the church tomorrow I met a girl last week I'm going out on a date again at Monday
* This month will be halloween. * The next week we could be dress up to halloween. * Last week I was visited the platzi offices. * This afternoon I have a friend meet. * We have to finish our project this month.

Tomorrow I will go to my dentist
Now I鈥檓 learning English at Platzi
Yesterday, i was to the supermarket
This night, it鈥檚 the game of my favorite football club
This weekend, i am going to paint my house

1.Last week was my sister鈥檚 birthday.
2.Later, I will go out with my friends.
3.Last week I went to the cinema.
4.Tomorrow I鈥檒l cut my hair.
5.This month I have to travel to Hawaii.

Yesterday we had an amazing conversation about Cybersecurity.
I will go tomorrow to other city.
This Year have been important for my self awareness.
Next week I will start a personal project.
I used to be inspired in the mornings.
Now I鈥檓 eating cookies while I take the class.

* I'm going to downtown today * I went to the park yesterday * I will go to Germany next year * This weekend we are going to go to a new restaurant in the city * I work on my laptop later
I am going to perfect my english between this year and the next. I have to be able to talk in english like a B2 the next year This weekend my husband will tu run in the Alianz run tour
This Tuesday I have a biology test. Julia has a party next weekend. This day I need to finish this course, because I don't have more time to do it. Last year I traveled. My mom is going to make lunch this afternoon
yesterday we eated pizza tomorrow we will have a party the nex weekend i will go to running last year i had a lot of things this year i had a a lot of surprises this month i will have a job
I going to go the park this weekend we need more cereal tomorrow

Today I鈥檓 studying for my educaction

Tomorrow I will go shopping with my mom

Now I鈥檓 learning English

Yesterday I watched a lot of movies with my family

William has birthday this month

I have to finish this course this month. We visited my grandfather yesterday. She going to go, with me, this week

This morning (Esta ma帽ana)

Ejemplo: "This morning, I went for a jog."
This week (Esta semana)

Ejemplo: "I have a busy schedule this week."
This month (Este mes)

Ejemplo: "I鈥檓 planning a trip for this month."
This year (Este a帽o)

Ejemplo: "I hope to achieve my goals this year."
This weekend (Este fin de semana)

Ejemplo: 鈥淟et鈥檚 meet up for coffee this weekend.鈥

I would like drink wine today.
i am going travel to galapagos this year
You could do homework tomorrow
I am going to graduate from university this month
i am going walk in the mountains at 10 o鈥檆lock

  • The last Weekend I went to Joseph鈥檚 house.
  • Today I study English all day.
  • The next week I will go to the best place of the world.
  • we are going to the movies this weekend
  • This afternoon they are going to the shopping center.
  • last week it was very cold
  • I will be a frontend developer in 2024, thanks to platzi
  • I would like to travel to argentina next year

I am learning English this year in Platzi
she goes to the gym this friday
We are going to the restaurant this Sunday morning
my dad is going to travel to barranquilla tomorrow
My son鈥檚 father is coming to Colombia next month

*im going to finish this course this **Week** *im going visit my cousin the next month *Do tou want the proyect ready right **Now**? *Dorian is going to the lake this **weekend** *I'm going to eat pizza **tomorrow**
1. I'm going to celebrate my birthday next month. 2. On weekends, I go shopping at the supermarket. 3. I take lunch at noon. 4. Last night, I went to the meeting with my friends. 5. I'll do more exercises this year.


  1. What do you right later?
  2. Can you have dinner with me tonight?
  3. I play Basketball this weekend.
  4. This afternoon they are fixing it.
  5. We will celebrate this month by playing video games.

this week im to finish this course
I go to the gym this morning
I saw a film last weekend
now i鈥檓 studing english
I don鈥檛 had much work last week

  • I have to finish this A2 next month.
  • You are going to the beach in three months.
  • This morning she is calling me.

My seamstress should deliver me a dress for the weekend
At 5 in the afternoon I will take an English test.
The followeing month I get together with my school friends.
I鈥檓 going to the soccer game tomorrow.
I will go to the cinema on thursday

Messi plays this night
I slept yesterday
He will practice more this week
She will do it tomorrow
We can麓t pay it this year

I am going to finish the course this week.

This night i am going to sleep very well.

I need to buy a new cellphone this year.

Last week she give me a nice present.

Next week i will go to my parents鈥 house.

  • this afternoon we are going to celebrate my friend麓s birthday .

  • next year i will be in USA.

  • yestarday i went to church.

  • I will wash my car this weekend.

  • My vacation ends this next Monday.

  • I went to the beach last week.

  • I visit my aunt and uncle yesterday.

  • I graduated as Engineer last year.

  1. Yesterday i went to the park.
  2. This week I will travel to London.
  3. A dacade ago i was in the university.
  4. This day it鈥檚 my birthday.
  5. Now i am eating tacos.
  1. I will finish the basic English a2 course: articles and modules verbs this week.
  2. She has been working there since this year
  3. Violeta did her homework this month
  4. Violeta ate her meal this afternoon
  5. This week, December starts
  • This month i find the new work
  • The last week we visited the beach
  • The next month i will speak little english
  • Yesterday my wife an me was sick

Yesterday I goed to the beach.
Today I study Englis, Desing and for my thesis.
Tomorrow my nephew goes to Colombia
More later I go to make the lunch
The last weekend was good but sad

I鈥檓 go to the mall this weekend
the word has the changued in this decade

She go to the work in the morning We can go the gym in the night They eat that today
Today I want to study English. The next week I have a exam. Yesterday I cooked for my family. On Tuesday I going to train. At the night I going to the bar


  1. I go to cine in the night
  2. The Monday my mom made cookies
  3. My dad was in the gym yesterday
  4. My sister will go to cinema tomorrow
  5. I read this book in this moment
  • I鈥檓 going on a trip this weekend.
  • I saw all series the Game of Thrones yesterday.
  • I鈥檓 going to the gym in the afternoon.
  • My sister went for a month the traveling.
  • He will buy the new phone on Monday.

I鈥檓 going to my parents home now
Would you like to go to the gym next week ?
Yesterday i have been in the supermarket
Juan will come next month
Do we have lunch together this afternoon ?

Today i will study english at platzi
Yesterday at nigth I played videogames
Tomorrow i want to go to the cinema
Last week i have been in the park


  • Yesterday i watched series


  • Now i鈥檓 in my house


  • Tomorrow i gonna play basketball

1- Can you come this week to fix my computer?
2- I have to go to the school tomorrow because My teacher asked me to turn in work.
3- Did you work in the supermarket last year?
4- I didn鈥檛 go to Juan鈥檚 house yesterday, I thought he was on vacation.

They will go paint later.
Luis has to buy sweets today.
Candace reads a book this month.
This year I will buy a car.
You will bathe at 10 o鈥檆lock.

I have to finish many english courses this week

This course finished last week.
I am going to stare a movie this afternoon.
The last year was very great for me.
We are eating pasta now and pizza after.
That will stay there for a whole decade.

  1. I鈥檓 going to practice my speaking this week.
  2. My wife cooks the dinner today.
  3. I going to do volunteer next week.
  4. I learning English this year.
  5. My mother visits me in USA next year.
  • I鈥檓 going to eat a sandwich this weekend
  • My aunt Maria bought that carpet last week.
  • I only have until this week to end the building of the media player in my work.
  • My brother watched that movie last month.
  • She needs to clean up that mess this afternoon.


  • You have exam this month.

  • You have a play soccer this night.

  • I has to finish the house this year.

  • This morning we are shopping.

  • This week they are play.