Ways of communicating

Have you ever had a communication problem with one of your co-workers? Do you think this is because of the tool used for the communication or because you were not assertive? This article gives you the best tips to improve your communication skills and suggests some tools for improving this process within your company.

The first thing to do is to make sure we understand the message we intend to communicate. As long as we have a clear intention, we will be able to know how to communicate it. Say it to yourself first and think about the effect that can cause on others, it’s better to imagine any possible scenario. This will help you to define whether you are saying it right or if you need to modify any part of the message.

Make sure you know the audience or the person you are talking to. Many times we send messages assuming that we can skip the protocol, however, when communicating in different contexts it is a great idea to know what are the ways in which the messages are delivered. Here, it is also important to pay attention to the words we select to send the message, it is not the same to be talking to our boss than to our best friend. Therefore, working on selecting the right words will make the message more accurate and easy to be understood.

Sometimes, emotions get in our way when communicating with others, for this, it is important to understand the message we want to send. If you feel your emotions can get in the way of the real purpose of your communication, try to stop and think, take a deep breath and decide if you are ready to say something. If you are not ready, just wait and after some time you will be able to articulate your ideas.

If your company needs to optimize the communication processes, there are many tools that you can use. If you need a more efficient communication in which everything is stored, you can use emailing. This tool will help send messages fast and with people from your organization. Also, if the intention is to have a faster communication you can start using Slack, which is a service of instant messaging. This tool allows you to send messages quickly and easily.

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