How to improve your English by yourself?

Hi everyone I hope this little piece of advice works for all of you. I going to tell what was my strategy for improving my English by myself during the pandemic.

  • Watch a lot of Tv shows in English and subtitles too. I recommend watch American comedians, those series have good pronunciation also doesn’t speak too fast, at the begin is hard but with time you will see the result.

  • Make I daily when you write at the end of the day what you did,(I did in pandemic and It was awful, believe me, you can do it) you can describe what you eat if you made the food write about how you searched and what options you had.

  • Talk in a loud voice, this maybe it’s the hardest part because it’s not very common speaking in a loud voice also did it in a foreign language.

I’m not still speaking so fluently as I want but now is easier than before. I hope this advice work for you.

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