curso para triunfar en entrevista de trabajo


Your phone rings. This is good news, they call you from Industrias Hacedoras, S.A. The day before you applied to one of their vacancies published in OCCMundial and they loved your profile. They want to interview you. In your CV you indicate that you are bilingual, so the interview will be in English.

You handle the language well, but you haven’t practiced it for a long time and your nerves are treacherous. When you hear the words “job interview in English” you freeze and even forget your name.

Don’t let a situation like this take you by surprise and get ready to successfully overcome this challenge.

The most common questions
Whether in English or Spanish, a job interview is a tool for the recruiter to learn more about you and determine if you are the candidate that the organization needs. Therefore, if you have already lived this experience, you will remember some questions that are never missing, such as:

Tell me about yourself
Start by introducing yourself and telling what you studied and at what school. Then make a brief description of your previous experience, starting with the name of the company, your position and your duties.

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