3 simple steps to be fluent in English

Probably you have been struggling for a while because you are not as fluent in English as you’d like to be, and maybe you are scared of missing out on awesome opportunities because of not speaking English.

But don’t worry, English is just a skill that we can acquire with practice and dedication.

One of the myths that I want to tackle here is that everyone could be fluent in English, no matter if you did not go to a bilingual school, or you did not have the chance to travel to an English-speaking country when you were young.

There are no excuses to keep you from being fluent, as I am writing this I’m not 100% fluent, but I am doing what it takes to get there.

3 easy ways to take your English to the next level.

1. Stop studying it and start living it

The courses about grammar are important, you can understand the structure of a language and gain vocabulary. But… it’s just one small part.

Once you are done with grammar and gained some vocabulary start living it.

¿How do you do that?

By changing all the fun things that you do in your native language into English; reading as much as possible, and listening to music is one of the easiest and funniest ways.

2. Binge-watch “Friends”

Did you know that this classic show “Friends” is the most popular serie to learn English, each time more and more people all over the world claim to have learned English thanks to this TV show. Here is an article to show how friends taught the world to speak English -from Jürgen Klopp to Korean pop megastars.

You will not just learn English, but laugh out loud by watching it.

  1. Understand how natives speak and emulate them

If you want to understand better native speakers and be able to watch movies and series without subtitles and without missing any joke I strongly recommend Learn English with TV series, in this YouTube channel you will learn about connected speech and tons of vocabulary through videos of series and movies scenes. It’s hilarious.

I found this channels during the pandemic, and it’s unbelievable to see how my English has improved.

Finally, I recommend listening to some podcasts. Here are few:

¡Good luck and go crush it with your English!

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