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curso de ingles para marketing


English marketing vocabulary
Marketing is one of the most creative job areas; currently the professions related to this area are the most demanded. But, due to the nature of your field of work, speaking English is an almost mandatory requirement if you want to succeed professionally.

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We have compiled a list of the most used terms, it should be noted that there are many more. You never really stop learning, it is almost impossible to memorize thousands of terms, but it is definitely much easier if you learn English.

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Digital strategy – Digital strategy
The term is similar to its translation in Spanish “digital strategy”, it is the planning of actions that are intended to promote the strengthening of a company in digital environments such as social networks or website.

Benchmarking – Comparative analysis
It is the study of the activity of the competition, this resource helps companies so that their products or services can compete in the market. This research also serves as a guide to know the good results that other companies in the same sector have had, or the failures that have to be avoided.

Email marketing – Mail marketing
It is a strategy that consists of sending emails to a database acquired by the company, surely you have many in the spam folder. Ideally, these emails should be segmented, that is, they have to obey the reason why people gave their data, for example; to receive updates on promotions, news or discount coupons.

Engagement – ​​Commitment
It is the degree of interaction that a consumer has with a brand, especially in social networks. To be considered engagement, the interaction must show that the consumer has a connection with the brand, beyond having liked a publication.

This term is one of the most used within the marketing vocabulary in English, most strategies aim to improve the engagement of companies.

Influencer Marketing – Marketing with influencers

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