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Influencer Marketing – Marketing with influencers
Surely you have heard the term “influencer” in social networks like Instagram, Influencer marketing uses the influence of personalities on the internet, to promote products, services or a cause.

Although some influencers spontaneously recommend the products they use, most of the time there is a strategy behind it.

Target – Target audience
This term in English is used in marketing to refer to the public to which a company or brand is directed. Target is perhaps one of the most used words, since all marketing actions have as a pillar the public to which all strategic actions are directed.

Social media – Social networks
The term refers to all digital platforms dedicated to content creation and user interaction. The most popular are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and LinkedIn.

Brief – Summary of information
It is the term that marketing agencies use to refer to the collection of information from their clients in a brief and precise way. This information contains useful data for agencies to efficiently develop the service contracted by the client, which can range from refreshing the brand image to a complete marketing strategy.

Branding – Brand building
Although the term literally translates as “brand”, in marketing this anglicism is used to define the construction of all the tangible and intangible elements linked to the brand. Branding is responsible for building both the image, such as logo and graphic line, as well as the personality of the brand.

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