How to improve your English? 🤔

Since 2019 I have self-financed my offline and online education to learn English. I can assure you that with these tips you will see a big difference only if you get involved on a daily basis.
• Set the language on ALL your devices (PC, laptop, iPhone, Android, etc).
• Consume native content that you like. For example comedy and education.
• Find ALL your information in that language. Especially when you are searching for your courses or work.
• Measure your progress by goals and not by hours of sitting. This template can help you a lot.
• Force yourself to pronounce each new word natively. Try with Google Translate or better yet, Cambridge English Dictionary..
• Connect with other speakers to learn together. From groups and forums to specialized platforms.
You can find some of my unique resources here. 🎉

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Think in english. In our mind do every action changing the spanish way of mind to english.

3 años

Yeap that helps a lot! 😃

3 años

How can I force myself to think in English ?, now my mind translate every word from Spanish to English 😦

3 años

You can try with English Apps. Elsa Speak is an excellent option to immerse your mind in the language. Its A.I is amazing! 👏


Thank you Jorge. I have never thought in measure my learning goals using spreadsheets. You did it, and it looks great!

2 años

Thank you! I use Google Drive a lot since 2019. Spanish courses are not an exception. ⚡


I consider that the fourth point is great! if we see our progress as goals, the road will be easier than thinking that we are in regular classes.

Thank you Jorge!