Review of Little Woman

Review of Little Woman
Little woman is a movie directed by Greta Gerwing starring by Saorise Ronan, Emma watson etc. Is amovie pf XVII century in EEUU, with a incredible drama and a plot alike to the current stories.
The story talk about of the pass of the family March of the childhood to the adult live. And their problems, and hard moments in a family of only women. With romantic stories, and beautifull mesages of love.
The best things of the movie are their messages:
-The importance of the family and their support in hard mooments while you grow.

The courage of trust in yourselt will determinate your achievements. Even if the society doesn’t accept to you.
-The love can change, and the challenges of a live in couple can do be more strong the relationship
-I don’t like the end of the the characte Jo March
Overall this movie inspire to me to be more brave and remember apreciate to my family. I hope that hape the same with you.
Ihope your feedbak, and Have you seen this movie?

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